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Is there a way to get your custom phone number & contacts back?


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I had bought a custom (4-digit) phone number with WPs. Recently my character was robbed and the phone with the custom number was taken away. I went to a phone store, bought a new phone, and did the /applycustomnumber command. However this didn't return my old 4-digit custom number, but instead gave me a random one (all the contacts were gone too). Now my question would be if it is possible to retrieve the old 4-digit number and its contacts?

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I cancelled every other contract that was on my character's name, leaving only the contract with the 4-digit custom number active. I then checked via /stats if my custom number has changed to the old 4-digit one. However, the random number that was given to me still remains both as my custom and main phone number. So I still have no idea how to return the 4-digit number back...







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