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Found 1 result

  1. INTRODUCTION West Side Tongan Posse is a tightly knit Pacific Islander-American community that aims to care and tend for each other. This neighborhood is a result of ethnic minorities bunching up to provide themselves a local community and a sense of identity like many others, e.g. Korea Town, Chinatown etc. Tongan Posse is much more different than the local and notorious Tongan Crip Gang and should not be mixed up. The Tongan Crip Gang (TCG) also known as the T-Gang, is primarily, but not exclusively, a Tongan-American street gang located in Davis, Los Santos. The Tongan Crip Gang is located around Covenant Avenue and East Side of Grove Street, between Brouge Avenue and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. The Tongan Crip Gang is the first and only Pacific Islander/Polynesian street gang to reside in the city of Los Santos, which is dominated and infested with blood, crip and sureno gangs. Members of the Tongan Crip Gang are known to sport "Texas Rangers" or "Texas Longhorns", baseball caps with the large letter "T" to represent Tongan. TONGAN CRIP GANG OF LS IN 2021 Gangbanging in Davis is still very much alive in the year of 2021. The member ages in this gang vary quite a lot but it starts from 12 years old and goes all the way up to 25. The majority of the gang members are high school drop-outs. Tongan Crip Gang is known as having a friendly and pacific connections with some of the neighboring gangs. T.C.G's crimes include drug trafficking, home invasions, extortions, burglaries, auto theft, credit card, bank and federal fraud, identification theft, murder, arson and kidnapping. As of 2021, T.C.G's involvement with drugs has largely increased. Occupying what is considered to be one of the biggest hotspots of drug trafficking in whole of the South Central, some gang members decided to capitalize on it. However, among the Posse, alcohol still remains bigger than any drug on the street. DRUG TRAFFICKING PROMINENCE Due to their rapid adaptation to local hardcore gangs, Tongan Crip Gang members also adopted new ways of money-making from the local gangs. So called drug trafficking organizations became a figure model for further gang's money operations expansion. Given extremely suitable location for local drug distribution, Tongan Crip Gang managed to enrich several gang members pockets along with the gang itself. Some of the gang members, often past 25 years old of age already had a family to take care of, hence some of them "hung their flags up" and moved on with their lives. Given conditions for different and more efficient money operations, small substrata's of ex-gang members moved out of the low-income neighborhood, yet still maintaining contact with the gang and posse members. Those who stayed, either temporarily or permanently (talking about the eldest members of the gang), were often left at the pike head of the operations, managing to earn themselves a modest living through illicit means. Pacific Islander background often gave the prominent gang members an opportunity to exploit transnational drug markets, giving a simplest organizational level to the Tongan Crip Gang that applied only to the top layer of the members and was extremely vague. THE ORIGINS The Tongan Crip Gang, as a general rule, originally hails from the South Los Santos area (primarily Davis, Grove Street & Covenant Avenue) where they are known to be aligned and interacting with predominantly black gangs (mostly various Crip sets). The Tongan Crip Gang in Los Santos is more hardcore than T.C.G in other areas, mainly because the gang members in Los Santos have learned and associated with the hardcore Crip set, therefore, they are more sophisticated in their organizations in order to compete with other hardcore gangs in Los Santos. In other words, the T.C.G was forced to quickly adapt to the Crip gang activities. In the latter part of 1988, the hardcore T.C.G. gang members in L.S. began to feel heavy pressure from the local police. They needed to escape, therefore, they began to live with relatives, friends and cousins. Once they arrived, they started to influence the local Tongan youth. During that time, the Tongan youth had seen the gang problems in L.S. through the media, newspapers and public theatres. For local Tongan youth, to hear that there were hardcore Tongan gangsters from Los Santos have raised anxiety and pride to know that there are ‘‘Tongans“ in gangs. When the Tongan youth hear of T.C.G. parties and hangouts, they flock there to check them out, watch and listen. While observing, they see the hardcore T.C.G.s from L.S. dressing down, telling stories of drive-by shootings, murders and so forth. And to these youths this is attractive, cool and the ‘‘in“ thing to do. Therefore, the local Tongan kids began organizing the local T.C.G in Los Santos. OOC INFORMATION The faction's essential goal is to maintain a high standard of roleplay while trying to illustrate a realistic view of a Tongan Crip Gang. We believe that factions are made and built by people and communities who are capable to develop and create unique characters, so the proper character development stands in the first place. If you would like to roleplay with us, simply approach us in Grove Circle or Covenant Avenue area. We would like you to start “small” and preferably with a backstory which fits the area itself and an appropriate age. For ambitious players, we decided to adapt in a some sort of drug trafficking organization layer, that provides some sort of notion of organized crime. However, this would be only possible to you if you have been role-playing for a long enough time around the gang and is extremely limited to the amount of people it can have. If you are planning to join our faction you can freely join our faction discord down below. Link to the faction discord: https://discord.gg/zFtaSm8MK4 If you have any questions in regards to joining, about the faction or even have any tips or would like to get to know anything about the faction, feel free to private-message @Deddo or @Rokas. Faction reserves the right to carry out a character-kill to any character that aspires to become a part of the faction (hang arounds). All members must abide by the rules. If broken, punishment will be handed out by leadership. Special thanks to @Shvag @Rokas @Symka @Daylong @Epic @Deddo @Kimo @Santiago @Chinatown @Vinc @Siberian @Eficion and @#CRIPUP?!
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