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  1. Date of incident: July 6th 2022

    Rules broken: Deathmatching, Metagaming

    Your ingame name: Mark Weigel

    Names of witnesses (if applicable): None

    Explanation of the incident (500 word limit):  Around 19:45 IG, I was cruising around Vespucci Beach on my bike looking to roleplay with locals in the neighborhood. I decided to surf after a final tour around the block. Then, Owen Moore rolled in and circled around me in his car. I suspected that he was out to rob me, as I didn't know him prior to this incident, IC or OOC. I pedalled away from him to safety or so I thought when he left his car, brandishing his gun and started shooting me without any interaction whatsoever before. I understand that this is linked to the on-going war between HSGS and FAIM, which I am not a part of. I don't know how he made me to be a target, like I just said, we haven't interacted once to my knowledge. I wasn't flying any piece of clothing, or had any tattoo/mark/sign that would indicate that I'm a HSGS member nor was I out to kill any FAIM member on HSGS' behalf. While yes, I have roleplayed with members of HSGS, it never went beyond partying, surfing or scrapping together. I can only speculate that their faction have a list of names, mine included. Moore, apparently someone in leadership position, decided it was good enough to just read my nametag and kill me. As I have said, I was minding my own business trying to get some dumb roleplay done. I want to clarify once and for all that I'm not an active participant of their conflict. I didn't scout for HSGS or was even asked to scout for them. I don't believe that I've seen Owen Moore in game just as he has not seen Mark Weigel, either. I don't resort to report often if ever and I was debating whether or not letting this slide however as I understand this is not the first time a Vespucci local was shot dead due to this conflict. It's frustrating to roleplay in an environment where an unarmed bald headed local who's not cliqued up with FAIM gets shot without vetting on Vespucci Boardwalk. Also I would like to note that from the shooting to possibly ID'ing me as a gang member was not roleplayed. Neither was the drive-by in the driver's seat which I'm told is not allowed w/o properly roleplaying it. 

    Evidence: https://streamable.com/0gtgbi

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