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[SAPA] Maiden Voyage of the M.F Portero Ferry

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Maiden Voyage of the M.F Portero Ferry - 3/14/2022

Office of The Director



The M.F (Motor Ferry) Portero, stationed at the Port of Los Santos.


A program hailing directly from the desk of Director Preston, the San Andreas Port Authority is thrilled to announce the launch of its new ferry ride that will offer breathtaking views of the coastline of Los Santos. The ferry ride is scheduled to commence this month and will provide a thrilling experience for locals and tourists alike.


With this new ferry ride, the Port Authority aims to promote and celebrate the beauty of the coastline of Los Santos while providing a convenient and affordable form of transportation to the residents and visitors of the city. The ride will take passengers on a scenic journey up and down the coast, giving them the opportunity to see the city and county from a unique vantage point.


“We’re excited to launch the Portero with the goal of offering our passengers a one-of-a-kind experience,” said Director Hank Preston. “We’re confident that the ride will be a success and will help to bolster our reputation as the leading port on the west coast.”



Captain Benedetto Lassard


Hailing from Savoca Sicily and raised in America, Captain Lassard has had a long career serving various private security agencies across the country, and soon found himself at home with the Port Authority as Captain of the M.F Portero. 


The San Andreas Port Authority is committed to providing a safe and reliable service to its passengers, and the ferry will be staffed with trained crews, security and equipped with the latest safety equipment. The ride is intended to run through each weekend of the month under the care of Captain Lassard




In light of recent terrorist attacks in the region, the Bureau of Safety has enacted boarding screening measures that are designed to maintain the highest safety standards that provide an added layer of protection for not only passengers, but also port staff. Boarding measures will include TSA style procedures, such as the screening of bags and deployment of metal detectors. Firearms, blunt/edged weapons and explosive materials will be screened and prevented from coming aboard the ferry.


The M.F Portero offers an affordable and convenient option for residents and tourists, providing a relaxing and enjoyable way to explore the region's coastlines and waterways. With multiple departure times and routes, passengers can enjoy the sights and sounds of the region while avoiding the congestion and hassle of traditional transportation methods.


Tickets will be available on site, purchasable with cash, credit or debit for $200. Tickets will be discounted at $100 for minors (-17) and senior citizens (60+), proof of identification is necessary for all tickets. Seats will be limited to 15 people per trip, first come, first serve.


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