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More Clothing options


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Short description: 

What I have in mind is that female characters would have a possibility to put stockings on under skirts/pants. 

Detailed description:

It would be similar to the "Undershirt option" there already is.  

Commands to add: 


Items to add:

In the shopping menu another option for the stockings.

How would your suggestion improve the server?

Have a more diverse character appearance and not look like a slut every outfit with stockings on beside the dresses.

Additional information:

That's about it, a minor change I would guess but what do I know about modelling/programming etc ?

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If i'm correct it can't be done by anybody on the staff team through the script, the only way for this to be done would be for someone to export the current skirt/dress models and texture the legs to a tight or sock texture before adding the newly textured "bottoms" to the server to replace the old ones.


The problem is on Rockstars part for locking certain sections of clothing to certain sections of the body and unfortunately to fix most of these constraints you need to replace pieces of clothing with other pieces of clothing in different sections to "break" the restrictions, which can obviously be done, but obviously only by someone who knows how to use 3D modelling programs. 


A good example is biker cuts, they're classed as a "shirt" so you're VERY limited in what you can wear under them because you can't mix two "shirts" together so you're mostly stuck with t-shirts from the "undershirts" section, but if a modder was to take that biker cut model and replace one of the "undershirt" options with the biker cut, you'd be able to wear the biker cut with any of the proper shirts under it (of course with some clipping if the modder didn't expand the model a little).


But yeah currently, I don't feel like the devs can do anything about it at the moment unless there's a modding team I don't know about so you might have to wait until a modder makes something or the server or see if you could get some already existing mods implemented, like this for example:




If I can get my 3ds max working again I might have a go at it myself, used to do modding in my free time. 

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Unfortunately, I think this is one of those cases where we need RAGE 0.4, because it can't be jury-rigged from vanilla and requires a mod. RAGE doesn't currently allow modding like that, but they plan to add the functionality in 0.4, so we juuust gotta wait, probably. 

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