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Одесская группа
The Odessa Gruppa

The Odessa Gruppa is a known cooperative of primarily Russians and Ukrainians, but assumed to have members from many other post-soviet states. The group is believed to have originated from the desperate immigrants of the 70's, with it's main source of members being people of low economic standing. They're attempt to keep generally more neutral and money-oriented compared to other's similar to them, but by no means do they not retaliate and retaliate strong.
-Anyone interested in joining can feel free to do so here  https://discord.gg/mNU37P75dp



Out of Character Info

- We plan on roleplaying realistically down to the last fault and expect anyone interested to follow with that.
- We are welcoming to anyone interested in joining or have questions, you may contact @Anatoliy and @FFrenzy03
 or you're able to join us here 
- The faction is mainly Russian ICly but invites any character who is part of a post-soviet country.
- We will be taking OOC activity as importance, so any reports on you, kicks, bans, etc. Will be handled accordingly.
- Aside from faction realism, we would like to see character realism and development as well.
- This is a group that will start out as a some-what small group and expand and develop through time and IC events.
- The faction is all people of Post-Soviet past however it is preferred that you use a second/third generation character rather than a first, however this is not reinforced.
-Your character's wealth is always to be portrayed realistically, we will not tolerate players roleplaying a weak financial situation and showing up in sports cars & expensive/luxurious dressing. This is restricted only to people who have progressed a lot in their character development and have obtained their wealth through their roleplay.
- The ranking system one very in-character oriented more than of OOC ranks.


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