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    Sandy Shores, a place where most people tend to try to stay away from. The small town flourished with tweakers, hicks, and generally bad folk. Derek Kader, the local punk was both born and raised in Sandy Shores. His father and his mother weren't the ideal parenting figures but for Derek? It worked. As time passed and Derek grew up, he started to realize what kind of place he resided in and tried to save up as much cash as he could to get out as fast as possible. As a young naive teenager he fell in love with Alcohol, his mother loved it, his father loved it. It ran in the blood, as time passed eventually every penny Derek had went to beer and whatever kind of shit he could get on his hands on. It was his lucky pill. At 19 years old Derek nearly drank himself to death, he was shitfaced. The motherfucker could barley even walk, now what would you do in a situation like this? Sleep it off? Well, Derek didnt do anything like that. He grabbed his father's car keys and decided to go for a joyride. Later that night he'd end up taking a life and in the back of a police car. As a week passes, Derek gets sentenced to 10 years in the state penitentiary. When Derek realized he would spend the rest of his youth in the prison? He shamefully sank his head in hopelessness. Life In the Pen. The day Derek put on his prison issued clothing, and was assigned a cell would be the day his life changed forever. What they call it? He was the fish on the yard, new inmate. He did not know what to do, or who to speak to. He was greeted by a fellow peckerwood. Derek and the white inmate had a chat before being introduced to the rest of the white car. As time passed he was no longer Derek, the whites called him "Dicer, Dicer from Sandy shores." He got his papers checked and was introduced to the program. Soon enough he ran the program, soon after that he'd start a regular routine to get time to pass inside. As years passed Dicer survived the inside by any means necessary. Either it be checking a lame, keeping everyone in neutral status or just generally be on the watch. Life after the Pen, October 18th, 2019. On October 18th, Derek finished his sentenced and was finally a free man without parole. He resides in a low-class area in the city, and hangs with a local MC. He tries to keep a steady job to afford food on the table. It's just like the inside, he does whatever he needs to survive. (To be updated as development continues.)
  3. This thread follows the life of Derek Kader
  4. Bump, still at MP price.
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