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  1. ysl

    HISTORY RECAP The Asian Boyz were founded in the early 90s as part of efforts of protection for Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees from the more numerous American gangs in their localities. They formed under the Long Beaches infamous Crip umbrella to be able to continue their legacy and be accepted amongst the mass of gangs at that time, which aided their efforts of protection as the majority of Long Beaches Crip gangs have a strong bond with one another. One of their first altercations was with the East Side Longos, which was and still to this day is a Hispanic Long Beach gang that falls under the Sureno car. The back and forth between the Longos and the ABZ was massive and has resulted in many deaths on both sides of the stick. The altercations with the Longos still continues to this day, they're considered the ABZ's arch-nemesis. The second gang they had a dispute with was the Ocean Side Wah Ching, which was relatively close to their territory. The gang had bad roots because of its ethnic routes, whereas Wah Ching were pure Chinese and/or American born Chinese, and the ABZ were both Cambodian and Vietnamese. Wah Ching labeled ABZ as mutts and FOBs (Fresh Off the Boat), due to Wah Ching's longer endurance in the state, and ABZ's mixed ethnic routes. The shooting of an ABZ gang member, Lea Mek, at a pool hall in El Monte, resulted in a bloody gang war between the Wah Ching and Asian Boyz. Another shootout between the two gangs occurred in San Marino that led to the deaths of two youths at a San Marino High School graduation party in June. After an investigation by the authorities, police claimed that when the Asian Boyz gang members arrived at the party, they noticed that Wah Ching gang members were there, prompting them to leave and return with weapons. At least nine gang members were arrested, and police seized five weapons from homes searched in conjunction with the arrests. The shootings between the two gangs were dubbed "Summer Madness" by the ABZ and have resulted in many deaths from both Wah Ching's and ABZ's side, however, ABZ's body count was significantly higher than Wah Ching's at the time. The gang establish themselves on the western side of Los Santos and occupy the less wealthy side of Vespucci. An ABZ gang member is identified by the numerous ink on its person, alongside an occasional touch of blue attire. The gang affiliate themselves with the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Angels baseball teams, oftentimes using their merchandise, mainly their ball caps, as means of showcasing their gang affiliation like almost every other modern-day gang in Los Santos. STRUCTURE The Asian Boyz has a very straightforward gang ranking, the major factor in the hierarchy is individual respect, also known as street credit. They utilize 1226, which they affiliate themselves within their graffiti, in their ranking as well. The ones (1s) would be the upper echelon, known as either the longest-lasting members or veterans of the gang. The twenty sixes (22s) would be the put on or ragged in. fully-fledged affiliates of the gang. The sixes (6s) would be the new faces or wannabes that just come by from time to time and have no real motivation to join. They hold a relatively tight circle within their gang and therefore don't give a lot of people the rights to wear their flag out in public, so throwing up ABZ gang signs without the blessing of a put-on member could result in a dispute that would usually end up in either a twenty six second beat down or a verbal warning, depending on the severity and way it was performed. ORGANIZED CRIME INVOLVEMENT Long before the Asian boyz formed under the Crip umbrella, their involvement with Taiwanese triads was at a heavy peak. The traditions remained and the ABZ was at one point considered a branch of the Bamboo Union, a Taiwanese triad that operated on US soil, because of their ethnic routes not being able to be fully recruited into the organization. The figureheads of the first formed Asian Boyz were associates of the Bamboo Union and moved heavy weighed narcotics and small scaled weaponry imported from all kinds of regions and countries. To this day part of the ABZ's hierarchy is somewhat organized due to their heavy ties to either Triads or the various Italian mobs. ABZ are very well known for their heavy weapons trafficking, having a few of their members distribute pistol assault rifles on a monthly basis as terms that fall under their treaty with the larger organizations. ABZ remain a self titled street gang, but with heavy mob ties that benefit them in every way possible. The gang is operational but under heavy monitoring from the LAPD and other major crime preventing agencies. MODERN DAY Nowadays the gang, much like every other LA gang, has downgraded to keeping their gang activity low as of the beginning of their gang injunction. The LA gang unit is actively working on bringing the gang down and after the sentencing of their original founder Marvin Marcado, things have slowed down for the better. The current leaders are unknown to the public and federal authorities and are believed to be running the whole game out of state. The gang injunction sparked at the end of the ABZ's "Summer Madness" and lead to the arrest of their gang founder, along with a verdict from the judge stating that the rest of the gang shall and will be put behind bars for their vile acts. They operate as any other gang should and would, and have a significantly lower murder rate as oppose to their early days due to the injunction. The deaths of many well-respected and the last of the ruthless gang members resulted in ABZ softening up, however the new generation of gang members, although guided by the older and wiser gang veterans, continue to show the same level of viciousness as in ABZ's kick-up days. The list of dead gang affiliates is as follows;