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Archer Village Housing Projects

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Archer Village Housing Projects is the housing complex located in the heart of North Archer Avenue, the sole center of it. While walking through the buildings, high rate of Archer Lokos 18 and 18th Street Vinewood Gangsters strike-ups presence is present. Alot of Head Hunters 13 tags would be crossed out along with disrespective tags towards Florencia 13 and Longo sets. Ever since Archer Lokos started operating in the area, the presence of drug abuse and gang banging has increased aswell as police presence. Gang unit is eager to catch any North Archer Avenue locals, just for the sole purpose of harassing them or even planting evidence, just to incriminate anyone living in the area. Citizens have been constantly reporting fights, shootings and drug deals happening in the surrounding areas of their operation.


Steven Sinclair, a member of the Los Santos Police Department stated the following for Vinewood Newspapers: "Locals should keep an eye out and not let their kids go outside as the area is crowded by gang members, killers and drug dealers, even the kids they recruited have already done terrible things to prove where their loyalties lie. Don't be fooled by baby faces!"


Archer Lokos a/k/a ALS18 is a clique under the 18th Street Vinewood Gangsters umbrella, which was founded by Menace Ojeda, Wicked Luna & Chucky Valdez. Menace Ojeda and Chucky Valdez both got a kill order on themselves due to fights with other 18th Streeters and that left Wicked Luna as the sole top boy of the clique, and he has more than fifteen soldiers operating under his supervision. The clique operates around the whole West Vinewood area, but mainly North Archer Avenue & San Vitus Boulevard. It was born in the Archer Village Housing Projects on North Archer avenue, hence the Archer Locos 18 placa. They're very close to the Mara Salvatrucha clique on San Vitus Blvd for years hence this clique's exposure to extra violence and activities. Initially, it was a tight turf war between a MS-13 set and ALS18, but as the MS-13 staying on San Vitus went defunct, the war changed in a different direction, towards Head Hunters 13. They've been going back and forth, tag banging but the greed for turf that's grown in the hearts of Archer Avenida soldiers is out of control, hence the constant turf wars. The clique's members are known to sport brands such as: Oakland Athletics, LA Dodgers, LA Lakers, LA Angels sportswear to represent their A's. The clique was originally formed with the idea of recruiting young hispanic males and inducting them into gang activities / increase the gang's numbers, aswell as expanding the EVG territory. The rumors state drug violence's increased about the same time Archer Lokos came to life. This group is involved in alot of house invasions & jewelry robberies as a product of the area they're operating in.


This thread follows the birth & development of Archer Lokos clique under 18th Street Vinewood Gangsters. Latest thread update: 27/5/2023.







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