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I dropped acid and played GTA:W

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Last friday I took 300 micrograms of LSD and I booted up RAGE:MP and joined the server. First 2 hours were confusing as fuck, but after a while it started to feel pretty nice. 


What can I say? San Andreas is fucking beautiful on a psychedelic drug. Everywhere I went to, there was something to see. I was stunned by how beautiful the city of Los Santos is. Everything felt alive and connected. Every palm tree looked fucking majestic, every crack in the asphalt looked funny and interesting, the whole atmosphere of the world felt warming and immersive. I went to The Ciao Cafe, and there's a painting with a fox on it, I stared at it for a whole 5 minutes and just admire how it was morphing and melting.


I then went to Trauma Factory (IC underground club) and spent 2 hours there. We have some really amazing DJ's on our server (shotout to Bojka & Mask). That was one of the best experiences I've had on this server and I cannot describe how good the atmosphere was and how much it felt like I was there myself raving. Untz untz untz untz


The whole trip lasted for like 10 hours, I stayed online until 6 in the morning. I enjoyed every second of it. The whole roleplay experience felt different and much more alive. 


I do not promote the use of drugs, but I am just sharing this interesting experience with you guys. What about you? Have you ever played the game while tripping or while under the influence of a psychoactive substance? I will answer questions and I am expecting interesting stories from you too!



((Here's a screenshot of me in-game, my character also took LSD))😄😄😄



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