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Game Changelog

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Update #65

  • Your vehicle will not spawn on top of your head anymore when using /vget
  • Fixed a text error bug in /ad, and an error with premium donators time for /ad
  • Fixed a bug where you would see the name of another property at your property's door
  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes send commands (unlock etc..) to another property instead of yours, whereas you were in your property
  • Fixed a bug where new characters were spawning on top of Mt Chilliad instead of the airport
  • Vehicle plates will now reset when sold to another player
  • Fixed XM Radio
  • Fixed the playercount from UCP
  • Fixed a bug where some properties would not properly save when placing items in it
  • Added a new towtruck (you can press X in a towtruck to start the mechanic job and see the different options)
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Update #66

  • Added 2 empty interiors for properties: one large platform and one large interior with walls / roof. For players who wish to optimize their FPS when in their house, it is recommended to take the platform.
  • Fixed a bug where some furniture objects would not be visible in your property after buying it
  • Removed some duplicated furniture categories (1000+ were being duplicated)
  • Fixed a bug where some furniture objects were not being visible in the management menu anymore
  • Removed /an as a shortcut for /ad
  • /vscrap will now properly save the money of the player instantly, instead of waiting 1 minute
  • Added /blindfold to hide your screen
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Update #67

  • Decreased the maximum grind cap taxes to 50% instead of 80%
  • Added a new PD station mapping
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles would sometime appear in position (0,0,0) or undermap in Vinewood
  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes spawn in a different dimension
  • Modified car inventories to be more realistic
BobcatXL - 65kg > 40kg
Bison - 65kg > 40kg
Bison3 - 65kg > 40kg
Towtruck - 40kg > 25kg
Towtruck2 - 40kg > 25kg
Emperor - 40kg > 25kg
Huntley - 40kg > 25kg
Serrano - 40kg > 25kg
Fq2 - 40kg > 25kg
Habanero - 40kg > 25kg
Felon2 - 40kg > 25kg
TrophyTruck - 25kg > 12kg
TrophyTruck2 - 25kg > 12kg
GBurrito - 40kg > 65kg
Sandking - 40kg > 65kg
Sandking2 - 40kg > 65kg
Guardian - 40kg > 65kg
Scrap - 40kg > 65kg
Slamvan - 25kg > 40kg
Slamvan2 - 25kg > 40kg
Bodhi2 - 25kg > 40kg
DLoader - 25kg > 40kg
Ratloader2 - 25kg > 40kg
Stretch - 25kg > 40kg
Dilettante - 12kg > 25kg
Sultan - 12kg > 25kg
SultanRS - 12kg > 25kg
Sentinel - 12kg > 25kg
Sentinel2 - 12kg > 25kg
Rhapsody - 12kg > 25kg
Manana - 12kg > 25kg
Tornado - 12kg > 25kg
Bagger - 5kg > 12kg
Barracks2  - 12kg > 100kg
Dune - 12kg > 65kg
Peyote - 5kg > 25kg


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Update #68

  • Added a new social menu, allowing you to customize your chat style. Moods and walkstyle (gold donators) will be enabled in next update
  • Fixed a bug where the vehicle location blip would appear at (0,0,0) whereas the vehicle is not there (Vinewood)
  • The vehicles will now despawn after 1 hour instead of 5mn when you use /vget
  • LSFD will now have their colored name when on duty
  • LSFD will now be able to use /megaphone(/m) with their vehicles
  • You will now be able to create advanced names for your characters
  • Increased garbage maximum bags to 48 instead of 45
  • Removed business and property maximum slots
  • Increased the Rebel price from $9000 to $26000
  • You will now only be able to use /vduplicate with players near your character
  • All officers except PO-I can now use /givelicense
  • Added a clothing store in Sandy Shores
  • Customization shops are not free anymore
  • Added a new generic menu system for the incoming tattoo update, which will be deployed for update #69


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  • Developer

MDC Update V1.3.6:

  •  Licenses
    • Licenses will now be removed upon a name change.
    • Next update all licenses in the server will be visible on the MDC.
    • Next update the violation points and suspension of a license will be implemented.
  • More redacted updates related to PD only.
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Update #69


New features

  • Tattoo update is now available ! You can fully customize your character with tattoos at tattoo parlors (available in Sandy Shores and Mirror Park!)
  • Added an ATM in Sandy Shores
  • Added a gas station in Mirror Park
  • Added a barbershop in Mirror Park
  • You can now use custom moods and walkstyles (gold donators only)
  • You can now use /setstyle chat to set your chat style
  • You can now use /hat to remove your hat or helmet
  • You can now buy small storages of 50kg and 100kg as properties, a notification will be sent when they will be placed by Property Management
  • Added clothing store and tattoo parlor interiors, property management can now add interiors which will include the business script


Bug fix

  • You'll not be able to give your items to a player in another dimension anymore
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to detect admins spying them
  • You cannot take/place items in a vehicle that isn't in your dimension anymore
  • Chat styles will not trigger in vehicles anymore


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  • Developer

MDC Update V1.4

  •  Person Lookup
    • Violation Points & Suspension system.
      • Once an individual reaches 3 violation points in one month their license is revoked.
      • Suspensions can either be 3 days or 1 week.
  • More redacted updates related to PD only.
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Update #70:


  • 800 new furnitures (thanks @Missi)
  • 12 new interiors
  • Admins can now mute and unmute
  • Players can set /attributes and /examine each other
  • Car whisper: Use /low in a sealed car to keep the conversation discreet
  • Talking system improvements:
    • If you're on a call, regular chat and /low will go through the call.
    • /t added to skip the hand animations and active calls;
    • /lower added for a smaller range (skips hand animations and active calls, too).
    • All talking types have the fading effect - the distance from the sound is reflected through the darkness of the chat message


  •  /ame now shows the sender their emote in the chat (sender only; not sorrounding players)
  • You can use /p to pick up calls, /h to hang them up
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Update #71:


Bug fixes:

- Messages doubling up during phone calls

- Walk styles and moods not working

- Total assets in /stats not including despawned vehicles

- Licenses are now synced with the LSPD MDC

- Licenses wont work with the /inv object anymore. /stats displays your current licenses for now. The LSPD can see them on the MDC.

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