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Los Santos Insider | "San Andreas Fighting Association Qualifiers; Results And Establishing Their Foothold In The MMA Industry"


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"San Andreas Fighting Association Qualifiers; Results And Establishing Their Foothold In The MMA Industry"

Written by Scarlett Remington-Kaminska, 02/04/2023 




Pictured: Michael Delluci (left) versus Hombre de Agua (right)


February 4th, 2023 the San Andreas Fighting Association hosted their First Open Weight Amateur Tournament, Qualifying Round at Vespucci Sports. The event consisted of new faces, and already established MMA fighters well known in the scene, making much of the event highly anticipated. This day marks a ignition of a once lagging industry thanks to the SAFA; along with other established organizations and local gyms. The event was sponsored by the Grand Rockford Casino, Farace, Euro Enterprises, and Mangolia Records; in partnership with the Los Santos News Network and the Los Santos Insider: Sports to provide coverage of the event.


The fighters, and their results were very unpredictable. There was plenty of skill, talent, and different fight styles employed in the cage - but in the end, only one winner per match could be crowned and pass on as a qualified SAFA Fighter. The night was full of entertainment, anticipation, action, and a unfortunate series of unsportsmanlike conduct by rival fighters such as Michael Delluci. Was it out of clear spite, or was the Bellicose connected fighter acting out of retaliation, sucker punching Hombre de Agua? We will never know.


The Los Santos Insider intends of checking out the Bellicose MMA event to follow up on some of the amateur fighters and their progression. Keep your eyes out for that! 



Pictured: Frank Raynor versus Dale Lopez action shot. 


Michael Delluci vs. Hombre de Agua

The matchup between Delluci and Agua was impressive, although saw the dropping of Delluci twice. Agua fought aggressively, deploying his knowledge of a more aggressive form of fighting - which ultimately outplayed Delluci. After the two rounds it was determined Hombre de Agua was the winner and became the qualifying fighter of this matchup. Interestingly, the match ended in poor sportsmanship: Delluci ended up attacking Agua without warning, clearly upset at the fact he lost his match. Unfortunately for Delluci, he has been disqualified and banned from all future SAFA Events and Qualifiers. 


Frank Raynor vs. Dale Lopez

The fighting rounds between Raynor and Lopez was quick, and ended rather intensely. With both parties showing their signs of practice, agility, and footwork, the match ended up with Frank Raynor being crowned as the champion of this qualifying match. The two fighters bumped gloves at the beginning, and exited the cage without incident or poor sportsmanship - a great end to a great match between the up and coming SAFA fighters.


Tyler Wick vs. Ayato Kogami

One of the many anticipated matches of the night saw the favorable Ayato Kogami go up against Tyler Wick. The match was a bit slower than the rest, but at the very least it was nail biting; Tyler Wick proved his abilities by overcoming Ayato with swift jabs to his jaw, incredible foot work, and agility. While Kogami ended up losing both rounds, he also fought with pride and showed true skill in the cage regardless of the outcome. Tyler Wick is definitely a talent to look at in the future in his MMA fighting career.


Lovell "Fantome" Cevon vs. Connor Forgeard

The highlight match of the night saw Cevon and Forgeard go head to head in the final and looked forward to match of the night. Lovell, a well known figure in the MMA scene - while Forgeard at established talented fighter with incredible talent saw the most defensive and longest fights of the show. Both fighters showed true technique with passive fighting styles, dancing around the ring, and ultimately looking for weak spots - or mistakes - in their opponent. Throughout the entire match they both displayed intense amount of focus and determination, refusing to let their opponent take advantage of any mistakes or open limbs. While it was an intense and passive fight, it ended 2-0 in favor of Lovell Cevon taking his crown and becoming the last qualified fighter of the night. Lovell is well known and we expect to see incredible things from him, while Forgeard not only showed a true talent - but proved he is a fighter you won't easily contend with.



Pictured: Referee Noelle Kaminska (center) raises Lovell Cevon's (left) arm in victory, announcing his 2-0 victory. 


Edit made 02/04/2023 01:01 - Correction to spelling of a fighters name.

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