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SUBMIT ONLINE TIPS: https://lsi.gta.world/TipLine



Founded in January 2023, the Los Santos Insider ("LSI") has become a dominant media outlet within San Andreas, and operating out of Los Santos. With a objective of providing the general public with reliable, credible, and entertaining content, the LSI strives towards modernizing the media (and news) industry. Some of the content our outlet is most known for are: Local Crime, Investigative, Business & Finance, Sports, Breaking News, and other types of critical opinion pieces. 


The Insider is mostly known for its renowned team of journalists, and the incorporation of modernized Stringers operating throughout Los Santos County. Focused on the reliable and credibility of content, the LSI invests in it's ability to obtain local stories, photographs, and footage of things happening within your locality.  Equipped with one of the biggest fleet of vehicles in the industry, the outlet also utilizes one of the first and newest approaches: Stringer vehicles to allow our journalists to focus on the content that matters with a sense of job security, the right tools, and a supportive team environment.


jTOGOze.pngLSI is known for some of the most eye catching reports and articles published in the last year such as The AdmireMe Shutdown, Little Seoul Riots, 2023 Mayoral Elections & Inauguration, and some of the most in-depth perspectives of the criminal underworld, all from our perspective for our readers. We are not a traditional media outlet, and neither do we identify as a news agency: we are a passionate team of journalists, photographers, and videographers that share similar traits with one another.. truth, creativity, and thriving to produce the most trustworthy - and eye catching - content throughout the entire City. 


Stringers are not well known in Los Santos - and being an open market, the LSI capitalized on the opportunity to support a reliable concept. By providing full time employment, job security, and the equipment needed to get the job done; our team can focus on what matters.. bringing content for you to read, for you to become aware, and for you to form your own opinion. 


Stringing isn't a role for the faint of heart. Adrenaline pumps through your veins and there's always the risk of a stray bullet or evading suspect coming too close for comfort. Ultimately, this is something accepted by all undertaking this position, but everyone is trained to remain as safe as is possible when on the job. Your safety is your responsibility, and it is vital to understand where the content is, where it isn't, and what the risk is.



"Our readers deserve factual, credible, and resource based content. They deserve to know what is happening in their locality without obscurity."





(( OOC Information )) 


Quick note: LSI is what it is today thanks to the efforts from our founders @Remington and @Degu, but we would like to especially recognize Remington's efforts for the overall management and OOC effort that a news based faction requires to nurture and grow. It requires a lot of effort and dedication to build such a faction and it's a niche field to fill, and yet we've grown and continue to offer and showcase a unique avenue of roleplay.


Thank you @Remington for everything you've done to get us this far and handing the project over to Degu and Lomadias to continue it on. We hope to see you back Stringing sometime in the future!


The LSI is a Legal Faction focused on preserving media roleplay on GTA World. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a realistic journalist environment of a non-traditional media outlet by focusing on "first hand" reporting, investigative articles, entertaining live broadcasts, and creating a unique experience for players with interest in media and/or journalism roleplay in general. Throughout our time we have been known for finding scenes by complete chance and turning that into actual content for the community to read in an IC Context; but also utilize things such as faction radios, the PIO frequency (communicate with LEO/Fire), and the Flight Radar.


Media roleplay can be time consuming and requires a little more attention in regards to article creation or photography. While we understand this completely ourselves, our Faction has minimal requirements in terms of contribution so that our members can focus on genuine, realistic, and wholesome roleplay development of their character. We do not consider ourselves an entry level Faction, but we welcome anyone who has an eye for journalism, photography, and/or videography. In addition, the LSI has a "on demand" Corporate system in place for those who want to roleplay with our Faction, but not necessarily do journalism.


The Los Santos Insider is committed to contributing to community lore and showcasing what our characters see while doing our best to keep media roleplay stimulated. If you are interested and share the same mindset and goals, you are most welcome to apply regardless of your roleplay experience. Proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the ability to format forum posts (articles, blogs, etc.) are a basic requirement when joining, but are open to teaching the right candidates to make media on GTAW thrive. 


Our Faction focuses on Stringing, but also encourage traditional journalism such as news reporting, live news, and other concepts. For more of an understanding what a Stringer is, here are some resources:


• Stringers LA: Playlist (YouTube)
• Stringer History (Wikipedia)
• Stringer (Britannica)


All of our applications and the employment system is handled through Discord - and is required when joining the Faction. We use discord for IC communications in regards to email threads, notekeeping and also a quota system. As previously mentioned, we are extremely forgiving in regards to a quota because we know how demanding articles and photography can be. We promote you being in game, roleplaying and overall having fun.


Anyone is free to join our discord and will have a basic "public" role unless a client, staff or administrator. Come and say hi!


If you have any queries or concerns, please forward them on to @Degu and @Lomadias.







The LSI is always seeking talented writers, photographers, and video editors to grow our family of journalists. Our outlet provides one of the highest paying positions in the local industry while ensuring job security, generous bonus programs, private health insurance, and paid sick leave. Our employees are our upmost priority.


Not a journalist? Our corporate team is always seeking candidates with skills that can be used here. If you do not see a position currently available that aligns with your experience(s) and/or specialties, consider sending us a cover letter and resume instead.


The Los Santos Insider utilizes a variety of resources and channels to publish content to the public, offering one of the most diverse industry opportunities for aspiring and experienced journalists from all over. From written articles, news reports, investigative reports, videography, photography, live television network (Live News, Podcasts, Talk Shows, Events), and a radio station that streams 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.










LSI Application Portal

((This will open discord!))



Junior Stringer7ncBrxy.png
Focus: Articles, Photography, Videography
$20,000 ~ $75,000 per week (Entry Level)
Competitive wages and generous bonus programs


The LSI offers entry level employment to aspiring journalists, photographer, and videographers through our Stringer Division. LSI Stringers are the spearhead of our outlet and are employed by us to keep content in house and also support employees through full-time employment, unlike traditional Stringers which are freelance or contracted.


(Articles, Writer) Focused on scouting the city as a journalist to find crime scenes, active scenes, events, local initiatives, or any situation worth writing about under the LSI Banner. Respond to hotline tips. Attend Official Events as Media.


(Photography/Videography) Scout Los Santos as a photographer to create and build your personal portfolio via an LSI sanctioned blog. Share your experiences with our readership and the general public. Respond to hotline tips. Attend Official Events as Media.


You must provide either: (a) Trial Article, (b) Trial Album, or (c) Trial Video Editing during the application process. This is non-negotiable. Successful candidates will be paid for their work and may lead to publishing.


 Junior Reporter (Live TV)
Focus: Live News, Broadcasting
$20,000 ~ $75,000 per week (Entry Level)
Competitive wages and generous bonus programs


As the LSI has grown we have introduced a Live Television Division broadcasted directly from our studios in Morningwood. Working in the most modernized news studio in Los Santos we are scouting talented personalities with a strong interest in journalist, news reporting, and an outgoing person. Work directly with Management, and work alongside our talented team of Stringers to get the most up to date information - and the story of the day.


You will focus on obtaining broadcast worthy content, news, and occurrences throughout the City within a specific time frame to ensure all broadcasts are relevant to that week.


You must provide a Example Script during the application process. This it to depict and review your reporting style prior to being hired and going live on-air on our various channels.


Junior Talk Show / Podcast Host

Focus: Talk Shows, Podcast, Live Broadcasting
$20,000 ~ $75,000 per week (Entry Level)
Competitive wages and generous bonus programs


With the modernization of the LSI the outlet has invested a tremendous amount of funds into maintaining a diverse studio, in particular a section dedicated to live talk shows, podcasts, and other forms of content outside of live news. The ideal candidate will bring creativity, productivity, and expected to maintain a professional profile while on the air.

The ideal candidate will be in charge of their own talk show or podcast under the LSI brand. As such they will be expected to host their show a minimum of once a week. In addition; the candidate must be trustworthy, work well unsupervised, and can handle productive criticism.


You must provide a Example Script during the application process. This it to depict and review your broadcasting style prior to being hired and going live on-air on our various channels.


Junior Corporate Staff / General Staff

Focus: Corporate, Management, Operations
$20,000 ~ $75,000 per week (Entry Level)
Competitive wages and generous bonus programs


The Insider also offers a variety of employment opportunities for those who are not aligned with journalist experience, and/or have skill sets in other industries. While our journalists are our main source of employment and the resource to keep the content flowing to survive as an outlet, we still very much require corporate staff that focus on behind the scenes priorities. No successful company can survive without a team of corporate staff, support staff, or general staff.


When applying for this position please provide a cover letter and/or resume with your highlighted experience. The LSI is very much committed to job creation and providing job security, and are well known to introduce new positions simply based on your experience and desire to thrive in your choice of specialty. From account, human resources, conduct & safety, client service representatives, all the way to fleet mechanics and janitorial duties - if you are interested in any of these positions, we welcome you to apply.

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About Us & Employment - Our Brands & Products - Advertise With UsDisclosure - Send Us An E-Mail 


G8n7tQE.pngLos Santos Insider Online is where our outlet's humble beginnings started. Focusing on content creation in the form of articles, photography, and informational pieces our brand slowly became a strong and reliable household name that many citizens of Los Santos turned to for trustful information. Some of our most notable reports include the AdmireMe Shutdown, 2023 Mayoral Elections, Little Seoul Riots, and more.



tGSZHtL.pngTo support our growing team of photojournalists that had an eye from angles and "being at the right place, at the right time" the LSI introduced a new division for employed photographers. Maintaining one of the biggest databases in the City, our photography division has the most diverse collection in history. From embroiled interactions with law enforcement, local riots, behind the scenes of criminal organizations, and even content focused on the beauty of our City, County, and State - our team has it all.



lEI78lb.pngOur outlet has been working on the concept of LSI Magazine, or branded to "Insider Magazine" since early 2023. Being one of our first pushes for newer content, with our quick expansion this particular division within our outlet has been put on pause. Despite the hold, the brand maintains a placeholder in our family of products and will be released in due time. Showcasing the most popular articles, photographs, events, and influential people, our magazine focuses on things that matter outside of fashion or business reviews.



etfbr6y.pngThe Los Santos Media Group is the parent entity for the Insider. Exclusively employing executive management personnel, the Media Group also maintains an active "Board of Representatives" spanning outside of the LSI itself. Inviting top figures in law enforcement, fire, government, and top influential people within Los Santos, the Board has a goal of maintaining trustworthy, transparent, and legal business practices within the State of San Andreas with the effort of being held accountable. 


The Media Group also focuses on investments, charity, and supporting local businesses on side ventures. 



MgfREXF.pngStringers: SA is a television show first created in 2023 by renowned journalist and local media man, Gabriel Stone. Striving to give our viewers (and the public) a broader perspective on what happens in our city, but also giving them a first hand taste of what our Stringers experience on a day to day basis. From wild police chases, hostage situations, into the world of the criminal underworld, and showing our own struggles to maintain a foothold in the industry, Stringers: SA gives you the real deal as they risk their lives to give you a front seat view.



kSFTvc4.pngLSI FM is a radio station broadcasting 24/7 from within Los Santos at LSI's headquarters in Morningwood. "Today's Hits, Yesterday's Favorites" - our first radio was aimed at entertaining all musical tastes from hip hop, rap, rock, all the way to EDM. There is always something for our listeners to dance or relax too, tune in today by turning to station #__! (Discontinued)



Edited by Remington
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About Us & Employment - Our Brands & Products - Advertise With UsDisclosure - Send Us An E-Mail 


Meet Our Clients
(previous and current)






If you are interested please review the information below and send an e-mail to [email protected].

Routing Number: 0200 5261 9
The Insider Media Group

Double check the routing number for your security.




Content Banners
Have a banner displayed on our articles when we publish online media, blogs, galleries, and any content we release in a public setting.


(Example Banner Size - Roughly 700px by 100px)


Advertisement Listings (Rates Below) ((/ads))
Let us focus on your advertisement listings while you focus on business. We will actively publish advertisements on the schedule you demand whether it is multiple times a day, a week, or month, we will do it for you at an affordable cost.


Live Television / Podcast Advertisements 
Our outlet has grown to the point of actively producing live television shows, podcasts, and unique shows that are broadcasted to a large range of viewers at any given time. Your brand and/or business will be advertised prior, during, and/or after the show with a custom commercial. 


Facebrowser Marketing
Not social media friendly? Don't worry, we are. Our service will actively campaign for you on Facebrowser through a variety of means depending on your requirements. Need active postings? We'll do it. Need a post boosted to users on Facebrowser for exposure? We'll do it at a fraction of our competitors costs. Anything related to FB, we can handle. 




Our Credit Account option is a valuable to all potential and current clients of the Los Santos Insider. By providing a deposit of your choice not only do we guarantee strict priority & zero wait times, you will also gain special advantages and perks related to the tier of your choosing. All funds raised from our clients are 100% invested back into the LSI, therefore by using our service you are also supporting independent journalism within the State of San Andreas.  

To start the Credit Account process please click here by 
sending us an e-mail (click here).


(( OOC Note: Discord is recommended to get access to your "account" for updates, balance remaining, notifications. ))



Credit Account Notice: Please verify that your desired tier is available in terms of slots. Due to our outlet having many different clients, we do limit some slots temporarily to ensure smooth operations of our Client Services. 


$50,000+  (Bronze) 

Bronze perks active until your Account Balance reaches $0. 

Banners:           $7,000 per
Ad Listing:        $2,000 per
Live Ads:           $6,000 per
Radio Ads:       Negotiated
Facebrowser: $5,000 per (Boost)


$150,000+ (Gold) 

Gold perks active until your Account Balance reaches $0. 

Banners:           $4,000 per
Ad Listing:        $1,000 per
Live Ads:           $3,000 per
Radio Ads:       Negotiated 
Facebrowser: $2,000 per (Boost)


$600,000+ (Platinum Sponsor)

Platinum perks active for a lifetime, account pauses when Account Balance reaches $0.

Banners:           Negotiated
Ad Listing:        Negotiated
Live Ads:           Negotiated
Radio Ads:        Negotiated
Facebrowser:  Negotiated

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About Us & Employment - Our Brands & Products - Advertise With UsDisclosure - Send Us An E-Mail 


The Los Santos Insider is an online multimedia outlet registered under the Insider Media Group.


All content published on our website, media, and/or additional brands is copyrighted. You must request express permission from the Los Santos Insider to use, redistribute, or republish our content unless otherwise stated on the content itself outlining a "fair" or "free use" policy. Unauthorized use of our content may lead to a DMCA removal and further legal action. Clear and obvious cases of plagiarism in combination of theft will result in immediate legal action. 


DMCA Policy

The Los Santos Insider does not identify as a news outlet and focuses on original content as an independent media group. At anytime if we deem our property has been stolen such as original content, photographs, or plagiarism, a Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaint will be issued. The DMCA will be issued to the author who has stolen content, and if ignored, within 14 days the DMCA will be filed against the author with their website host, content publisher, or third-party service that maintains their content. Blatant disregard for DMCA's will be enforced in law suits, court cases, and state sanctioned laws. The author violating our DMCA policy will be subject to all legal and court fees.



- Share our website or Facebrowser posts on Social Media.
- Use photos of yourself and any content you helped contribute to. (credited on the article)

- Use quotes or referencing to our articles or something within it; the LSI and journalist must be credited with no alterations.

- Authorized outlet or non-profit organization given permission by the LSI to republish content approved by Executive Management.


Our website (and articles) would display: "© 2023 Los Santos Insider. A Insider Media Group Company. All Rights Reserved."



Members of law enforcement or a government agency in regards to our content please contact the Accountable Executive directly.



Accountable Executive: Scarlett A. Remington, Chief Executive Officer (LSI)
e: [email protected] - phone: 1000-915-49


Outlet Manager (Head of Content & Stringer Director): Holly Miller, Outlet Manager (LSI)
e: [email protected] - phone: 67388940

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