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Game Changelog

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Update 2.8.18



  • Inventory should not spasm out anymore while dragging items from primary inventory to secondary and vice versa : This means that all your dragging issues should now be fixed!
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to the mailman job
  • Fixed the charleston projects disappearing


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Update 2.8.19



  • Added LSFDAmbulance & LSFDQuint to Custom-Seats


  • Rental vehicles now are accessible again after relogging or changechar
  • Rental vehicles despawn after 30 minutes when not renewed.
  • Rental vehicles despawn after 15 minutes of not being used, to avoid massive clutter.
  • Rental vehicles now track who was last in the vehicle to trace abuse/non-rp drivers.


  • The melee fighting sync is now FIXED thanks to @Strobe !
  • /fwithdraw now accepts multi-word comments
  • /ftransfer now will work properly for official factions without being a business at the same time
  • Mailman orders will now load even with invalid characters in the address name
  • Revamped the property TV system to fix video streaming issues
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Update 2.8.20



  • Added desktop alerts feature : toggle on/off via /settings. This will allow you to receive desktop notifications when tabbed out.


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the CEF windows to close when using F4
  • Fishing payments will now use bank instead of cash
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the mailman job
  • The 'examine' right click option is now back available


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Update 2.9.0

Additions by @Strobe

  • Dynamic Weapon Names


  • (STAFF) Dynamic Weapon Damage Configuration




Additions by @valelele

  • Finally deployed the new House Robbery!
  • Added frequencies 91202, 91203, 28748 for GOV.
  • Added six radio animations under /anim radiochat[2-6].
  • Added a new option to set a custom hair tie through /sethaircustom and /hairtie custom[1-5].
  • Allowed /wa holster to be used by all.
  • A new custom sound system has been added that will allow us in the near future to add any sound for any kind of action/environment (sms/calls etc). For now, two new realistic sounds have been added for the /panic and /hq commands.
  • Added a new manager UI for Blackjack & Poker games. It can be accessed by right-clicking on cards in UI inventory -> Use cards.



  • Added /setbusinessgarage, /nearestgarage and /lastseen for Admins.
  • All markers and labels will be hidden once the F7 button is pressed. (Smart TPs / Information Labels / Infomarkers etc)
  • Added two door lock types for properties. Each property will now have a standard level, but Moderate or Advanced can be purchased from a Hardware Store. This will have an effect on the Robbery system. The level will be displayed under /pinfo or /pmanager.
  • Added /selfie
  • Deployed the new character selection.




  • Added an option in /settings to upload a valid image for your character. By default it uses a blank avatar or a MDC mugshot image. Using this setting allows you to choose what picture of your character you see upon authenticating.



  •  Couple new animations. (crossedarms, phoneconvo, malehandsonhips, interview) - Couple new lowrider animations, that you can use by doing an anim and then clicking F to get into the car (resthanddriverlow, resthanddriverhigh, resthandpassenger)
    • BWmFPwZ.png
    • YLfKDzL.png
  • /pchars ID for admins show player's other characters
  • /seeitems for admins also show equipped weapons so managing events might be quicker now. 


  • Added Paleto Post Office
  • Able to drag items from a container within a property/vehicle (only with the new UI)
  • /kickshift for admins and managers to kick people off shift in case they abuse/AFK/are not supposed to be taking cash.


Changes by @valelele

  • The number of textures in the mask shop has been increased from 5 to 10, and a message will be displayed if the texture is invalid.
  • Now a mask can be bought with the money in the bank.
  • Now /fonline will display number of members on duty too.
  • Now /removegps will also delete personal car blips, if there are more than one, so you don't have to hop into each one.
  • Now /sendlocation will send a marker on the map.
  • The panic command will now display your rank, name, callsign (if available), and chat location.
  • /doorme and /doordo will have auto-grammar now.
  • /id will display the player's ping.
  • Allowed FD to take the helmet from the locker/faction vehicle and access to /pbreakin.
  • Items from /mtake to /mequipment directly.
  • Now Bulldozer could be attached on Flatbed.
  • Factions will now be able to have dynamic logos that can be set directly from the game by an administrator for the character selection menu.
  • Door locks/Alarms can also be used directly from the Inventory UI by right clicking and Install lock/alarm.


Fixes by @valelele

  • The faction and company garages have been fixed, now they will be accessible without any problem from nearby.
  • Fixed the issue where the mask was not being taken off with /maskname if it was present on the face.
  • Fixed some issues related to CORONER frequencies.
  • Fixed /rob on yourself.
  • Fixed the issue when the mask stayed on the face when changing it at a mask store.
  • Fixed when the cursor didn't hide after closing the player list (O).
  • Fixed the roadblock access from X wheel when a faction has the necessary flag.
  • Fixed selling Craft Liquour via /sellalcohol.
  • Fixed /vacation, it will now be possible to access the command if the year of the first vacancy is different from the year of the current one.
  • Fixed antitheft for company vehicles.
  • Fixed panic removal for CORONERS.
  • Fixed /muteradio when no messages were received even if the slots were activated.
  • Fixed when some modded vehicles could not be detached from the flatbed.
  • Fixed viewing emergency call information when the phone number was missing.
  • Fixed an abort to picklock a vehicle.
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Update 2.9.0 -  Bug fixes & small additions

  • Added /bucstom for PM administrators to use on a business, which will allow that business to use the createitem script
  • Added a cooldown on scripted house robberies - a unique house can be robbed only once a week for now, that cooldown might decrease in a near future once the hype about the new feature has decreased
  • The gun name feature will now contain all the names for the guns
  • Fixed a bug where the security firm employees weren't properly notified
  • Fixed an error with inventory commands
  • Removing an alarm will not give it back anymore
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Update 2.9.1



  • Added a darkmode for ingame UI ( @mullet @St3fan[NL] @Strobe), available through /settings
  • Forensics can now retrieve character names with /getbloodname and save the dna collected from a scene to flag the person later if his DNA is collected
  • Added new vehicle liveries






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Update 2.9.1a



  • Unlocking a phone will now also be available for PD/SD forensic specialists on top of illegal specialists


  • Improved weapon damage drop-off calculations
  • Fixed a bug allowing properties to be robbed more than once a week
  • Fixed a bug with the new liveries
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Update 2.9.2



  • Added SAPR CAD dispatch
  • Added /triage for LSFD
  • Added boats ATC/VTS channel
  • Added a safehouse system for IFM to hide the real owner of a property
  • /payalarm will now also pay your security company
  • Added 35 new furnitures by @Tiddy


  • Fixed a server crash
  • Fixed the selfie phone remaining in the air
  • Fixed anim2 abuses
  • Fixed coyote distance attack
  • Fixed the gun reload abuse
  • Fixed a bug with carwashes
  • Fixed paychecks being doubled when creating a new character and being in an official faction
  • Fixed security businesses bugs


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Update 2.9.3



  • Added an auto wire transfer system in order to plan a regular wire transfer to another player / company / faction 
    • Use /autobanktransfer [Amout] [Interval (hours)] [Routing] [Comment (optionnal)]
    • Added /checkautotransfers to see your current auto transfers
    • /cancelautobanktransfer [ID Transfer]
  • Added /fuelcan [use/fill] [liters] to fill a fuelcan at a gas station and use it on a vehicle
  • Added 912 call confirmation
  • Added duty/uniforms attributes when on duty, use /chardetails and it'll allow you to make a different /examine
  • /checkjduty now displays total hours on all alts


  • Fixed vts message being displayed to random players
  • Fixed legal faction vehicles being able to be stolen
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Update 2.9.4



  • Added a new job : Pilot (@Everett)
  • Added /assignimage - When creating an item you must use /assignimage afterwards to give the item an actual picture. Current existing custom item owners can use this same command on their own inventory items **ONCE**.
  • Deployed a new version of our continuity mod thanks to @BadassBaboon



  • Fixed Tokyo Plaza, signs now light up during night time
  • Fixed various LODs
  • Fixed more invisibles walls and flickering issues with various housing complexes and other properties


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