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San Andreas Fighting Association

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"For martial artists, by martial artists.."



SAFA was created by Adam & Noelle Kaminski, two long time figures in the San Andreas mixed martial arts community. Adam has been a long term trainer for several past championship fighters such as Danny "Kamikaze" Okimoto, and eventually owner of Vespucci Sports and its acclaimed fight camp. Noelle on the other hand started as a women's lightweight fighter, making it to the top of the division prior to there being a local championship. Thereafter proceeding to become CEO of Bellicose MMA and eventual co-owner of Vespucci Sports, as well as being an accomplished coach at their training camp. Our mission statement reflects our goals in establishing this competition, to remove the corporate influence from the scene. A league owned and operated by the community it intends to serve.








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GDTTtdG.pngVespucci Sports is one of Los Santos oldest & one of it's most premium gyms. Also known as the heart of SAFA due to it being the establishment used to kick start our association. The camp to old champions such as Danny "Kamikaze" Okimoto and new prodigies such as Frank 'Gyrene' Raynor!


Whether you want to learn some MMA or just use Vespucci Sports as a day to day gym, they'll have whatever it is your looking for, with amazing staff to help you, build a better you.


Vespucci Sports











Ursus MMA, established in 2023 is a pretty new and modern gym in Los Santos. Already amassing a reputation for their amazing training and facilities. Housing both an MMA cage and a huge boxing ring, it is an amazing place for anyone who wants to start off in MMA; be it as a hobby or even as a career.


Our favorite feature has got to be Ursus' sauna. A top of the class facility which is maintained to the highest standard possible, mix this with their amazing staff team and you have a top of the class gym.

Ursus MMA












Interested candidates can submit their cover letter and application to www.safa-ls.com/recruitment

Please include the Job Title in the subject line, and provide a brief outline of why you believe you are the right person for the position. 

MMA Fighter

No Fixed Salary. Paid by each individual job. Amateur, $5,000 - $15,000 Per Event. Professional, $30,000 - $120,000 Per Event.

Job Description: An MMA fighter is an individual who is extensively trained in MMA. Their only responsibilities are to show up to events where they are scheduled and pass drug tests and the likes as they come. More details can be discussed in an interview.


Referee Official 

Weekly Salary: $20,000+
Job Description: Give instructions and moderate both fighters before and after bouts. The Official determines when to stop or start the fight, determines fouls as intentional or accidental, whether to warn or disqualify, and is entrusted by the Fighting Association to determine when (and if) a combatant can continue based on circumstances of injury. 



MMA Judges & Announcer
Weekly Salary: $20,000+
Job Description: A judge sits outside of the cage and evaluates each fight per round, giving points, and ultimately deciding who the winner is if none can be determined. Typically three judges are present during each fight, evaluating their own individual scorecards, with each round being evaluated separately. In addition, the SAFA also employees Judges as Announcers who are responsible to cast during the fight, keeping the audience and viewers at home entertained. 



Event Coordinator 
Weekly Salary: $20,000+ 
Job Description: An event coordinator is a professional who plans, coordinates, and executes the organization of San Andreas Fighting Association Events. The description can have a variety of duties but primarily ranges down to scheduling venues, client satisfaction, in-house coordination, liaison between the Association and the General Public, gathering potential sponsors, and ultimately ensuring events room accordingly to plan.



Fight Managers / Gym Managers
Weekly Salary: $20,000+ 

Job Description: The ideal candidate will have extensive (or a relatable) amount of experience with mixed martial arts and MMA events in general. Tasked with finding and pairing select match ups, negotiating contracts and agreements in regards to fighters, opponents, and rival gyms, while obtaining product, sponsors, event deals, and guaranteeing a reliable lineup of fighters for every event. The Fight Manager will actively scout for new, upcoming, and/or established talent to participate in SAFA sanctioned events. In addition, FM's act as Gym Managers for the parent gym of the Fighting Association, Vespucci Sports where recruitment is deemed more active and suitable. 



Medical Staff
Weekly Salary: $20,000+ 

Job Description: Medical personnel are tasked with being in the immediate area and a reliable on-call for all events in regards to medical assistance. The candidate must be BLS/ALS trained, have extensive or credible medical experience, and be able to provide medical treatment on site for fighters, spectators, and staff if the situation arises.  



Ring Ladies
Weekly Salary: N/A - Paid by the hour.

Job Description: Simply hold up banners, stroll around a ring and showcase what round it is. Might sometimes carry around promotional material or so.




Become A Sponsor Now!








The Los Santos Insider is San Andreas's fastest growing media outlet serving Los Santos, Los Santos County, and abroad by focusing on reliable, credible, and entertaining media that is presented for their readership to make their own opinions, rather than being told. The LSI has been a long standing supporter of the San Andreas Fighting Association by sponsoring

photography, graphics, and media related services such as photoshoots, website design, intensive marketing campaigns, and supporting our association with articles dedicated to the MMA













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