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GTAW Editor & Advanced animations

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GTAW Editor & Advanced animations





The GTAW Editor is a feature based on Rockstar Editor made for players to take custom screenshots using our ingame resources, this will allow you to fully customize screenshots taken ingame of your characters or various locations around you.


Advanced animations allows you to use multiple animations at the same time, which is a perfect fit with the editor! You can save up to 50 custom animations based on your server premium type (10 for non premium users, 20 for gold, 30 for platinum, 50 for partners)



Commands & Keys


/editor - Opens the editor system


W A S D Q E - Camera direction


Up, down, left, right, Left CTRL, Left ALT - Camera angle


Page Up, Page down - Zoom


HOME, END - Speed


N (Next), P (Previous), R (Reset) - Effects


F7 - Hide the HUD


DELETE - Closes the mod


F8 - Takes a screenshot


Credits to @Azelat from french server and @St3fan[NL] for porting the system







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