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Permanently Duplicated Vehicle Keys


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Short description: The ability to permanently duplicate a vehicle key to another player. 

Detailed description:  I really think there should be the ability to permanently duplicate your vehicle key to another player. Its a pain to have to reduplicate vehicle keys every time someone logs off or logs on and people can't always get on at the same times, hence limiting roleplay. Also realistically giving someone a duplicate key is just that, a duplicate key that they can use until you take back the key or change the lock. 

Commands to add: /vpermduplicate

Items to add: N/A

How would your suggestion improve the server?  This would allow people to roleplay sharing vehicles and properties better without having to duplicate a key every time that person is on or logs off. 

Additional information:  N/A

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Would make sense, perhaps make it so you can duplicate your key permanently for a small fee at the DMV. All whilst leaving the option for a temporary duplicate key if you've roleplayed giving your keys to a friend for that night.

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Great suggestion - quite simple and self explanatory.


I recall giving a set of keys to my vehicle to an in-game friend who kept on having his network disconnect every couple of minutes due to internet problems he was facing; thus forcing me to drive all the way back to him each time and /vdup again and again. It was pretty annoying to be honest, and I believe this suggestion would easily solve such issues.

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Perhaps simply changing the coding to allow for the player to actually allot a time limit on the keys if they wish would be a good call. So our standard code to permanently duplicate our keys would be the same command, but then have it as /vduplicate <length of time> for those that don’t want it to be permanent.

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