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Los Santos Emergency Vehicle Garage

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The Los Santos Emergency Vehicle Garage (LSEVG) is a mechanical repair and maintenance entity for emergency service vehicles throughout Los Santos and the surrounding areas. We have fully trained and certified mechanics and emergency vehicle technicians (EVTs) that can maintain and repair a range of damaged emergency service vehicles, from police cruisers to fire engines.





The Los Santos Emergency Vehicle Garage has a great ambition of serving the emergency services in Los Santos by repairing and maintaining their vehicles when they need it. We are dedicated with passion and drive to keep our emergency services up and running by providing top notch vehicle maintenance, repairs, livery applications and equipment installations. If a department needs a vehicle fitting with emergency lights and sirens, we can use our stocked parts or order them overnight if necessary and fit them to get the vehicle fully operational for the required department or emergency service.




As a situation is first given via radio or pager, one of our mechanics or technicians can be sent out for recovery or await the arrival of the damaged vehicle(s). If recovery is required, a mechanic or technician can be quickly appointed to recover the damaged vehicle(s). Once recovered, we will assess the vehicle, log the required repairs in our system and contact the department that the vehicle belongs to and let them know how long repairs will take.


It's incredibly important to have vehicles used by our emergency services running at peak efficiency. That's why we recommend regular maintenance of a department's vehicles every month. We do this by sending out one of our skilled EVTs to each department every month to give vehicles an on site check-up and service. We then log this on our system which tells us which vehicles have been checked, serviced or referred for repairs. If an emergency service vehicle is severely damaged or incapacitated and cannot be transported by driving it, we can recover it and determine if it can be repaired or replaced.





The Los Santos Emergency Vehicle Garage currently sticks to a strict hierarchy system for it's employees that effectively allows us to handle situations that may occur in Los Santos and the surrounding areas. That's why we have and maintain the following employee structure that is simple and manageable.


Management Staff

 Assistant Manager 


Senior Staff
 Senior EVT 

 Senior Mechanic 


Normal Staff


 Trainee Mechanic 





Before being an employee of the Los Santos Emergency Vehicle Garage, our applicants must go through thorough training to become a mechanic. In order, the training consists of a verbal interview, an online motor vehicle knowledge assessment ((via forum)), motor vehicle maintenance & repair skills demonstration session and a practical examination. We also conduct a criminal background check for each employee due to the nature of the job of handling emergency vehicles. If they refuse this we reserve the right to deny their application. The applicant may also find themselves rejected from training if they fail to meet these standards set. Our recruitment and training process ensures that only the most skilled applicants are employed.


After the employee has been hired as a mechanic, they can choose move on to do an optional EVT certification which allows them to fit, maintain and repair the emergency systems of vehicles. Examples include lights, sirens or Mobile Data Computers (MDCs).





We adhere to a strict 'Work Outfit Policy', which all employees must follow. Employees must wear the correct outfits and Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) to protect themselves and others whilst working. The normal work outfit consists of a jumpsuit coloured and worn appropriately for the employee's role, steel toe capped boots, and rubber-coated work gloves. The P.P.E. consists of a protective helmet and thicker gloves and is only to be used when doing dangerous activities such as welding and handling hazardous or sharp vehicle parts that have been damaged.





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Essentially third-party emergency vehicle fitting and maintenance organisation who receive Government funding and support, as oppose to the individual workshops of each department. I love it! ?


They receive the vehicles and equipment from their customers or suppliers E.g. Fire or Police Departments or from manufacturers such as Chevrolet and Whelen, to be fitted out with siren, lights, radios, storage, some equipment, and other safety features before they then go to the customer to be used as an emergency vehicle. 


For us this means each vehicle we get can be roleplayed fully with the Government (Funding/Approval) > LSEVG (Fitting/Maintenance) > Emergency Service (Daily usage) which is just wonderful to see an actual tree of processes like that!


Good luck! ?


Google; SirenNet, Low Voltage Solutions, Wicked Warnings, 10-75 Emergency Vehicles...etc. for references @SpartanD1994


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