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Los Santos Insider | Before the Debut: An Inside Look at Local MMA Star Malik Hussien


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Before the Debut: An Inside Look at Local MMA Star Malik Hussien

Written/Photography by Holly Miller - 21st April 2023


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has seen its popularity in Los Santos skyrocket in recent months, with events held frequently at some of the Cities largest sports venues. The sport captivates fans with its fast-paced and intense fighting style, promising that each fight is vastly different. 


With his debut fight in Los Santos just around the corner, rising star Malik Hussien recently sat down with journalist Holly Miller, to discuss his journey to the ring and what fans can expect from him in the upcoming fight. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Hussien's training, his motivation, and his aspirations as he prepares for his first professional fight. 


Our interview brings us to familiar sports hotspot Vespucci Sports, located along Palomino avenue. Oftentimes, the street bordering the venue is littered with the vehicles of attending members, however during a quiet early afternoon, our journalist Holly Miller had the gym to herself along with Hussien. 



(Pictured above: Exterior of hotspot "Vespucci Sports", located on Palomino Avenue)


Before our interview began, Hussien was quick to praise the publicity of the sport, speaking on the topic of providing local youths an outlet for their frustrations, and a safe space for them to work on not only their physique and general fitness, but also their mentality, promoting a keen work ethic among younger members of the community.


Hussien“When a lot of folk fight day-to-day, over all types of things, it's a given they'd enjoy a sport centered around it. This type of thing has gotten a lot of kids off the street in the past.”



(Pictured above: Rising star Malik Hussien ahead of his interview with Los Santos Insider Journalist, Holly Miller)


Interview With Malik Hussien

During our interview, which took place at Vespucci Sports, Hussien upheld a relaxed and confident composure, demonstrating his professionalism ahead of his debut fight which holds a huge degree of pressure for any competitor. 


Q1 (Miller):  “Well first things first, what does it mean to you, to be a fighter?”

A1 (Hussien): “It's an age old test of your physical capabilities, really. That's like... the idea behind it. You really know the hard work paid off when the other guy hits the canvas.”


Q2 (Miller): “Of course, and that's the end goal I suppose isn't it. Is that "knockout" the end result you strive for, for every opponent?”

A2 (Hussien): “Well, you meet guys who have more technique than power and might run the rounds to get a point decision. But, if you can get a finish early in the fight, you gotta take that no matter who you are. You would be a fool not to. Why leave the win down to chance? Right?”


Q3 (Miller): “Would you strive for a knockout or a submission?” 

A3 (Hussien): “I have a stand up background, I'd rather see the fight finish standing up than on the ground. Not to say I don't train for it, everybody should.”


Q4 (Miller): “What fighting style do you prefer?”

A4 (Hussien): “Out of all I've learnt? I mean, boxing is something that's always been considered something you need dedication to master. I respect boxers, and I really lean toward being a boxer when I'm in the octagon or a ring.”


Q5 (Miller): “I will admit, I am quite the amateur in terms of boxing or MMA, but what would you personally say is more technical to learn?”

A5 (Hussien): “MMA is super broad, a lot of styles and backgrounds compete in it. Boxing I'd say is one of those things that you master and then it's about who's got a better strategy. In MMA, you had the better repertoire for that fight and you used it well, So I'd say MMA just because of how broad it is.”


Q6 (Miller): “What started you on your journey within the sport?”

A6 (Hussien): My older brother back home was always a boxer, and he took after our grandfather before he passed, he was big on it too. I took a liking to MMA when I realized how you can mix the boxing in with the rest to really make something out of your fighting style.


Q7 (Miller): “What about the support from your brother, leading up to an event like your upcoming Debut? Is he proud?”

A7 (Hussien): “Yeah, folks back home are proud of me for sure. I call up a lot, and they're in the loop. One day I'll rake in enough to fly them all out here for one, for sure.”


Q8 (Miller): “Would you say that's part of the motivation for you to compete; your family?”

A8 (Hussien): “Yeah, for sure. I want something for myself too, might as well do that doing something I love to do.”


Q9 (Miller): “You mentioned back home, did you actively compete there?”

A9 (Hussien): “I did, mostly in amateur boxing and kickboxing.”


Q10 (Miller): “How is your career in that regard; are you where you want to be?”

A10 (Hussien): “I want to get to a stage where I'm fighting big money fights and stuff like that, appearing in Bellicose as well as SAFA events.”


Q11 (Miller): “Seeing as your debut is creeping ever closer, how are you feeling about it?”

A11 (Hussien): “I'm confident I'll put on a good show, I've been working on my technique as much as possible. Putting the hours in here, and out on the roads first thing in the morning.”


Q12 (Miller): “On that topic, what does a "day in the life" of Malik Hussien look like for you, leading up to a fight?”

A12 (Hussien): “Aha, well in the last week I'll be chilling out and relaxing. But the weeks leading up to it is always a training camp of sorts. Watch the other guys tapes, get some ideas brewing and a game plan goin, then we start cooking in here.”


Q13 (Miller): “Ah your opponent. What would you say about his current form, based on what you've seen?”

A13 (Hussien): “Aha, I won't do any name dropping, you can read the cards, but we all spar out here and I ain't impressed with what I've seen. If you roll on with any doubts they'll show in the fight.”


Q14 (Miller): “Well saying that, there must be some sort of nerves you have to put to bed before a fight. Do you have any pre-fight rituals to help with that?”

A14 (Hussien): “We all have different ones. It really depends, but I usually just try to enjoy the week before as much as possible so I can go into the fight feeling positive.”


Q15 (Miller): “What has your reception been like so far here in Los Santos? How have your fans shown support for you?”

A15 (Hussien): “Occasionally people will message me on social media and give me words of encouragement, I'm still a new face here though. Got things to prove. Give it time.”


Q16 (Miller): “An exciting start nevertheless, would you say your biggest fans are your family? Is anyone here in Los Santos going to be ringside yelling your name?”

A16 (Hussien): “I'm gonna get a good team together with time, I'm a free agent with no management right now though. So I would say my family, yeah.”


Q17 (Miller): “What do you think separates you from other fighters?”

A17 (Hussien): “The work I put in, I'm in here all the time tryna better myself. Don't get me wrong, I take time off, but some people miss days. You won't see that with me.”


Q18 (Miller): “If there was one thing you would be remembered for, in your career as a professional MMA fighter, what would it be?”

A19 (Hussien): “This is a long shot, and not many people hang up the gloves with it, but I want an undefeated record.”



(Pictured above: Hussien demonstrating his capabilities and physique ahead of the debut.)


Hussien demonstrated his impressive physique, confidently on form ahead of his performance on April 29th. Vespucci Sports provides him the space and equipment to keep in top shape, and we look forward to following Hussien’s career, starting with a post-fight interview after his upcoming performance. Filled with industry leading fitness equipment, it is a well equipped venue for any rising star to build their competitive career.




(Pictured above: Some of the many facilities at Vespucci Sports.)


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