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Umbrella Company Overview and Format

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Property Management - Umbrella Companies


Property Management has seen an influx in the creation of Umbrella Companies and has little to no support from Property Management. Alas, we have composed some documentation for those interested in creating umbrella companies/schemes. Below is what is expected from you and what is required in order to acquire this status.


The application process will be discussed with the respective sub-teams i.e. if you're legal focused then Legal Faction Management and if you're illegal focused then Illegal Faction Management. It is mandatory to keep a file on your company which is explained further. You are to keep it updated when entering negotiations with businesses so that Property Management can keep an eye on the status of the company and its progress. Further information required to keep updated are newly "partnered" businesses, an up-to-date list of employees apart of the managing company and their roles, and occasional roleplay screens, nothing major nor taxing, just enough to show us that you're actively roleplaying and roleplaying accordingly.


For an Umbrella company to form and be legitimised via means of Property Management it needs to operate from an office and it needs to stick to its original concept meaning when expanding and investing in other companies it needs to fall into the category in which your concept is known under.  For example, if you're investing in art galleries, it wouldn't follow suit for the company to then invest in bars and nightclubs, as they're two entirely different entities. See the format for additional information.


With that being said, from the moment of opening, the umbrella company will be capped at 2 businesses that may form under your influence. Abusing this will result in a potential shutdown. The ability to expand from 2 businesses is available with sufficient roleplay and activity are shown. This is to prevent the hoarding of multiple businesses, to begin with, and allow a fair distribution amongst those in this field. The owner of the umbrella company does not OWN any of the businesses under their leadership unless one of the members of said leadership owns it themselves. This means that you are unable to force someone out of business, buy them out, and so forth. If that is the case, it should be done via Property Management. 


If you currently own a business and wish to expand to an umbrella company, you can apply for a leased office and submit a request here for approval once the lease has been acquired.


Businesses may choose to fall under ONE umbrella only. For example, Casino A would fall under Umbrella Y, not Umbrella Z and X too. It promotes competition and deals as opposed to business owners being sponsored by hundreds of companies. As aforementioned, you're to maintain a strict focus on your original concept. 


Businesses should not race to get every company under their wing, it should be equally spread amongst those who are actively roleplaying as such, once again, promoting competition and in-game roleplay. There needs to be a justifiable reason as to why the business has joined Umbrella A's company rather than Umbrella B.


Businesses must be area focused. We do not condone City umbrella companies getting overly involved in county affairs unless very well justified and vice versa. 


Your alt's businesses cannot fall under your own regime.


Application Format *


UCP Name:

IGN (In game name):

Business Name:

Business Location:

No. Employees:

Concept Focus:


Documentation/File - required to keep updated *



  • Business A
  • Business B
  • Business C

Business Owners:

  • Business Owner A
  • Business Owner B
  • Business Owner C

Date signed:

  • Date
  • Date
  • Date


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