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[General Request] - Katashi Mishi

Katashi Mishi

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GTA World Forums - GTA V Heavy Roleplay Server


Part I: Personal Information:

Character Name (and thread if one exists): Katashi Mishi

Faction Name (and thread if one exists): N/A

Discord Name: N/A

Scripts Wanted? (Yes/No): Yes


Part II: Property Information:

Location of your request: https://i.imgur.com/Mfb2oaJ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/lPzOJKK.jpg https://i.imgur.com/UcRcgpK.jpg

Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): ID 75 (from garages & Warehouse Int) for the garage and if possible id 226 (from public places int.) for the main entrance door.

Exterior screenshots of the requested property: https://i.imgur.com/lPzOJKK.jpg https://i.imgur.com/UcRcgpK.jpg

Reason for this request (You may go in detail):

Katashi Mishi is a former co-founder of Extreme Racing League. A faction that he had started with two friends on the beginning of March 2018 until September 2018. The League soon started to gather many fans and at the end of July there were already more than 60 official members on the faction and five distinct racing crews. The reason why I'm requesting this garage is to try and give back a boost to faction. A fresh new re-start is much needed for us and the perfect place for it to happen is at our very own mechanic garage. Also what a perfect time for the server to have updated this all new idea of RP business and jobs! This is the most wonderful innovation ever created.


Part III: Business Script:

Script(s) Wanted (if none, leave section blank): Garage

Character Backstory:

Katashi Mishi Backstory can be found here: https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/6658-extreme-racing-league-update/&tab=comments#comment-49997, however I would like to tell you his backstory in GTAW. Katashi Mishi is a big racing fan and has a tremendous love for cars, from sport cars to muscle cars. He is the Co-Founder of Extreme Racing League, a faction that he started on March 2018 with the help of Paul Wayne and Angie Carmo. Since the creation of the faction, Katashi organized a tremendous amount of events. Those events happened on weekly base and some of they were addressed to the public, however the biggest part of them was only addressed to official racers registered at Extreme Racing League. By June 2018, Extreme Racing League had over more than 60 official members affiliated, making it one of the biggest if not the biggest racing organization ever created. This tremendous amount of new members to the organization led to it's expansion. The weekly events started to be daily and the prizes for tournaments increased week after week, from cash prizes, to car prizes. Katashi even decided to hire a marketing team to create it's own website for Extreme Racing League ( We had a real website with all our crews, tracks, videos, SS, RP and all, however I can't open the link anymore :S ) By hiring this marketing team Katashi also won 2nd Place on Player Video of The Month. However due to the mainly issue of lack of time to manage such a big organization, Katashi started to loose control over the organization and on September 2018 decided to give a rest to this project. 

Why your character suits this business:

From all of the explained above.

Long Term Plans:

I plan to start slow this time. I intend to use this garage to gather my own personnel and to first start a nice legal organization where we mod/chop/paint etc. all cars from the public, and if things do tend to go to the illegal side, by knowing new persons interested on racing and with potential, perhaps turning it into my Crew's Mechanic Garage.

Reason for wanting the script, why you deserve it, and how it would aid benefit the server:

The reasons why I want are explained above. The Reason why I think it would benefit the server is because I really do believe due to my past experience here on GTAW, that the community loves racing. And I can give the community what they want with the best RP that I can provide. And even without a Scripted Mechanic Garage, every crew on ERL was mandatory to have mechanics, and on a daily base we tuned our cars, modded them, painted them, etc. even without a scripted garage business (after we RP the modding/etc on our garages we would them move OOCly to scripted garages to do the changes on the cars). We RPed a lot of mechanic fixes, flips, etc and now that there is this possibility to make it happen with a scripted business of our own I think it will be even better!

Edited by Katashi Mishi
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Hi @Katashi Mishi

We're glad to inform you that your request has been approved.


The property is located in La Mesa, which is somewhat run down and industrial. As a consequence of this the area is not a hotspot and receives less attention. While the property is in poor condition and blends into the background fairly well and fits the request. The property about medium-sized and has five sidedoors which may choose to make into get scripted further down the line. The interior, although appropriate, is quite large and is extremely stylish (especially compared with the exterior) which has impacted upon the price. 


 Basic material cost price has been determined to be $175,000  and cost of the mechanic garage has been set at $100,000, totaling a cost of $275,000 (taxes and fees) + 200 refined aluminum ores + 200 refined copper ores + 300 unrefined iron ores

Please note that you must post an IC construction request(s) to proceed.  Note the prices above are basic, material cost prices and not the final installation price. Please consult ICly with a construction company for the full actual price. 

Once you have reached a decision, post the required construction bidding request(s) in THIS section

If you have any questions, PM any member from property management or contact us via our Property Management Discord


-Property Management. 

This offer is valid for 10 days. 

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