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la tweaker

Hispanic Gang RP & Ghetto RP In General.

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la tweaker    19


  • Introduction
  • How to roleplay as a resident living in gang territory
  • How to roleplay as a gang member / gang banger
  • Being a female within a street gang
  • The General Environment
  • Gang & Ghetto terminology
  • Conclusion



This guide will mainly be to do with Hispanic gangs, but alot of what will be said here also ties in with other types of gangs (Such as Afro-American gangs) In this guide I'll be going over the terminology used by certain gangs, the way they operate, the types of people who join these gangs aswell as other things relating to this subject.


I've written this guide in hopes of inspiring higher standards amongst the gang community on GTA:World, I don't intend to say that the current gang factions aren't doing good or aren't portraying things correctly, They're all great factions in their own right, but there's definitely room for improvement in all of them and improvement is something that every faction in general should strive for. Which is why I'm here to hopefully educate some people on this subject and to inspire better, more realistic portrayals of street gangs, gang related characters and the ghetto environment in general.


How to roleplay as a resident living in gang territory


There's one thing I always tell members of my factions, and that it's that you need to think about what you want your character to be BEFORE you make it. 

Decide early what kind of person you want your character to be along with how old he/she is going to be. (If you wish for your character to eventually be inducted into the street gang, he/she MUST be a teenager in most cases, there's usually no exceptions. If not? You can pick whatever age you'd like)


First off decide what nationality you want your character to be from. If you're trying to join a crip or blood gang, it's obvious that your char would be Afro American or just black in general. Though with Hispanic gangs, there's a range of nationalities you could choose from. Although, depending on the gang and their culture, some nationalities are more valid than others. For example a Mexican gang is more likely to strictly accept Mexicans, a gang like Ms-13 or 18th Street is likely to accept almost any central american nationality, aswell as Mexicans. Decide aswell on your background story and your character's personality traits. If he/she's Latino, Are your character's parents illegal? Is your character himself or herself illegal?  Does he or she speak English? Or just Spanish?


As for why your character would want to join a gang? Well here are the main reasons teenagers anywhere join street gangs, among other reasons.


  • Kids that want to be or feel tough
  • Kids that want to be respected
  • Kids that want to feel loved or needed
  • Kids that want to be apart of something bigger than them
  • Kids with broken families or mental issues
  • Kids that want to be feared by other people
  • They love feeling like they're powerful


Kids and Teenagers with these personality traits and similar personality traits are more likely to join a street gang than a sheltered boy who knows nothing about street gangs or the way they operate. 


Moving on, your character should 90% of the time be from the same neighbourhood as the street gang that you wish to have your character become apart of. Nobody is gonna go through a move from Chicago or Miami to the slums of Los Santos just to get affiliated to a street gang when he/she arrives, that's senseless and a shitty, lazy way of portraying a character.


They'd most likely attend local schools with gang members. As a teenager from the ghetto, your character (Even non affiliated) would most likely very vividly understand the street gang culture that goes on within the neighbourhood, he'd hear shots and sirens at night, he'd see drunken cholos hanging out in alleyways and at the park. He'd know which gang is which, what their graffiti looks like aswell as who they don't get along with, where their territory is located and he'd most likely know exactly how the area he lives in is carved up when it comes to street gangs. 


Keep in mind that your character, as mentioned before is more than likely from the slums of whatever neighbourhood you choose to RP being from. He or she may have lost somebody in his/her life, he or she may have a broken family. He or she may suffer abuse at home, They may have family members who are affiliated with certain gangs. This may or may not influence the gang your character would want to join. In some cases families can be completely torn apart based on which gang a certain family member chooses to affiliate his or herself with. We're talking about a very savage environment where the vast majority of these prospect gang members are uneducated and generally feel like they don't have much to offer society, so they turn to the streets and to gangs for guidance. Roleplay your character as a desperate teenager from the ghetto, don't try to pull any of that 'WhAt iS dRuG' or 'WhAt iS GuN' bullshit, PLEASE. Your character most likely VIVIDLY understands what guns or drugs are. As mentioned before, he'd hear shots almost every night. He'd see the drug addicts prowling the streets at night when he looks out his window, he may even have family members who've fallen victim to said drugs.


It's not meant to be HARD for people  to become affiliated to a gang, but it's best you dont approach leading members straight like that, you're not gonna get any respect that way. Instead, befriend the members that are more around your character's age range. They're your character's key into the gang. If he or she plays their cards right, your character should very easily become a full blown gang member. A good idea and something great to roleplay would for your character to be a tagger, basically a member of a local tagger crew, a young cholo or chola. (You could either form a tagger crew IC with a couple of friends, or roleplay that your character is simply a lone tagger/graffiti artist.) He or she would most likely come into contact with the gang eventually and over time be jumped in, leaving his or her crew (If he/she is in one ofc) behind to become a member of whatever gang resides in his neighbourhood.


Just know that your character doesn't actually have to kill anybody to become a valuable part of a street gang. MS-13 for example is focused around money and they thrive through their drug sales. Yes, certain gangs are extremely violent, but that doesn't mean every single person that hangs out with or is affiliated with the gang is a murderous psychopath, which is why people need to consider WHAT they're gonna RP before they come IG and roleplay with the faction. 90% of young gang members in LA haven't actually killed anybody yet, shot at them maybe. But not killed.


Lastly, please don't try to carry your character as a hardened gangbanger right off the bat. It's okay to be a rowdy teenager that's extremely down for his or her gang, but keep it realistic. Your character isn't a killer yet, he/she's a teenager from the slums of LS who most likely hangs out with a local street gang. Your goal at this point should be to befriend members of a gang of your choice and over time work your way into the gang. This process could take days, weeks or even months. Depending on a variety of factors. Your ultimate goal is to show interest in the gang when possible and to work your way towards a jump in.


How to roleplay as a gang member / gang banger


First of all, I'm going to stress that there's a difference between a gang member and a gang banger. A gang MEMBER is somebody who's part of a street gang, but isn't actively putting in work. A gang BANGER is a more dedicated member of a street gang who actively commits crimes for the benefit of his/her gang. This is a difference that not many people are educated on. Your average street gang member most likely isn't actively commiting crimes for the gang apart from selling the occasional dimebag or the likes. Usually after your character passes the age of 18 he/she makes the transition from a gang member to a gang banger. Also keep in mind that just because your character is a gang MEMBER, doesn't mean they have no obligations when it comes to their gang, or that they completely avoid banging. It's more of a choice, an option.


Once your character is inducted into a street gang of their choosing, he or she would most likely feel a great sense of pride, belonging and power. He or she would be most likely schooled on the gang's rules and his or her initiation process would be complete. Though this depends on how organised the gang is and how they operate. Some gangs have a strict code of conduct with rules that result in death, beatings or being jumped out. Some are completely based on respect with no type of code of conduct whatsoever.


Your character may now have to pay a certain amount of money as "rent" to his or her gang's leader and would also quite possibly be required to attend meetings. (Though once again, this depends on the gang and their structure)


Now there's alot of things your character could take part in after he or she is jumped in. He or she could start selling drugs out of the gang's trap house (If he/she doesn't already have permission to sell. As mentioned before. It depends on the gang. Some gangs don't allow outsiders/residents to sell drugs for them) he or she could start trying to extort local street vendors and local stores. He or she could even start selling fake ID's, trying to pimp girls or even selling alcohol to minors. Anything goes within most gangs aslong as money continues flowing. Your character's main job as a newly inducted member would very likely be to bring money in for the clique and possibly to bring new members in to the clique. in most of my factions, It's entirely up to the jumped in members to do the recruiting, Higher Ranked members usually have more important matters to attend to ICly.


In general, if your character is initiated into a street gang. He or she becomes not only an IC representative of the street gang, but you as a player become a representation of your faction on an OOC basis. Try to keep this in mind when roleplaying with ANY gang faction. You'd be surprised how easily one simple fuck up can permanently taint your faction's reputation. Try not to be that one person who simply stands there facing the street or selling drugs on corners, that kind of mentality is outdated and just looks stupid. If you're gonna be ingame with your faction, have your character out there doing things, not just standing there like a statue. Create your own roleplay, enhance the environment that's being portrayed.


It's also worth noting that alot of gangs nowadays generally have morals and high standards when it comes to so called 'honor'. I can't speak for African-American gangs, but I know that the majority of Latino gangs heavily frown upon heinous crimes such as rape, child molestation, drive by's and the murder of innocent women/children.


Take proper precautions while roleplaying a member of one of these gangs, even gangs like MS-13 have toned things down when it comes to things like molestation/rape and the murder of women or children. This is something that you should take into account when roleplaying your character. Unless he is a complete psychopath or his gang is one of those gangs where it doesn't matter what you do, your character isn't likely to get any enjoyment or respect out of doing things such as what's mentioned above. Keep in mind that realistically, if your character goes to jail for killing a kid, innocent woman or for raping somebody, he is more than likely to have a massive target painted on his back by the Mexican Mafia or the Aryan Brotherhood, or even by other prisoners who simply frown upon those types of crimes. He may not even make it out of jail alive if he slips up. Take proper precautions and think about what your character's worries and feelings would be, this ties in with my next point.


Lastly, keep in mind that your character is not only a member of a gang or faction. He/she is a human being. He/she should have feelings, hobbies, problems, possible mental issues, imperfections, prejudices, morals, addictions and pretty much everything that makes us humans. Nobody likes roleplaying with a robot like gang member who has no feelings or regard for human life. 


Yes, your character may very well be a violent person who either has killed somebody or may kill somebody in the future, but this doesn't mean your character wouldn't feel bad after he/she ended another human's life. Most people who commit murders in real life spend the rest of their lives living on edge, jumping as the wind blows aswell as having severe sleeping issues (Night terrors, insomnia, etc). Also tying in with my previous point about heinous crimes, if your character raped a woman. How would he cope with the fact that some girl's life has been irreversibly shattered? That chick will most likely never see life the same again and your character would most likely know this very well. Maybe your character's a complete psychopath and gets enjoyment from that simple fact, but what if he isn't? He's surely gonna feel atleast some shred of remorse.


This type of roleplay creates great opportunities for character development. Will your character be able to handle taking a life? Will he/she end up taking drugs to numb the feelings of guilt? What will that lead to? Will they eventually clean themselves up following pressure from the homies or their family? Will the drugs corrupt them turn them into a shell of their former selves? That's all up to you and how you choose to go about your character!


The best way to do this is to put yourself in the shoes of your character. As in seriously think. What would you do if you were in a street gang and had just committed a murder on behalf of your gang? How would you cope knowing that your face, voice or gang's name was the last thing somebody saw/heard before everything went black? Would you think about that person's family? Would you wonder if he/she had children? Parents waiting on them to come home? A boyfriend or girlfriend? How would these thoughts make you feel about this? How would you feel knowing you caused an irreparable impact on somebody's family or even their entire community?


Just think about these points, and you've got a well rounded character on your hands. All in all, make your character feel alive and like a functioning human being! Certain things that happen IC may not affect you as a player, but they'd CERTAINLY affect your character in one way or another.


Being a female within a street gang


I'll start this off by saying that I in no way condone the act of restricting anybody's roleplay or forcing them to roleplay in a certain fashion, but if you wish for your portrayal of a female gangster to be taken seriously by most seasoned rpers, you're advised to follow what is said here.


Most females end up joining street gangs for many of the same reasons males do, they want money, respect and power. To feel like they're apart of something much, much bigger than themselves. Maybe they want to be feared aswell, maybe she has other reasons to join. That's up to you, the person portraying your character. 


Much like their gang brothers, most female gang members come from the same squalid conditions that their male counterparts come from. Many of them have extremely messed up lives at home, some of them have been through severe trauma (Sexual, mental or psychical) which sometimes was inflicted on them by a member of their family. Some may have mental disorders such as severe anxiety or PTSD as a result of these circumstances.


Females also often join gangs because it's the same street gang their boyfriend or brother is from at the time. I'll also note that taking this route is actually a very good way to become affiliated to a gang, especially if your character dates a member of said gang. It'd most likely motivate her to become affiliated even more. Some people see roleplaying relationships with a fellow gang member as whoring for ranks or as trying to take an easy way into the gang, though this really shouldn't be the case and I personally frown upon people who see things this way, This type of mentality completely ruins roleplay opportunities within gangs. Almost 50% of women IRL join gangs as a result of a significant other or a family member becoming or being part of said gang, peer pressure is a REAL thing!


There's not really much of a difference between male and female members of most street gangs (Such as African American ones). However, in some gangs They're different in that females are forbidden from gaining leadership roles. The closest a female gang member will get to being a leader in certain gangs is being put in charge of the other girls within the gang, or in rare cases where they're allowed to speak for a boyfriend within the gang if he somehow cant speak for himself.


When your female character gets put onto the street gang, she's most likely going to be given two choices. Either a sex in or a jump in. It's usually a trick question, because as a sexed in member, your character is little more than a sex slave for the gang, she gets zero respect from her homegirls and is looked at as a fuck doll by the homeboys. The most popular way for females to get into street gangs is to be jumped in, as it gets them the most respect.


Also keep in mind that as a female, whether you like this fact or not. Your character IS looked at as a softer or easier target by rival gangs. Some gangs (Such as MS-13 again) specifically target women from rival gangs with the express purpose of raping them or simply to kill them and cause a significant impact against the enemies. Keep this in mind and remember to roleplay proper fear as a female gangster. Just because you have to approve sexual assault roleplay, doesn't mean it's any less of a possibility from an IC standpoint. When your female character is roaming the ghetto alone and without her homeboys/homegirls, walking through alleyways and such, she's putting herself in direct danger of being targeted by rivals or even just by a local drug addict or homeless person who hasn't had a good fuck in a while. It's a sad fact, but unfortunately it can't be more true when it comes to the ghetto.


I'm not saying that females should constantly break down ICly and cry as a result of every confrontation or potentially harmful situation, or that they shouldn't involve themselves in gang feuds or the likes, I'm just saying to keep in mind that females are generally more emotional and easier to intimidate than men, whether or not they're affiliated to a gang. Your character is still a woman and your rp should reflect this fact. If your character was surrounded by four or five rival gang members who attempted to jump her or shove her into a car, she's more likely to freak out or get scared in this situation than a male would be in a similar situation. She might try to put on a brave face, sure. That's acceptable. But how long would that last once the reality of what's going on sinks in? All in all, your character should be a female first and a gang member second, not the other way around.


Putting all of the above aside for a moment, roleplaying a female within a street gang can be a very fun and rewarding experience if done right. Your character could go on to lead her own all female clique within the gang, she could involve herself in fights with females from other gangs, she could shoot at females from other gangs, she could stab people from other gangs, she could assist with drug dealing, she could drive for the homies on drive bys or even assist in such hits, she could assist with the gang's finances, assist with paying taxes to La Eme (If she's a Surena and not a bloodette/cripette/ruette of course), hell, she could attempt to set up rival gang members or simply unsuspecting victims on social media to be robbed by her gang, she could also take part in seducing and luring rival gang members to the gang's turf so that they can easily be picked off.


Females within gangs are generally more ruthless and cunning simply for the fact that they're biologically weaker than men, so they HAVE to be more calculating than their male counterparts in order to actually get any sort of respect within the gang. Females in general are very manipulative whether they know it or not and most can very easily flip certain situations around to be in their favour. Incorporate this fact into your roleplay and you'll notice people's perception of your character rapidly changing, for better or for worse. But most likely for the better!


When roleplaying a female within a Latino gang, just know that Sureno/Hispanic gangs are usually VERY male dominated, males are put before females, always. That's how it is within most Hispanic gangs and it most likely wont change. Basically, your character is a dirty, street-wise and most likely extremely troubled Central American/Mexican/African-American girl from the slums, NOT a white girl from the suburbs with no worries or trauma. Act like that and you'll find yourself enjoying your character much more, aswell as being more respected ICly and OOCly in your faction.


The General Environment

The type of areas and environments that spawn street gangs are usually riddled with broken homes, low income families and drug abuse. As mentioned before, your character has most likely experienced or is currently experiencing at least one, if not all of these issues. Most people in these neighbourhoods are generally very distrustful of the police and some may even fear calling the police or fear the police in general. Maybe out of fear of being deported or fear of retaliation from the local street gangs.


It's highly recommended that you do some sort of research on neighbourhoods such as these, take Westlake/Macarthur Park, Mid City, Southern Koreatown (Pico Union / Rampart) and pretty much all of South Central Los Angeles as inspiration. You can find countless articles and stories about life in these neighbourhoods through a simple google search and it's highly recommended that you do.


Not only are these neighbourhoods plagued with fear, drugs and crime but they're also heavily populated by undesirable people (Such as robbers, kidnappers, rapists and child molesters) who prey on people within said communities. Roleplay proper precautions when RPing in the ghetto, basically remember that your character is legit from one of the most violent neighbourhoods in Los Santos. He/she's not walking through Vinewood or Rockford Hills.


Gang & Ghetto Terminology

In this section I'm gonna go over some of the terminology and slang that street gangs & gang members in Southern California use on a daily basis, some of the slang will be strictly related to certain street gangs (Surenos, Crips, Bloods, Hoovers, MS13, 18th Street) and some will be universal and used by most gangs of a certain background. I'll also go over certain words that can be used to disrespect rival gangs, as that's something that seems to be lacking on here. I've seen people refer to Pirus as slobs, which isn't correct



Napp - Disrespectful term towards Neighborhood Crips

Tramp - Disrespectful term to 'Tray' Crip and Hispanic gangs with 'Thirty' in their name (For example, 38th Street Gang would be called Tramp ocho, 36th Street would be called Tramp Six)

Scrap - Disrespectful term towards Surenos. (Not to be used by Surenos, ever. Even if it's in the context of a fight. ("Lets scrap, ese"). The only exception to this is if your Sureno char is nicknamed Scrappy.

Crab - Obviously a disrespectful term towards Crips

Slob - Disrespectful term towards Bloods

Snoochies / Snoovas- Diss term for Hoover Criminals

Hoochies - Diss term for Hustler Crip gangs

Faketeen - Diss term for 18th Street Gangs.

Okay - Commonly used by Hoover Criminals gang members. It stands for what it sounds like. 'oK', Rollin O killa. So it's basically a disrespectful term towards all Neighborhood Crip gangs.

Mierda Seca / Monkey Shit - Diss term for Mara Salvatrucha

Dieru - Disrespectful term towards Piru gangs

Bike Rims - Diss term for Brim gangs

Maggots - Disrespectful term for Mafia Crips

There's countless other diss terms that refer to certain street gangs but I'm not gonna add them all here because that'd not only take forever, but it'd be impossible for me to name them all. You can easily find diss terms for gangs by finding their streetgangs.com page or finding videos by said gang on youtube.



Damu - A word used to refer to a member of the Bloods gang

B-Dog - A blood, used similarly to the word damu.

Verz - Used by Hoover Criminal gangs, usually combined with the word 'Okay' (Okay Verz).

Loc (Pronounced as LOWK not LOCK) - A term of endearment for Surenos/Crips that originates from the word 'Loco', this is also used by Crips to refer to eachother similarly to the word damu/b-dog. ("You my loc, nigga.") ('Shoulda been a loc') or (Wassup, loc?)

Rip Rider - A term used to refer to a Crip

Blood - Pretty obvious. Used by Blood members to refer to their homies. (Wassup, blood?!)

Cuzz - Also pretty obvious, used by crips in the same way that Bloods use 'Blood'

Maje - A word commonly used by Salvadorans, particularly amongst Ms-13 members.

Cerote - Another Salvadoran slang word. It's like saying 'nigga' when used amongst Salvadorans, though if someone who isn't Salvadoran or Central American uses it, it's like adding the 'er' at the end.

Ese - Obviously a word used by Surenos.

Dog / Perro - Used among Hispanic gang members, usually.

Cap / Capping - Lying (This is mainly black slang, but Hispanics can use it too, depending on their generation)

Homeboy / Homie - This is obvious. Can be used by any gang member.

Ranker / Ranked it / Ranking out - Usually used by Hispanic gang members. Used to describe somebody who isn't as down for their gang as they claim they are. (Such as refusing to fight for the homies, running from gang beef or simply being a pussy. ('Damn foo, you ranked it on us.' or 'Don't be a ranker, ese')

Tweak / Scante / Ice - Slang term for meth

White - Pretty obvious, Cocaine.

Green / Yeska / Loud / Mary-Jane - Marijuana, obviously.

Carga / Tar / Brown / Chiva - Heroin

Pookie - A meth or crack pipe

Tweaker - A crack, pill or meth addict. Basically any form of junkie.

Twacked out - Extremely high on meth/crack. (Usually meth)

Fade - Not really gang slang, it's more of a word used amongst people in the ghetto to describe a fight. ('Run my fade.' is basically like saying 'fight me') I feel like this one's pretty obvious, though.

Bando - An abandoned house that's commonly used as a hangout spot for gangs. (This is NOT a trap house!). Hangout spots such as these are sometimes referred to as 'destroyers', particularly by MS-13 gang members.

Trap house - A house, abandoned, rented or privately owned that is used to sell drugs

Casita - Spanish for "Small house" A gang controlled establishment (Usually set up in a home) similar to a trap house that sells alcohol to minors, hosts illegal gambling, hosts prostitution aswell as drug dealing. (These are very popular amongst Hispanic gangs such as MS-13 and 18th Street.)

Chavala - Not really used that much nowadays, but it's usually a word used by Hispanic gangs to refer to a rival gang member. Nowadays though people usually just refer to their rivals as 'the enemy' or the 'other side'.

Hyna / Ruca - Hyna typically refers to an attractive female, Ruca refers to a girlfriend. These words aren't used as much nowadays, but are still relevant and used occasionally.

No good - This term is typically used to describe a person of very low social standing. Such as a rapist, child molester or a hard drug addict. ('Man, I saw that foo tryna rape that lil girl from around the way. That motherfucker's a damn no good' or 'She's a tweaker, straight fuckin no good')

Chomo - A child molester

Leva - Not particularly used as much nowadays, but it's used to refer to any type of punk, traitor or pussy. ('That fool's a leva, man. He said he didn't bang when the enemies pulled up and pressed him')

Burnt / Burnt out - Refers to somebody who is either tripping bad or extremely messed up on drugs. ('Man that bitch stays burnt out' is basically like saying 'She's always on drugs.') Somebody being labelled as 'burnt out' usually ends in them being labelled as a no-good if that person doesn't straighten themselves out.

Watered down - Somebody who has seemingly forgotten what it means to be apart of a certain gang. This could be someone who suddenly stopped showing their face at the hood, focuses on things that hold no significance to the gang, or simply by being disloyal.

Press / G-check - To verbally harass somebody and enquire as to whether or not they're part of a street gang. ('See that foo over there wit the Pirates cap on? Go press that foo, ese. I think he's from Peanutbutters.' (Translation: "Go check if the guy in the Pirates cap is in a gang, I think he's from PBS13")

Green Light - A kill order

G Ride - A stolen vehicle

Hit up / Placaso - A tag, usually gang related.

Bombing - To do graffiti, this is usually used by taggers. ('Yall gonna go bombing tonight, homie?')

Whacked out / Whack out - To cross out a rival gang's initials on the wall. ('Man, the slobs tagged our shit. Whack those lames out, ese')

Caiga - Means 'come' in Spanish slang.

Caile - See 'Caiga'

Clique - A subsidary of a street gang, can also be used to refer to one's territory. ('You tryna get down wit the TGS clique, dog?' or 'I'm in the clique right now, where you at?' )

Set - A tagger crew or one's territory. Some people make the mistake of thinking 'set' means a gang, when it doesn't.

Barrio / Pandilla / Hood  - A street gang

Put on / Jumped in / Rushed in - To be initiated into a street gang. This is typically the term used nowadays, the whole 'ragged' thing doesn't exist at all. You don't even get a bandanna when you're jumped into a street gang, why would it be called being ragged?

Blessed in - To be allowed into a street gang without having to go through the initiation or having to perform sexual favours

Sexed in / Fucked in  - To be initiated into a street gang through sexual favours 



Holmes / Vato / Cabron / Orale / ETC  - These are words that were typically used by Surenos of the 90's and 80's. These words are part of a type of chicano slang known as 'calo', nowadays this type of slang is not used as much because of the Americanisation of Chicano gangs. Don't use words such as these if your character is of the younger generation of his gang. However if he/she's of the older generation, it's a little more acceptable.

Chica - Means 'chick' or 'girl' and could also be considered calo. This typically isn't used amongst Latino gangs anymore, it's a very outdated piece of slang.


In general you should be careful when speaking Chicano slang as a Latino gang member, try not to use outdated words or try to overuse it. Hispanic gangs are pretty Americanised nowadays and most seasoned rpers frown upon the constant usage of Spanish.




All in all,  make your character feel alive, we don’t need statues posting up on the corner facing the street. If you’re going to do that? Might as well log out If you’re not effecting the scene in any way? There is no point in you being there. Create an atmosphere around your character by creating RP! You can get others involved by doing so, causing some great IC scenarios.


To conclude this, I'll include a few ideas for things you could roleplay doing, especially as a resident when your character is only just starting to affiliate his or herself with a gang. These suggestions were written by a friend of mine in one of my factions.


Who would have guessed? Talking to someone is a great way of creating roleplay. This is something that I would prefer over everything else. There’s just something about yapping with your  homies about stuff that makes your RP experience 10x greater. Talk about school, life, girls, hell even porn. Its also a way of getting information across to another person, who would have thought? Its only your imagination that is tested in terms of “talking”, you can go as far as you want. Let’s be honest, would you want to talk to someone who has an interesting story to tell or an anti-social person who stands on the corner for five hours before /q’ing? Yeah? That’s what I thought.


Paper chase

You’re a teenager going through the struggles of the hood life, why not try to make a couple bucks? Shoot some dice, steal something, buy and resell for more. Get a job, not every person in the hood becomes a gang banger. These are just some examples of hustling. Make sure you RP your money REALISTICALLY, I don’t want to be hearing about a teenager who owns diamond grillz, a golden chain and the latest iPhone. Have a REALISTIC source of income.


This also leads into illegal profits. If you are one of those who are lucky enough to get linked up with a homie, make sure you deal drugs realistically. Don’t be making your deal obvious, tell them to park up behind in an alley way or a secluded spot. State realistic prices too, I hate when people say that they’re selling cocaine for $2,000. That’s not on, we’re setting a realistic example.


NOTE: Making illegal phone calls about “bidness” isn’t realistic at all, do not be giving out your phone numbers to people who swing around. Go to a payphone if you MUST make an illegal phone call.


If you’re a teenager? RP going to school and such, do normal teenage things. Get into fights in school or don’t, beef with people or make friends in school. Realistically gang beefs start off from school then accumulate into something bigger. RP talking shit about your teachers or speak otherwise. The only limits is your imagination.


Parties / BBQs

This is an excellent way of creating RP, your parents are out for the weekend? Invite your homies over to get wasted, or something happened on the block? Throw the party on the corner.


Your Character is who you want them to be, make them into something.

Your character’s personality could be built through the events that occur around him/her, which could lead them into becoming a hustler, a pimp, a gang banger or a flat-out ranker. Another note, try to avoid tabbing for long periods of time where people can see. It makes your faction look very bad. If you NEED to tab out, go inside or simply log off until you can return.



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This right here is what 90% of the current street gangs in here need.

Should be pinned.

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Sergi    49

play in 800x600 and smoke meth for the ultimate hispanic rp experience

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la tweaker    19
4 minutes ago, Sergi said:

play in 800x600 and smoke meth for the ultimate hispanic rp experience

Couldn't have said it better myself, honestly.

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la tweaker    19
12 minutes ago, Caracosa said:

This is more of a general comment about guides, but I'd like to see writers citing sources.

Depends what sources you're talking about, I can most likely provide articles that relate to just about every subject in this guide, however. Alot of my information comes from sources that can't exactly be linked here. I get alot of my information from people who live in California and America in general, some of whom are involved with street gangs and often tell me about what life is like for them.


I simply combined what they've told me about their lives with my own common sense and that's basically where this guide came from.

Edited by la tweaker

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Caracosa    117

Tbh I'd love anything you can share on Latino/Chicano/Hispanic street culture in Los Angeles, a.k.a. Los Santos.

I'm not talking about Illuminati-level secrets or whatever, just basic ethnographic stuff: culture, language, slang, beliefs. There's lots of content (professional and amateur) coming out of California on gang culture, Latino culture, etc. Entire university departments are devoted to this stuff, just like entire youtube channels are devoted to it.

To me everything is just an opinion until I see receipts. I appreciate it takes time to put these guides together, but citations/links would elevate your guide for me. Thanks!

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