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Snow for Christmas?


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Los Santos and Blaine County has a Mediterranean climate that's temperate and arid. The average temperature would be around 15-20C at peak in the Winter months if we hold it against Los Angles and Orange County. 


Not in favour of putting climate continuity aside for the sake of some novelty snow. There is so much more to the snow that people may not consider in RP either, especially when it comes to driving (the snow affects the driving physics IG too).


The weather sync would make it a bigger issue as well, people have already pointed out how it can suddenly rain on their screen. The general idea there is to only RP the weather as stated in OOC chat, otherwise it's a sunny day as LA is.


In addition we can't set separate weather patterns across the map, it's one pattern for the whole map. 

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7 minutes ago, Morning said:

A lot more people are against snow this year versus last year (we had it what all of december? if not most of it). I think there is a happy middle with just having snow around the week or so of Christmas till New Years.

I agree with this. Just the 24th/25th. It's a game and it's as much GTA as LA. Just like everything there needs to be a balance between "reality simulator" and game. YES to snow.

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