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Found 2 results

  1. Allow FD members to enforce CKs on people whom have injuries incompatible with life in Cop v. Suspect RP scenes and perhaps others. These CKs will need to be approved by an admin. With the current rules surrounding CK, people can only be CKed in RP if they RP dying, with this it's impossible to CK because FD always manage to save them. Allow FD to determine if a person's injuries are incompatible with life, a person with 6 gunshot wounds in several limbs & along the torso & abdomen should not walk out of hospital 20 minutes later fully recovered. Most incidents where people are severely injured are brought on by themselves, whether it's evading police or enrolling in a gang which involves repercussions, re-validate the lost element of fear in this community by allowing FD to enforce CKs unto deserving people, who think they can simply get shot a few times then carry on with their character. It'll make people think twice before committing once in a life time, dangerous actions, instead of them shooting at a cop, then recovering 20 minutes later in hospital to go back to what they were doing and maybe shoot and die again tomorrow. If there is a grey area, where the FD member isn't sure if the person would survive, or in general, the RNG script can be utilised. I'll knock a few queries off the bat before even posting, FD can't abuse this, an admin has to approve it, we're a 3rd party anyway. Does this mean cops get CK'ed? Probably not, they wear Kevlar and in comparison to civilian homicides it's rare for an officer to fall in the line of duty. Can someone wanting to RP a car crash get CK'ed? If they're RPing something ridiculous like their neck being ripped open and their head hanging on by a thread, yes, but generally no. Again, would need to be approved by an admin but this should generally be used in Cop v. Suspect. Thoughts, comments, concerns?
  2. BoboLituaniae

    Hello, I (and a lot more people) got myself into some confusing sittuation. If an organized crime families wants you dead, hunt you on sight, break your arms and legs, kidnap you and you still DON'T agree with CK. What should these families do? Can you "accidentally fall" from the roof to avoid rping all the injuries all the time ? Is it somehow possible to control it or it's a tale without an end ?