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Southside, Rancho Tokers 13


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The South Side Rancho Tokers 13 (RT13) also known as Varrio Rancho Tokers 13 (VRT13) or the Rancho Flats Tokers (RFT) are primarily a Mexican-American street criminal gang located on the east side of South Central Los Santos (now known as South Los Santos).


The Rancho Flats 13 (RF13) are located in the Jamestown Village government housing projects in South East Los Santos. The 23rd Street Flats barrio stretches from Roy Lowenstein Boulevard and Dutch London Street between Dutch London Street and Carson Avenue.


The Rancho Flats gang was originally a clique of the South Central Hang Out Boyz 13 (SC HOBZ 13) a long standing Rancho street gang that was located on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard and Carson Avenue. The Rancho Flats Locos 13 was originally composed of Six Mexican-American teenagers who grew up in Southern Rancho and were heavily influenced by the Sureno gangs in the neighbourhood, they got their start in late 2004 however ten years later in early 2014 the Rancho Flats broke off from the larger street gang with the intentions of forming after being involved in several heated altercations with other cliques of the Hang Out Boyz.


The Rancho Flats gang found themselves in a fierce rivalry with the Carson Locos clique of the Hang Out Boyz over the Jamestown Village Housing Projects located on Jamestown Street near Carson Avenue. both gangs claimed Carson Avenue as being part of their territory, causing a heated rivalry and a history of bad blood. Many have died as a result of this deadly rivalry, including innocent bystanders with no gang affiliation.


The gang feud was bought to a stop in 2015 when multiple members of both gangs were arrested and placed in Juvenile Detention, Youth Authority aswell as various state prisons across San Andreas. In November 2016, original members of the Rancho Flats Locos returned to their old stomping ground with advanced plans to re-start the street gang and its respective clicks in the neighbourhood. This planning has finally been executed as of October 2017 where the Rancho Flats gang have established themselves as a dominant presence in the Jamestown Village Housing Projects.

The South Side Rancho Flats gang is currently headed by Mexican Americans and immigrants from Mexico who are in their late teens to mid 20s who were influenced by original gang members from the neighbourhood. The lower echelons of the street gang are comprised of youths in Rancho who's ancestral origins primarily come from Mexico, the gang's demographics are primarily geared towards Mexican-Americans, however there have been rare cases of Salvadoran-Americans, Honduran-Americans and other Central American immigrants being able to gain membership.


Rancho Tokers 13 is active in recruiting members from both public and private schools in Rancho and surrounding neighbourhoods in order to either recruit new members or force people to join the set. Most people who are either recruited into the set or forced into it range from the ages of 12 - 19. Parents of the older children and teenagers who are recruited or forced into the gang are intimidated and bullied, often by their own kids themselves, into silence under the threat of physical violence or death.

The Rancho Flats 13's main source of revenue in Rancho is derived from the neighborhood's drug trade and extortion rings, Additional crimes that individuals or social groups within the set pursue for money include gun dealing, armed robberies, hijackings, robberies and muggings.

Their enemies consist of local gangs which include but are not limited to: the Davis Original Crips, Hang Out Boyz, Playboys 13, 18th Street, Clanton 14, Ghetto Boyz, Mara Salvatrucha, Covenant Block Piru, Grove Street Tyrants and various other Crip & Blood sets.

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If you have any further enquiries feel free to leave @Rocky or @Asterix a forum message.


You must request screenshot permission from either @Rocky or @Asterix


Upon joining you agree to being Character Killed if deemed necessary by leadership of the faction. 


Notable Areas:
Rancho Flats



Jamestown Street



 Rancho Alley



Ray Lowenstein Boulevard



Rancho Tokers XIII is a community-based/Sureño street gang. One of the faction's many purposes is for new comers to portray and develop their characters in a realistic manner. Anyone that wishes to seek official in this faction should be aware of the server rules, be active, develop their characters and maintain a high standard when it comes to portraying their character in realistic terms and role playing correctly. If you plan on being down and hard headed day one in joining, this is not the faction for you. If you are joining this faction, we appreciate it if you role played young so that you can properly develop your characters story line and witness your come up in the faction, any where ranging from 12-15 is fine. We don't discriminate against any new comers to Chicano gang role play everyone is here to learn after all. If you want to role play with us, you can catch us in pretty much all time zones. Our faction base heavily consists of EU, US and UK time zones.



If you wish to be a part of the Discord, message either @Rocky or @Asterix


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