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Los Santos Insider | LSPD Struggles To Form A Union Following Internal Conflict

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LSPD Struggles To Form A Union Following Internal Conflict

Written by Gabriel Stone - 13th March 2023


Above: The email chain regarding the LSPPL being dissolved.


The Los Santos Police Department has been struggling to form a labor union in recent weeks after internal errors and conflict from another officer within the department. An officer reached out to us anonymously to explain what had happened from their perspective, along with an attached screenshot of an email. The email comes from Jorge Nava at the end of a thread of emails. Officer Nava had allegedly tried to reform the original union known as the Los Santos Police Protective League, intended to protect the rights of workers within the LSPD. Nava then submitted his candidacy for presidency and ran unchallenged before winning by default and being named the president of the union on the 5th of March. However, according to our anonymous source, Officer Charles Castellanos pointed out an error in the contract and the union was dissolved by the Department of Labor on the 8th of March after it found that all endorsement votes were invalid and had been implied from a previous contract. There was some implication that Officer Castellanos had done this maliciously as he had wanted the position of presidency over the union himself, despite having not declared his candidacy.


"I am a Police Officer within the Los Santos Police Department. We are currently fighting to establish our Police Officers Union. For years, LSPD officers have not had ANY representation and we are trying to change that. The Los Santos Police Protective League (LSPPL) was recently created by the San Andreas Department of Labor, on 26/FEB/2023. Police Officer Jorge Nava was fairly and legally elected to the office of President of the LSPPL on 05/MAR/2023. Officer Nava ran unopposed and candidates had a week to announce their candidacy. HOWEVER. Officer Charles Castellanos was angry that he did not become President, despite not running. This led Castellanos to seek to destroy the union by ANY MEANS. The Department of Labor then DISSOLVED the union on 08/MAR/2023." - The email sent anonymously to Los Santos Insider.


The officer we spoke to stated that they didn't know "...why Castellanos really decided to go and fight to have the thing dissolved." and that they had been on track to having a strong union again but they couldn't "...help but wonder why someone would try to mess that up. You know?" The officer was unsure if Castellanos had a personal vendetta against Nava himself, or if they'd even interacted prior. However they claimed that Castellanos is a "Sub-par officer" and noted numerous times they'd seen misconduct in his work, as well as a bad attitude towards superiors during active crime scenes.



Above: Officer Jorge Nava, a current candidate for the LSPPL's presidency.


Los Santos Insider reached out to The Department of Labor to request any records of what was happening with the union but Lieutenant Governor Noah Wade was unable to legally release much information other than stating that the union was again active. It's uncertain if others tried to form the union after it was dissolved, particularly Officer Castellanos, but Jorge Nava is now a candidate for presidency once more. We've since been informed that allegedly the original claim regarding the union's endorsements by Officer Castellanos was in fact incorrect, meaning that the union may have been wrongly dissolved due to paperwork error.




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Gabriel Stone - 010043224


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