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1243 vespucci blvd - floor 3, room 7

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Property Listing: 1243 vespucci blvd - floor 3, room 7


Property features: Spacious and modern living room, along with a kitchen. Beautiful and cozy bedroom, as well as a guest bedroom. it is also equipped with a security camera facing the entrance and higher security locks.


Property Information:



Starting Price: $200,000


Buyout: $300,000


Interior Pictures: 









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fixed prices
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On 1/25/2023 at 7:20 PM, kashzedong said:

offering 100k, final offer on my part


no one’s going to pay more than that for an apartment that isn’t sought after or a standalone, just some advice

Your attempt at lowballing is obvious. The market price is 120K, Starting bid is 200K.

good luck in your future attempts

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