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Game Changelog

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Update #56

  • Vehicles will now be invincible while unoccupied, to prevent desync bugs
  • Vehicles will now be frozen while unoccupied, to prevent desync bugs
  • You'll now see property texts again
  • You'll now see a transparent orange marker in front of houses
  • Houses have been added in Mirror Park area !
  • Made more optimization on vehicles to prevent lags
  • /givelicense can now be requesting a price
  • Improved cocaine system with a full new animation / effect
  • Added /door and /doorme to speak at property doors
  • Fixed a bug with /trace
  • The AFK system has been improved to stop kicking you if you do actions or create your character
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Update #57

  • The mask name will not be visible in OOC chat anymore
  • Added a new system to freeze vehicles in order to avoid the GTMP floating bug
  • Removed faction banks from non official factions
  • Modified vehicle inventories, it will now be: 0, 12kg, 25kg, 40kg, 65kg or 100kg instead of 0, 7kg, 15kg, 30kg and 65kg
  • Enabled native ingame radios when you're not using XM Radio
  • Cops will now be able to use /pduty, /uniform and /equipment after a crash
  • More optimization on player saves
  • Added Maze Bank faction and office
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Update #58

  • You will not be taxed each hours anymore before you reach $800.000 in assets
  • You will now be taxed on your scripted job incomes based on your assets
  • You'll now get a $250 unemployment income If you're unemployed
  • Fixed businesses not buying components whereas they're out of components
  • In order to fix crashes and increase FPS, we had to apply the following changes:
    • Faction vehicles will now be spawned through a garage
    • You will now have 2 vehicle spawned at the same time maximum
    • Your vehicle will despawn if unoccupied for more than 5 minutes (except factions)
    • Your vehicle will now spawn at its last position when using /vget, you will not need to /vbuypark anymore
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Update #59

  • Added 90 new interiors !
  • Vehicles will now despawn after 1 hour instead of 5 minutes.
  • The vehicles will no longer be permanently stuck in water anymore.
  • More work on crash optimization, thanks to a discussion with GTMP team: All properties markers and textlabels have been removed, you'll now see a message when you are walking up to a property's door directly in the chat.
  • You can now press "R" for 2s to switch in ragdoll mode
  • Only the first character you create will receive the basic income
  • Your vehicles will not spawn with a Z+45° angle anymore
  • Added /dimension to fix your dimension bugs
  • Removed "Category 2 weapon license" from ammunation
  • The Ammunation will now add the items directly into your inventory instead of forcing you to equip it
  • The wealth tax will now be triggered at $500.000 instead of $800.000
  • Pressing Y will not show "You're not in a vehicle" anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where canceled furnitures item would remain saved in database.

MDC Update: (Thanks to @St3fan[NL] who just joined us!)


Added a cookie system to save login

Added vehicle information when you look a person up

Added DMV Lookup for vehicle plates

Modified the layout for better performance 

Closed crime reports list added





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  • Developer

MDC Update V1.1:

  • Optimized performance and page load speed.
  • MDC sign in layout updated to general layout.
  • Home page adjusted
  •  Person Lookup
    • Lookup no longer works with corresponding account ID's but with name's instead, if someone namechanges, their record is clean but it will show again once the name is back in use.
    • [TRIAL] Removed the limit of only 10 visible charges.
  • APBs added
    • APB system added, officers can now create APB's visible for the entire department
    • Officers can modify an existing APB in case new information needs to be added.
  • License Management
    • FLD officers can now use the MDC to issue licenses on online/offline people.
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Update #60

  • Extended the scripted area to Sandy Shores
    • Added a 24/7
    • Added a barbershop
    • Added an ammunation
    • Added a gas station
    • Added 50 houses / trailers
  • Official factions can now use faction banks again.
  • Fixed few bugs with /seizeitem and /givelicense
  • Added more optimizations to reduce the lags and crashes
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Update #62

  • Activated Driving license exam
  • optimized server lags
  • optimized server to lower crashes
  • added broken engine system
  • added a new command (/fixengine) 
  • fixed some smaller bugs in the police commands
  • added management functions
  • removed some background exceptions
  • reworked /report system
  • added new /duty points for the PD
  • added new interiors
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Update #63

  • Factions
    • Added Los Santos Transit faction
    • The outfit locker of PD/FD will not permanently save the skin as default one when going on duty anymore
  • New vehicles
    • Gang Burrito
    • Burrito Sport
    • Moonbeam custom
    • Vapid Chino custom
    • Virgo Classic custom
    • Buccaneer custom
    • Sabre Turbo custom
    • Willard Faction custom
    • Bodhi
    • Pounder
  • Vehicles
    • Modified all car prices to be more realistic
    • Vehicles can now remain spawned up to 1 hour instead of 5 minutes
    • Made more optimizations on vehicle spawns
    • Divided fuel price by 3
    • Removed vehicle engine health save, and /fixengine for now.
    • Vehicles will now spawn in your dimension If you're in a garage or outside a property
  • Characters
    • You can now create character names with upper case letters, such as John McMillan
    • Your initial skin customization after the character creation will now properly save
    • You will not be able to walk while being dead anymore after pressing R
    • Added the donation system ingame along with the different slots unlock for donators
    • Your debt will now properly be removed from your money at each paychecks If you have one, whereas it used to be paid without taking your money away
  • Properties
    • Fixed the entrance of the "Clean trailer interior"
    • Fixed some bugs with properties and objects
  • Jobs
    • Fixed a bug when mining aluminium that was causing your UI to disappear
  • General
    • Changed the price of /ad and /cad to $500
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Update #64

  • Mappers / Admins can now map the outside world with permanent objects directly ingame !
  • Added a mod shop interior and the tunnel interior
  • The UCP will now be able to see If you're online or not
  • You can now properly manage properties inside another properties
  • Increased prices of sports vehicles, helicopters and planes
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