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  1. Looking for a Rebla GTS - Please Email or respond to the listing if you have one for sale.
  2. Please email or respond with details on this post if you have one.
  3. Title says it all, drop offers here or hit me up at 30183357
  4. Character name: Earl Kleinman UCP name: Scrap Capone Discord Name: scrap#8091 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 6192 Location of property Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Same as above screenshot, but the other side so that down-range is accessible to instructors, and allows us to furnish in our targets. Teleport type (Balcony, backdoor, business tp, etc.): Business TP Screenshot
  5. Capone

    [BUYING] Caracara

    Title says it all. I'm ideally looking for something as stock as possible kit wise, performance mods are a plus though. Happy to consider any and all offers regardless.
  6. Owner is looking for offers of 100 and up.
  7. Disclaimer This is not an auction, the owner of the property is considering all offers received but will not be settling for anything deemed unsatisfactory. Please leave serious offers below and be patient with my replies. MP: 75,000 Swimming pool, and lots of parking. The motel is very classy but still rather secluded, and in the near vicinity to a multitude of stores.
  8. Feedback Shopped with us? Had a pleasant experience with one of our members of staff? We'd love to hear any feedback, questions or concerns our customers have.
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