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Game Changelog

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Update #46

  • Police vehicle speed have been decreased to remain realistic
  • LSPD can now access an outfit locker with 15 new skins to use and customize !
  • LSFD can now access an outfit locker with 8 new skins to use and customize !
  • A driving school have been implemented - go at the license shop and buy a driving license to start your examination.
  • A new death system is now implemented
    • Once your health reaches 0, you will now get on the ground wounded and drop all your items
    • LSFD can heal and revive you while you're wounded, but another player can also execute you
    • The system is still work in progress: You might sometime die while being wounded. We will also add a /damages command, and critical wounds will be an instant death.
  • The /mdc command is now properly working and printing our MDC ! (The work on the MDC is still experimental and in progress)
  • The bank vault spawn have been modified

New GTMP update !

  • Synced vehicle lights
  • Synced vehicle high beam lights
  • Synced vehicle rocket boosts
  • Synced vehicle truck trailers
  • Synced vehicle oil & fuel displays
  • Synced vehicle dirt level
  • Synced vehicle convertible rooftops
  • Synced air vehicle landing gears
  • Synced Smugglers Run DLC vehicle mounted guns
  • Synced Gunrunning DLC vehicle mounted guns
  • Synced the characters head ( look at ) movement
  • Synced vehicle entering properly, to be smooth and cool now
  • Synced vehicle exiting smoothly
  • Synced melee combat ground attacks on vehicles
  • Synced all traffic lights
  • Synced vehicle siren state, even when out of streaming range
  • Synced vehicle siren blips ( sounds )
  • Synced aiming from cover
  • Synced vehicle front light damage
  • Perfectly synced vehicle engine sounds
  • Added sync for aimed cover shooting
  • Added sync for walking in high & low cover
  • Added vehicle entering positions & seats for all vehicles, buses and other multi passenger vehicles should work flawless now
  • Improved air vehicles sync
  • Increased streaming range of air vehicles
  • Improved the chat input by adding the possibility to move with the left & right keys + marking texts by using SHIFT
  • Added the possibility to scale the chat ( in the settings and )
  • Added various performance related settings ( new performance tab in the settings )
  • Introducing the new Featured servers list, on which we are going to promote amazing and unique servers
  • Added the possibilty to point with your finger using the "B" key ( can be disabled by servers using the client API )
  • The Grand Theft Multiplayer process ( window ) is now really called "Grand Theft Multiplayer"
  • Added "Loading Grand Theft Multiplayer..." indicator on the lower right corner, when loading the game with our mod injected
  • Added translations for the main menu and various other messages ( in the settings ), currently supported are: de, en, pt, ru, tr
  • Cleaned the server connection & download screen to look fresh. Oh and we also added a brand.
  • Added the possibility to directly join servers using our launcher ( right click > Join server )
  • Added private dimensions range, everything below dimension 0 is now private ( more informations in our wiki )
  • Enabled CEF "experimental-web-platform-features" for newer CSS features
  • Added setting to hide chat if not used
  • CTRL + C will now copy your chat input
  • Added proper ragdolls sync
  • Added peds & animals getting up sync after beeing a ragdoll
  • Updated chromium embedded framework to version 3.3071.1649.g98725e6
  • Added licensing informations for all dependencies we have ( located in your GT-MP\licenses folder )
  • Redesigned our launcher to link our web platforms & look a bit more attractive
  • A lot of improvements were made to the shooting / wepaon sync ( you can now finally hit people with a bit of luck )
  • Added all new map blips from the smugglers run & gunrunning DLC
  • Added synced parachuting
  • Improved game startup time
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Update #47

  • Added XM Radio in properties
    • You can now buy a radio in the furnitures and press Y to open the XM Radio menu and select a station.
    • You can modify the volume for all players
    • The radio volume will lower If you get further away from it
  • Added XM Radio for vehicles
    • Press Y to manage the radio in your vehicle
    • You can modify the volume for all players
  • Added XM Radio that you can buy at a 24/7 and place on the ground
  • Improved the new death system
    • You will now get wounded on the ground If your health goes below 0
    • You can get executed by a player, or accept death after 2 minutes
    • You will not be able to speak or do any phone related actions while dead anymore
  • Reworked the furniture system to add 30+ categories and renamed all items thanks to @Missi
  • You can now use R to switch between rotating / moving an object
  • Fixed vehicle customization since GTMP update
  • There cannot be multiple store robbery at the same time anymore
  • Increased store robbery minimum time by 20 seconds (minimum is now 65 seconds instead of 45s if cops are near, up to 200 seconds)
  • Added the /untie command to untie a tied player instead of /uncuff
  • Fixed /reload, which was previously unloading bullets from a weapon
  • Added /part command to leave your current radio channel
  • Modified traffic lights interval - It will now be 5x longer
  • Added "El Cafe Rojo de Madera" on the map
  • Deployed a new generic system to handle money income from scripted jobs, you'll now get a sound and notification when you spend money in store or earn money from your job, the system will soon be deployed to all money trades
  • You will not be able to read incoming SMS, pickup calls or use your phone while cuffed
  • Weapons are now visible on the back of the players, you can hide pistols with /hideweapon
  • You can now only carry 2 large weapons
  • Added /showdriverlicense
  • Fixed multiple bugs on the driving exam
  • Modified authentication to be compatible with the UCP
  • Police
    • The armory weapons will now be properly removed If you switch your loadout
    • Added /take [1-3], /place [1-3] in police cars (shotguns, M4, sniper)
    • Added /trace which will give you the location of a phone after 1 minute (the location it was at 1 minute ago), for detective and sergeant+ only
    • Added /removetrace
  • Administration
    • Admin color names will now show on /b and /ooc
    • Admin ranks have been fixed.
    • Admins can now use /pownable to set If a property can be owned or not
    • Added /tduty for testers
    • Added /tempbandays, /tempbanmins
    • You will not automatically speak in /b anymore while on admin duty
Edited by Nervous
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Update #48

  • The server port is now 4499
  • Added spikes for LSPD: You can now take spikes from the PD vehicles trunks and place it on the ground !
  • The prison system is now using offline and online time spent
  • Added payments per ranks to official legal factions, which is taken from their faction budget
  • Added a full non CEF process to login and create your character, with /login and /createchar after using F4 on the login screen
  • The tax system is now fully implemented
  • A grind soft cap has been implemented to prevent players farming scripted jobs, your payment will decrease after each $ you earn from a scripted job until a minimum. This cap is slowly removed with time.
  • Modified "Diamond" and "Silver" to be "Aluminium" and "Iron"
  • Copper, Silver and Aluminium licenses must now be given by the government
  • Fixed /m for LSFD vehicles
  • Modified prices of all vehicles to be more realistic
  • Fixed multiple bugs in the driving school system
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the death system
  • Fixed a bug where the menu would disappear after leaving a vehicle
  • Added LifeInvador interior
  • Added /manageradios for admins to turn off radios
Edited by Nervous
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Update #49

  • Added 14 new interiors: car garages, offices, Benny's...
  • Added a speed limiter: You can find it in the vehicles menu while driving
  • Added /cad to send an advertisement as a company
  • Modified /ad and /cad price to $1000 instead of $500
  • /removespike will now properly remove the spikes on the ground
  • Fixed weapons unloading / reloading
  • Fixed a bug where the player would be sent at PD Station when connecting
  • Fixed the driving license price which was at $1000 instead of $500
  • Fixed an exploit allowing users to duplicate radio by picking them up at the same time
  • Fixed the marketplace bonus % of ores when selling your ores to the merchant
  • Fixed double death message
  • You will now respawn at the hospital after your death


Customizable offices:


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Update #50

  • Added a beauty salon
  • Fixed a bug with /911
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the driving license examination
  • Off duty testers will now be listed in /testers
  • Fixed the command /re, it'll now print the player name instead of yours
  • Fixed /checkfish prices
  • Customization is now free for the weekend (you'll still need the money on you but it won't be removed)
  • You will now have 100% health after you accept death
  • Only cops will now be able to use /mdc
  • You will now be revived on your current death location when a player use /revive on you
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Update #51

  • A first step of our optimization has been implemented thanks to all the data collected over the weekend, the big optimization update will come during the week once we're done implementing the next part of our system, and finished testing
  • Taxes will now take into account your houses cashbox
  • Taxes will now take into account your business bank
  • The sale of a business was fixed: it is now properly only giving the player half of the business price
  • Modified business prices
  • You can now have a maximum of 3 characters
  • The admins can now remove poker tables
  • Admin can now remove a vehicle without being inside it with /atow
  • Fixed a bug allowing all players to see /reports
  • Fixed a bug printing the testers names twice in /testers
  • Fixed multiple bugs on the driving school examination system
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Update #52

  • Our second level of optimization is now deployed to reduce the lag and allow more players in! We still have a lot of work to do and will keep optimizing during the next updates
  • Added an AFK kick system
  • Added an anticheat system to prevent ASI loading
  • Removed the smoking animation for cocaine, heroin and steroids
  • Fixed the rumpo inventory, it is now 60kg instead of 5kg
  • [ADMIN] /pveh will now teleport the vehicle in your dimension
  • [ADMIN] Added airport in /tplocs and /sendto to send players to a position
Edited by Nervous
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Update #53

  • A third level of optimization is now added, which should drastically reduce lags. More is still coming !
  • Added screen effects for cocaine, heroin and marijuana
  • Added a /ame emote when consuming a drug
  • Removed smoking animation for cocaine and heroin
  • Added 12 new car garages
  • Added /sdl for /showdriverlicense
  • Fixed a bug with the death system
  • Added an admin history and notes on players
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Update #54

  • You can now buy a mask at the 24/7 and equip it from the personal menu or using /mask !
  • Improved the cruise control system
  • Removed texts and markers from houses doors
  • Fixed a bug where money changes would only save after 1 minute instead of instantly during the payment
  • Added protections to dimension changes, and if you now fall in a property because you did not load the textures quick enough, you'll be teleported back at the entrance
  • Added cuffs objects to /cuff
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the driving school system
  • Fixed multiple admin bugs (teleports, spectacting..)
  • After a server crash, the first vehicle you select to spawn will now directly spawn on your character
  • More optimization fixes !
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Update #55

  • You can now press B to point your finger at a location, it'll be fully working and sync'd
  • Opened all unowned properties doors to let you visit a property before you buy it !
  • Fixed a bug that would make you teleported at your property entrance after entering/exiting it, leaving you in dimension 0 instead of your property's dimension
  • When spawning your vehicles, they'll now directly join your dimension if they're in another one
  • You'll now properly get the sentinel when buying a sentinel, and the sentinel XS when buying an XS
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