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Make a change to LEO factions.

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Guys, I feel like I'm not the only one that feels this way. But LEO factions make it way to intense to join the faction. Even somebody like me who has over 10 years of experience of heavy roleplay was unable to join the faction which is crazy. I feel like LEO factions are monopolized in this server and they pick who they want to join the faction regardless if you did good in the process.


I uploaded a video explaining deeper into this because it's to much to explain to type.


There needs to be a change to joining these factions. I understand it shoudn't be easy but sometimes these guys make it impossible to join even if you put 100 percent effort and are a good roleplayer. I have never had a more frustrating and harder time trying to join a faction, specifically LSSD.


There needs to be a smoother process to join the faction and I feel like something has to be done. I literally spent over $1000 dollars on a gaming PC just to handle this game and eventually join this server and join a LEO faction.


I've spent countless hours taking time out of real life things to join the faction and then unfairly got DQ'd from the process.


I understand it's heavy roleplay and I love that the server is heavy roleplay but where did the fun go? It has never been this difficult to join a faction. It's almost out of your control Isn't that the whole purpose of this game to have fun and enjoy the game? These guys make that impossible to do.








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I understand your frustration. I had to apply many times before I got a chance to join the faction. 
The feeling you have now is one I have shared in the past. However, It is worth it once you get in, don't despair. Keep on trying, and you will get in eventually.


You've already gone through the complex parts of the application, which is the written exam many players still need to make it to the interview phase. 
I have no insight into your interview or your character's story, but the best advice I can give you is; Apply for a different role, for example, Custody assistant.


Yes, it may differ from what you want, but the faction could always use more people operating the county jails. It is a perfect entry, as the jail roleplay is plenty. It also contributes to how it feels to be a recruit. All LASD boots spend years in jail facilities before heading out on patrol.

 As a Custody assistant or criminalist, you'll have access to the faction and can show off your true potential. It just takes a little longer for you to patrol. 


Also, there is this thing called chain of command. You are sending a message to the undersheriff instead of the next rank in line. The undersheriff may be one of the faction leaders, but every part of leading the faction has been delegated to different people. The chain of command is highly valued for many reasons. 



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Hi Anthony.


Usually, we strictly prefer to process appeals or grievances in private mediums. I wasn't too familiar with your case, so I had to briefly look into it in order to get up-to-date with the reasons for your denial.


You first passed the written test for our faction in November, which is fair enough. We allowed you to skip to the interview stage here as you'd previously left the recruitment process, which we feel was reasonable.


In hindsight, we now worry that it might've set a far too laid-back impression or standard for you in the interview, as this was the stage you had failed at. It felt like your responses and behavior were at times superficial or not really thought-out.


Your character started by introducing himself as a "canidate", referring to your interviewer as "maam/"; quickly we also spotted that your emotes would sometimes be run-on sentences, devoid of any comma, linker or periods. This made your roleplay look a bit uncanny.


Some other more trivial errors were found in your responses related to pronunciation and grammar, with some sentences such as "I love outdoors to" either being left uncorrected or unnoticed as being faulty.


We usually don't recommend that new players try to portray a military character. During your interview, your character was probed and we didn't get much else other than "him being in the military" and getting fit. OK... what about an MOS? Pay grade? Tours? Your character did "multiple deployments", but where?


Detail was starkly lacking in that category, and we heavily suggest against roleplaying a military background if you are not overly confident in it. Think about the "stolen valor" videos you see on YouTube with fake veterans getting pressed: can you make sure that wouldn't happen to your character?


Finally, while the main intention of your answers was decent and I could tell you were very well-spirited, your emotes felt fairly scarce and uninformative during the interview. Many questions were placed, but nothing sent your character into any kind of ponder, pause, deep thought or hesitation. We usually want more than just drinking water!


Admittedly, I didn't watch your video nor do I specifically really intend to. I am told that the one you posted here is a 'second variant' of a series of two, where the first one was a very angered rant. Please remember: we just didn't feel like it would work out this time, and it is not a personal decision or matter of any kind.


Those are all some things for you to look at and consider, and we would be more than happy to reconsider your application in the next recruitment drive. This time, however, especially with these few videos in mind: I think it is best that we bury the hatchet.


Thank you.

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As someone who's been doing GTAW LEO RP since 2018, and has both trained new faction members and occasionally been apart of recruitment:


I feel like LEO factions are monopolized in this server and they pick who they want to join the faction regardless if you did good in the process.


I can confirm, speaking on nobody's behalf and just my own, that this isn't true. However what I can note with my experience is that the process for joining most LEO factions could use work. The intention is to filter for a high level of roleplay ability, but the way this is done is often flawed; written tests and backstory quality is, in my general roleplay experience, more to do with someone's ability to write an essay than their ability to roleplay, and that's the primary method used to filter through applications. That is worth complaining about, I think.


It's better once you get to the trainee stage; then it's all RP ability and IC stuff, but the applications? More to do with being a good writer, not a good roleplayer. There's crossover, sure, but it isn't the same thing. I'm not sure this applies precisely to your situation or not, but in a general sense, yeah, it could use some work.

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Hey man. As others in this thread have already told you, there are a few ways to respond to such accusations/suggestions, but first and foremost, this is really not the way to handle such matters. You could have contacted the leadership of the LSSD and given them at least 24 hours to look into your allegations behind closed doors. In your own video, you show that not even an hour had passed since you sent the PM to Brandon Correa. If that didn't work out for you, you could have very well filed a report with the server staff or LFM. 

Besides, you're not an isolated case. I've also been denied by LSSD on several occasions in the past and have been incredibly frustrated by it. But it's certainly not the right way to go about it. You could have done a number of things, including simply following the advice given to you by the people who denied you (whether it's simply waiting out the 3 weeks and working to improve for the next recruitment run, or going through the aforementioned report options that the LSSD staff had also told you about).

In other words, you have to take a lot of the blame for how this went down. The same person who handled your SI shouldn't be handling the appeal, but that too,could have been resolved quite easily if you'd pointed that out and got in touch with the TB command. I'm sure they would have offered more insight even at that time.

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They have to be strict with who is accepted because yeah it's a game but there have been problems in the past (and some would say still today) with low quality LEOs acting like robocops.  So these days the bar is set quite high.  A lot never make it, some only make it after like 2 or 3 tries, improving each time.  Is the bar TOO high? Maybe, I know a lot of people get frustrated when their character background is seen to be "lacking" in something, even though they spent hours writing it.  But I guess that's the nature of a role that is competitive (lots of people want to be LEO, so they can cherry pick the very best handfuls each recruitment drive)

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I just want to applaud everyone here on how they spoke to this player and to each other.


I really appreciate the advice as well given, and the perspectives. 

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@Anthony AdamsDwelling on my response, I also wanted to suggest that to get a better feel for factions, you can also request ride alongs from either of the big leo factions. It's a simple form but I feel it would offer you immense insight into factions. One of the core aspects of making a leo character is that, they shouldn't be a leo character, if that makes sense. To give a better example, let's take my old Deputy for example. Tsukasa Kimoto. Sure, Japanese deputies are rare but what made her stand out were her attitude on life and how it applied to her work ethic. Alternatively, I would suggest reading books and stories on the lasd.


LSSD prides itself on it's community and fitting in. To go back on the rules and entry test for the server, do you think its realistic to go from being a night club owner to wanting to be Johnny LEO?  Often or not, we get a number of foreign characters who suddenly moved to LS and wanna become a deputy or as I said earlier, Johnny LEO without much forethought.  In handling applicants, and this is something I told @Wuhtah one time.


People often go, "Who is this guy?" but people forget, you were once "That guy" that nobody knew! And those people end up becoming FTOs or perhaps something greater.

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