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    Don't use fullscreen, use windowed borderless then you'll be fine.
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  9. TommyMFN

    I fixed it, the folder had to be downloaded itself from RageMP. Thanks everyone.
  10. TommyMFN

    Yes, I did I haven't tried singleplayer, because I have mods on RageMP folder not sure how is it gonna work on Singleplayer mode.
  11. TommyMFN

    I have no issue with connecting to the server, but the topic here is about why my mods are not working even though they are installed correctly.
  12. TommyMFN

    So I downloaded the folder that someone sent it to me because it was taking too long to download the server files. So that means I have to wait for it to load itself?
  13. TommyMFN

  14. TommyMFN

    Hi, so I've been having some trouble with installing mods to use in-game (Most of the mods are "dlc.rpf " files which you just have to drag them into the "" folder in "Client Resources" folder) So I simply did what exactly needs to be done by dragging the mods into the folder, I went on GTA World right after I put them in there, all the mods didn't work and my game is just like the original game, nothing has changed. I have Steam version of GTA V and It's installed in Drive D (all my Steam games are). I had RAGE: MP installed in Drive D but since the mods weren't also working, so I uninstalled RAGE: MP and reinstalled, setting it to Drive C, as its recommendation when you first install. I've tried reinstalling my GTA V and still not working. (The body was supposed to be curvier since the "Lionbody" mod) (the face was supposed to be smoother since the "Smooth Faces" mod)