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Property Management


Feedback open: April 7th, 2023

Feedback closes: April 14th, 2023


Property Management has established a feedback form whereby players can anonymously submit their feedback and suggestions to ensure that their voices are heard by everyone in Property Management & Management. This will allow us in Property Management to hear how you would improve our already imposed systems and what you would like to see.


The purpose of this is not to give us a chewing, nor bitch about members inside the team - this is purposed for constructive criticism.


Key to use in the form:

For feedback apply [Feedback]: <then your message here>

For suggestions apply [Suggestion]: <then your message here>

For other apply [Other]: <then your message here>


At the end of the feedback period - Property Management will collectively review the submissions and discuss them. We will post our responses here on this thread for everyone to see in bolded text.


For each time this is opened we will have a topic in which we will cover, i.e "House feedback", "Property feedback", "business feedback", and so forth. However, at this time, our first submission will be generalised feedback and from there we will identify areas that need further information and post a follow up feedback form.


Feedback forms will be handed out once every 3 months, so the next feedback form will be distributed on July 7th 2023.


* NOTE: Property Management encourage you to join the GTA:World Property Management discord to receive links and relevant information pertaining to properties: https://discord.gg/P83V4SNdw5

FEEDBACK LINK: https://forms.gle/aJgdrZG6eSNt2JTn7

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“I feel there needs to be a major shift change and restructure of the entire Property Management area, perhaps even merge it with other areas. I specifically cannot tell you how to do it but throughout the opening of PM, there has never been a solid process.”

  • The process is in fact internal and those inside Property Management know it like the back of their hand, however, for transparency purposes a document will be mocked up and linked in #guides-links-info channel as to what it is we do during application reviewing. 


“Everything takes forever, everything is heavily restricted and hidden, there has never been a great line of communication when it comes down to applying for things. Usually, when someone applies for a property, lease, vehicle, request etc.. you would receive a simple yes or no answer without allowing said person to amend or justify their means behind it.”


  • Thank you for this point of view, we engaged in a community podcast as Lomadias (AHoP) and I went through the feedback one by one. It was of mutual opinion and agreement that we will apply a prompt for resources and information on the application process; when you apply you will be provided with what we look for and resources such as guides and links should you need them.This includes the process i.e what could constitute to a denial. We have Gibbz working on this as we speak and an announcement following the changes will be in #pm-announcements channel.

  • As for ‘Everything taking forever’ - Each cycle we try a new approach and see what is the best port of call when it comes to time management. Unfortunately, everyone has a different way of managing their time, but what we can reflect on is improvement and where we were months ago to where we are now, with applications being processed the day properties of all kinds close and processed within their respective time-frames. Evidently some cases can take longer as we may need liaison from LFM/IFM/RPQM but we are actively striving towards a quicker system and streamlining what we have currently.


“It feels like it's an automated system without a human allowing to have a one to one communication/contact with the applicant of the request.”

  • Property Management will approach how we pend properties and accept them/deny them. It is worth noting, acceptances for houses are a copy and paste job as it contains all relevant information and promotes continuity and less bias. Why bias, you may ask, someone could butter you up and it can look incredibly bias especially if that admin accepted your request, thus, the point of the copy and paste responses is to give the player all the information at once and prevent the above. Though, we will discuss internally how we can better this, thank you.


Requests overall take far too long to be handled, there's too much tape and step-by-step process to go through. Reading a 5k page of words can take up to a day sure but making that person wait 1 month or more to be denied is just such poor managing of work.”


  • There is no doubt a misconception about how much a player has to write and we have tried ample ways to quash it, however, we will make it clearer to those across the board in the prompts on the UCP, in our discord and put it onthe forums. We under no circumstances expect anyone to write us 5k words, it is solely down to what the player wishes to tell us/show us. As for time management, we talked above about this; we will work on ways to better time management.


“There is always a huge lack of communication, the applicant always has to do the chasing and is never given a straight answer for the most part. It feels like we as applicants are under a heavy microscope for minor details that never ever are enforced within roleplay and or general information but also gives PM more work to fish out this issues which is not only pointless for PM but also a waste of time.”

  • As mentioned above, we can provide a list (which we can mock up) of what possibile pendatures you may receive, though, they’re usually unique to the individual as everyone’s request is different. Definitely something we will work on as a whole. 

  • The point of a pendature is not to waste anyone’s time it’s to clear the air on the side of Property Management, this being, if three out of four people are confused about a certain aspect, we pend it so we get a better understanding rather than forcing a jigsaw piece into a part that doesn’t fit. Though, of course, we will try to be more clear as to why we do it and what both sides benefit from it.


“From general comments said over discord to people in the eyes of the public (PM , the forums, time taking to handle simple work and so forth. Sadly as much as my feedback is very closed off from specifics, general ideas and the overall goal, nothing will ever change with the current leader.”

  • I appreciate the concern about Selena’s leadership, though it is worth looking objectively at what has come from the current leader and the leadership underneath her. Although, should you have specifics as to why nothing will change, please do reach out (if you wish to) and then it can be ironed out.


“Pretty unfair with how the team handles requests. There is clear favoritism for people in factions. I have been trying to request various things that my character could realistically have knowing her financial and overall situation. What I have noticed was that characters who realistically aren't in the ideal situation to request a sports car or a big house in the hills (e.g. people who make much less money such as cops) are given priority over characters who make twice as much (IRL and IG).”

  • We appreciate this comment and we’d be happy to shed light over it. Factions are held to a higher standard than the rest of the individual players as they’re representing a faction, be it illegal or legal. It’s hard to say that someone shouldn’t get a house when player’s aren’t exposed to their application nor the contents of it, so misconception is inevitable. What we’re going to do is create a list and liaise with faction leaders and faction management so we can get a better understanding of what they would like to see from their faction members and what they’d want representing their faction. 

  • It is worth emphasising, we hold them to a higher standard.


“Simply PM makes everything way too complicated and tedious. This is a game and at the end of the day you ask way too many unneeded questions and are extremely anal over the slightest of details. I get this is heavy rp but, half of the time when people apply for properties irl or attempt to obtain them they aren’t pestered this heavily with pointless questions. It’s like I’m writing a college essay on top of applying for an irl mortgage. It’s absolutely too much”

  • Property Management are going to speak with Americans and ask some commonly asked questions and get real answers rather than referencing Google, this way, we can compose a thread internally and refer back to it, as we understand that Property Management support a lot of diversity and europeans moreover Americans.

  • This will be provided for PM’s useful information. One thing brought up in the podcast is California’s Tax Rates for Businesses and so forth, time will allow us to research into this and hopefully incorporate it whilst doing Property Management Work.

  • Additionally, we’ve got Gibbz removing the word minimum for leases.


“PM asks entirely too many unneeded questions for properties/houses. It's a real pain and demotivating to apply for something and be questioned so harshly. This is a game where we should all be having fun and be given the chance to develop our characters. If we're aiming for realism, then asking a million unneeded questions are not the norm. If your player can afford it and it makes sense for them that should honestly be the end of it. Having to explain in a million words on a house app why you want a house is utterly ridiculous and makes no sense. Things are just entirely too complicated.”

  • See above.


“In conclusion to this, this makes PM seem tyrannical and overbearing, people would rather spend 4 million dollars on overpriced homes then have to deal with PM where they would lose to cops or those in official government factions despite spending time ooc and ic developing businesses and characters.”

  • We are currently looking over our current selling rules, though, in terms of Robbery it needs to be a community wide thing as Property Management are only responsible for their rules, for this to change we suggest posting a thread about it and getting it changed that way.


“Cops are prioritized for things like cars and houses for some reason. They aren't the only ones with a 'real job' and it is becoming quite unfair to see them get things they shouldn't be able to afford while business owners are questioned about their income despite making way more than them realistically.”

  • See above, additionally, unique businesses are able to apply for LFM Budget scheme and what Property Management are looking into is a PM Budgeting scheme. We won’t hold against you whether players enter or not, and we will exclude “lack of interest” against your business. If you are able to construct your application and mention that, then we are able to get a better understanding. Just be sure, if you are unsure, to reach out and we can point you in the right direction.


“I also would like to add on that PM has horrid communication. It's fine to not have an immediate answer to something but updates are great. I've PM'd a PM staff member and they left us in the cold for an entire week before we initiated another conversation to figure out what was going on. I just can't comprehend why we have to add 2-3 people to DMs for certain situations and NO ONE replies.”

  • This was an interesting topic to talk abou and there are a multitude of factors as to why an individual may not respond, the biggest one being an LOA. Additionally, we have abrupt emergencies for reasons we cannot disclose. It is no one’s obligation to respond if the above is true, and should that be the case, there is a chain of command to follow; should Fenris not reply, go to Jackie, should Jackie not reply, go to Lomadias, should she not respond ask Selena. But there will always be someone who can reply.

  • Additionally, I always promote forum DMing people rather than discord DMing for the soul purpose of managing their time and their influx of questions, it is always easier to log onto the forums and know what it is they need to handle rather than  being bombarded on Discord. Some admins prefer discord and that’s fine, however, I would encourage forum DMing.


“Some of the PM team is also unable to take criticism well and expects us to roll over and listen to them because they're in a higher position. The way they respond to questions is just utterly rude and unfortunate to see. I hope they can see that people aren't out to get them and that they are not immune to criticism.”

  • Constructive criticism is always appreciated and we are of the opinion that disagreement is healthy, however, is the behaviour being displayed is unbecoming please call us out or report it to the appropriate party and we will make active steps forward in making it a safer and approachable environment.


“Applying seems easier and more accessible and so does information, but I'm missing more general support for random questions. With Discord being what it is and DMing people on Discord not being so accessible nowadays, more activity from PM support/staff in their support Discord channels etc. could be quite helpful as most of us have basic questions easily answered.”

  • We discussed different approaches in the podcast and we are looking into ways to engage with the community. One of the ways we have implemented are including players in meetings with Property Management (ones that don’t leak).

  • With a new influx of Support Members coming in last batch, we’ve had a couple apply and with that gives more hands to PM and activity, thus, we will see more activity grow over time.


“Generally you guys seem approachable and reliable when dealing with issues. Some issues like PM appeals could use some automation - it's usually a pain to deal with these because every so often an admin that approved an appeal leaves PM, then you need to explain yourself to another admin in PM, and go digging for stuff from months/years ago which is not very accessible to the average player that just owns a biz or house in game. That said, you guys are stars for what you do and literal GOATs at dealing with the insane amount of workload you deal with.”

  • We can’t honour things that were approved years ago and they are not likely to be upheld due to the time distance between it and the changes we have made going forward. We do not know everything and sometimes we leave those in charge of areas to handle that, should they leave and say Selena gets added to a DM, with no context, it would just be easier (though we can see it not being preferable) to re-apply so everyone gets to be on the same page. 

  • As for Appeals, Lomadias and Selena are looking into ways of making it easier for players and effective. No doubt an announcement will be made 😄


I think if a property has been in a faction for 2 - 3 years they should be able to buy it instead of having to keep leasing it.”

  • We have a LTB (Lease to buy) system that facilitates that exactly, meaning you will make a one-off payment and then you will own the property and not pay monthly anymore. You can find more on Soup’s topic about leasing. 


“I love PM. The team is super helpful despite being overwhelmed with requests. I know you guys get a lot of flak but that's because people just hate waiting or not getting their way. Things are much better than they were a year ago, though. And it's insane that you're even able to keep up given your work load.


Sad reality is that no one will thank you for doing your "job." People will always take the good things for granted and immediately complain about the things they don't like. It's a thankless job, but I appreciate you guys for doing it”

  • ❤️


I personally think that the PM really needs to normalize prices for properties - they seem horribly arbitrary at this point. I've seen, and personally been affected, by a situation where house A, which cost 900k, was a THIRD as big as neighboring house B, which cost 650k. I understand that the house prices are calculated by assets worth of the applicant, but I can't shake off the feeling of unfairness especially in that regard, considering I've been denied a bigger house due to, quote, "affordability issues", while someone else was able to get a much bigger house for much less without an issue. Above that - I have a HORRIBLE experience with PM favoring faction members, which seem to undeniably get better houses for less. I personally don't see a swat officer who happens to be dating a judge get a two-story mansion with a pool, yet here we are, and it's honestly puzzling. Tl;dr faction members favoritism and house pricing unfairness.”

  • It is worth keeping in mind GTA:Worlds economy and the prices seen in the IRL state of California. Selena is working on a mortgage pricing spreadsheet and will be releasing it when all properties have been priced and will be releasing it for general knowledge, this just takes time.

  • Property Management does have an internal way of pricing things and we can touch on that in an elaborated response. 

  • Property Management do not favour faction members, and they do not get better houses for less, as the prices are objective and they don’t change. Faction Members as aforementioned are held to a higher standard. Additionally, as aforementioned, players are not exposed to the application that those individuals compose and thus, it is hard to make an accurate response to this, as it is simply hidden in the dark.


It feels like PM have given themselves the roles of guardians of properties rather then being there for the community and serving them with the properties that PM have decided won't be accessible to the community.


Too much stuff is being gatekept and restricted from the community. whether it's vehicles, houses or business the freedom of the players to buy stuff freely **in a game** was wrongfully taken from them and too much was restricted during the years.


“Property Management should do what their name entails, which is managing properties - and not their owners. PM given itself the role to decide whether an player is capable of owning something **based on their own personal believes without any given guidelines to players**. I've seen PM giving mansions to low income characters and denying lesser houses from wealthy ones. It seems like there is something else that is driving the decisions behind it rather than agreed upon set of rules and guidelines.


The ability to own stuff, again **in a game**, should be freed to the community. Players should be able to buy what ever they wish and can afford. RPQM are the ones who need to decide if the owned property is reasonable or not and interact with players on the matter, not PM.


Moving to the second point, the timeframe of handling request.


The time it takes to handle requests is beyond ridiculous at the point, averaging around one request a day.


If you were unlucky enough to post your request a couple of days after applications are open, it can take up to two months to get an answer (!!), sometimes more. It's an unacceptable and unheard of in a game setting. It takes less time to get a mortgage for a house in real life.

  • There is something in the work for time management. We’re working on releasing offices to the market and containers/storage units, releasing them from Leasing and making that market accessible to those who wish to kickstart a business, thus, no admin intervention. With this being in the works right now, we will be able to evaluate the issues that arise and rectify them moving forward.


Properties are handed out to people in factions on a silver plate, massive unmitigated partisanship towards factionized characters, eliminate this stigma if you truly want PM to escape its bad reputation”

  • Allow time for changes, and see above.

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