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Keeping evidence private

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Hey, I've seen a recent uptick in situations where people don't show their POV to the public, only in private to the admin during reports due to 'faction policies'. I think it goes without saying but this has called for so many weird situations where the POV has some sketchy stuff in it for their POV, yet the person being reported isn't able to see it to call them out on it. This is a huge double standard and allows admins to look over things that they know are rulebreaks. The best part? No one will ever know, because the clips are kept in private. I think as a community we should aim for more transparency than this. All evidence for reports should be provided to both parties. 

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The admin knows, and they're the ones handling the report. You just have to trust the administrator to do their thing. You aren't entitled to know the entire low down OOCLY on an IC sit that might have a pretty big impact. That's just how it be. The admin can call them out on it themselves.

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6 minutes ago, Miss Femboy said:

Maybe they don't want everyone seeing private messages or phone numbers or even information that can and will me MG'd.

So go and take 30 seconds to blur it out 

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56 minutes ago, joebidensmokesyesca said:

Crazy that the only ppl against the suggestion rp in pd... makes u wonder 

Well yes, because those in PD can tell you why. I'm in the detective bureau myself and through radio chat a lot of sensitive information is given on active cases. If those are shown in a report there is a possibility of it being leaked, ruining maybe months of work. Some chats are just not meant for the public eye, besides should have faith in the staff team that they will judge the situation impartially.  


2 minutes ago, rival.tgs said:

So go and take 30 seconds to blur it out 

There will be some who take the effort of hiding the chat by editing the video, but to be fair, I wouldn't edit a video either purely because the opposing party may not trust it and likes to see the evidence. Not everyone is as handy with editing either and can't expect everyone to be. What may be easy for you, might not be easy for another person either!


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Goes without saying; the reported party reserves the right to see the proof submitted against them in order to be given the chance to defend themselves against whatever they’re reported for, otherwise it opens room for fabrication and ambiguity. There isn’t really any public interest in such proof however.

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20 minutes ago, goddessoflife said:

besides should have faith in the staff team that they will judge the situation impartially.  

Absolutely not. If I'm reported for rulebreaks and cannot confront my accusers and the evidence against myself I won't be even responding to that report. This is common sense and a question of having self-respect. 

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