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Game Changelog

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Update 2.0.6



  • Added three new weapons : Glock, Sig and Makarov thanks to @Oggy
  • Rifles and sniper rifles are not affected by the distance damage drop anymore
  • Revamped /openbusiness to only work with businesses instead of properties, you'll also now be able to get up to $40,000 per opening instead of $20,000. The cooldown is now 48 hours instead of a server restart.
  • Improved vehicle sync to fix some issues with liveries
  • Added /equipment sig and /equipment glock for LEO factions
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Update 2.0   GTAW 2.0 is the final implementation of the 1.1 version of Rage and a major amount of updates that were added these past months, along with thousands of new clothes and a

Update 1.9.4   Additions Added dynamic outfit slots Gold donators will now have 30 outfit slots Platinum donators will now have 40 outfit slots

Update 1.9.8   Additions Added 13 new weapons: Ceramic Pistol (available in Ammunation) Heavy Revolver Mk2

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Update 2.0.7



  • Added a new pistol : M&P9, available in Ammunation
    • unknown.png


  • /highlight is now available to use on multiple players
  • Hunting license is now back in license store
  • All doors of the game are now opened, even if it wasn't opened on your save


  • Morgue clientside errors
  • Render clientside errors
  • CEF Notification (which was broken since 1.1)
  • Non-Collision Objects inside properties
  • Fixed a bug where the count of players entering a property for the bonus would sometime stop at 20
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Update 2.0.8



  • Revamped the sirens synchronization and added an Emergency Lighting System script, Emergency vehicles can now use 1-6 keyboard buttons to switch between different siren types. (PD 1-4, FD 1-3 ambulance sirens, 4-6 Firetruck sirens)
    • Use SHIFT+E and SHIFT+Q to cycle through lighting stages (Off, Lights, Lights and Siren)
      • NOTE: This is not an actual lights system it's just the name for the Emergency Lights and Siren System


  • Disabled Native GTAV Radio wheel. Something is planned for this in the future.


  • Vehicles can no longer be sold or scrapped when they have outstanding fines.
  • Players can no longer use /vstats on vehicles they do not have a key from. This was being abused by criminals to check for anti-theft.


  • Revamped vehicle modification synchronization to attempt to fix all current issues that could happen since 1.1
  • You will no longer exit a vehicle with a gun if you entered it with your fists.
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