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Staff Update - March 2023

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the March 2023 Staff Update! 


February has flown by so fast, and with a lot of LOA's across the Management team, it's been a slow month across the board, however-- a lot of us have returned from our trips away with a renewed energy, and we're excited for what the next couple of months bring!


First and foremost, the Development Updates have continued to move along strongly as we've seen new UI updates, as well as the new transit systems and many other updates hit the server over the last month. We're really excited at the huge amount of work that the development team are undertaking, and continuing to find ways to improve the server as we expand.


February has also seen us hit amazing population numbers across the server, and also allowed us to crack down with the admin team and address some of the issues surrounding report response times, which we're happy to say have taken a sharp decline over the last month, with our team coming together during peak hours to ensure that we get swift resolutions to problems, or directing people where they need to. Thank you again to all of our staff who have helped contribute to this, across the board. Staff Management have been committed to doing all in their power to encourage this, and it's been great to see great results already.


Our biggest announcement this month has come in the shape of the redevelopment of the shape of our sister community, GTA:W LC, and we're excited for their re-launch with a more medium roleplay environment taking place on the 7th March! We can't wait to open more people to the opportunity to roleplay on our servers without the need for a whitelist, and help cultivate a whole new future of serious text based roleplayers to join us in the future. We thank each and every member of the staff team there for their renewed commitment and look forward all it may bring.


As we recognize and congratulate our staff team this month, Management are also very happy to welcome Lucky, Soup and Essence to the role of Senior Administrator.


@Essence who has long been a champion of our forum report section has shown an amazing commitment to helping with Staff Management. She's completed most of the training required and has been great at contributing to the training and development of Trial Admins, as well as assisting with the many staff reports we get through. We are truly thankful for the work you've put in and can't wait to see how you do within Staff Management going forward.


@Lucky.has also taken on a Senior Role in Faction Management. He's long been an advocate for the Illegal Roleplay scene, working with many factions to help foster a better roleplay experience between the factions. Thank you for your dedication, and congratulations on your promotion to Senior Admin.


@Soup has also moved into the position of Head of Leasing for the Property Management Team. Since his return to the admin team, he's shown nothing but a great dedication and passion to the PM team, and he's done great to progress and develop new systems for leasing for the future, which PM are excited to continue to bring you over the next few months. Thank you once again, Soup, and massive congratulations!


The last thing we would like to mention before we move onto our promotions! We would like to notice one of our staff members for dedicating four years in the staff team! They have dedicated a lot of time and effort and I personally have kept them under my wing while they were coming up in Property Management, they have done an amazing job taking over Property Management and continued to make it a better environment. We thank you for your time and the dedication you've given to GTA World as a whole, thank you @Selena. Keep up the good work!


Finally! Let's congratulate our promotions across the staff team!

We hope everyone has a great upcoming March! See you all next month! Oh! Happy Saint's Patrick Day in advance, be safe!

GTA World Management


Admin Promotions

Game Administrator Level 2 to Senior Administrator


@Lucky. - Senior Faction Management - Illegal

@Essence - Senior Administrative Support

@Soup - Head of Leasing

Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2





Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1






Senior Support to Trial Administrator









Support to Senior Support









The Staff Recruitment Process was closed this month to give Staff Management the time to develop the recruitment process for the upcoming relaunch of LC. Those who were reserved are still on reserved until the end of next month. We thank you for your patience, and should you have any queries please reach out to @Adv and @Wuhtah via Forum PM. The Staff Recruitment Process will resume during March.

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