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Vehicle mod price reform.


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Short description:   The vehicle mod prices right now are beyond scuffed, let's fix them!

Detailed description:  Alright so, I thought of a full vehicle price reform to do with the base price of the vehicle, that way it stays fair for everyone and encourages low-tier car roleplay.

Base idea: So, let's say a vehicle is $7,000, what we do is, we take the price of modification and add a multiplier to it each 10 grand on the vehicle's value.

So for example, let's say we have a bracket of $0-$10,000, that means it'll have a multiplier of X1.

Base price for all visual mods should be around $500.

Base Engine, Transmission, Suspension and Brake price:
Stage 1 - $250
Stage 2 - $500
Stage 3 - $750
Stage 4 - $1,000

So let's say we apply that to all mods which are staged.

Turbocharger - $2,000

Again, this is a BASE price, then a multiplier will be added, so with this in mind, the full modification of the vehicle will come to around $6,000.

However if we implement brackets, it'll go like this:
$0 - $10,000 - X1 - $6,000
$10,000 - $20,000 - X2 - $12,000
$20,000 - $30,000 - X3 - $18,000

And so on, you catch the drift, the multiplier is added ontop of every $10,000 of the car's base value.

So what's the point of this? Well, if we keep it with the current prices, all of the vehicles will have the same price, meaning a turbocharger for a Regina will be just as expensive as a Turbocharger for an Infernus, which quite frankly doesn't make any sense, this way it'll be balanced, and there would be more incentive towards a budget-centric car scene, rather than the flashy stuff that is mostly seen on other servers.

So why not use a class based system? Well, Rockstar kinda had a seizure when they settled on classes for vehicles, so vans such as the Moonbeam are in the Muscles class, and compacts such as the Blista Compact or Futo, are in the Sports class, which would make their modifications as expensive as ones for a Pariah, for example.

Commands to add: None

Items to add: None

How would your suggestion improve the server?  It would balance out the economy and definetly deter people from running insanely modded ricebuckets that are worth 300K and look like DTM race cars.

Additional information: Any input/criticism /questions is appreciated, make sure to tag me!

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I always thought the mod prices were a bit messed up, especially for cheaper vehicles. This would be a nice change, dunno' how the garage owners will react though. Good luck with your suggestion buddy.

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This needs to be implemented in some way shape or form.



Modding out a supercar should be VASTLY more expensive than modding out a beater vehicle. Even the paint job should be pricey on a vehicle that costs 300-500 THOUSAND dollars. 



Anything that adds a more realistic cost to owning and upgrading a sporty/super vehicle is an absolute 100% from me. 

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I feel like this would make so much more sense, but without the specific brackets mentioned. The 6k multiplier would quickly turn into 180k on a 300k car, which in itself is absurd. I don't think fully modding a vehicle (performance) should cost much more than 120k at the maximum.


Arguably though, if I go out and buy a turbocharger in real life for my vehicle it's going to be far more engine dependent than price. You can dump a lot of money into a beater very quickly if you're trying to go with performance upgrades, and realistically having such things as a turbocharger on a lower end vehicle (non stock manufacturer turbo, ecoboost or car nuts slash cult cars) is unrealistic. Not that I'm against people having them as a whole, my low end vehicles have performance upgrades for the boost and time saving, but I think they should burn a sizable hole in your pocket and have a fairly decent minimum value.

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I support it, but half way. Making that cars with higher price tag should pay a premium yes, but not that kind of premium that ends up costing half of the original car price. We need to look how IRL modding works price wise and go from there.

One thing that bothers me more, is the fact that a removal of lets say a Turbo to stock cost you the same price as installing one (currently it's 9,000) which in all honesty stupid that in order to remove a modification you have to pay the same amount as install. I would expect a lower price on removal of mods.

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No. The server is gonna be loaded with modified buffalo's spitting fire out the exhaust. Its unrealistic to have every vehicle modded. I actually think the prices are way too low.


I like cars, but I would not want to see this server to become a car focused rp server. Modifications to any vehicle should feel like a premium addition to the car, not a 2k quick little trip to the modshop.

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