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The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department executives held an open to the public critical incident briefing on November 17th, at 100 Innocence Boulevard, Hall of Justice amidst the manhunt for the "morse code" killer to provide an update to the concerned members of the public.

To date, the "morse code" killer is responsible for a total of four (4) killings across the Greater Los Santos area. In response to the killing spree, the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department has formed an inter-agency with its partner agencies across the LS County.

Sheriff Gary Hewitt issued the following statement:
"Our deputies are dilligently working with partner law enforcement agencies to put an end to this nightmare. A nightmare that's been haunting our community for the past few days. [...] As Sheriff, I took an oath to protect my nation, my country, my city. I give you my word tonight, that this serial killer will be behind bars very soon. "

Sheriff Hewitt also announced a monetary reward of up to $75,000 for any information that leads directly to the arrest of the suspect.

Detective D. Velasquez with the Homicide Bureau has provided the following statement:
"An inter-agency task force has been formed, consisting of personnel from the Homicide Bureau and Major Crimes. We have been working day and night alongside our colleagues in the Park Rangers and will continue to do so.

So far we've found four bodies and we believe that are all connected due to the various evidence that has been analyzed on scene. But what we would like every citizen in the city to do, is stay extra vigilant at all times, especially at times. We believe the person is operating during the early hours of the morning and we have named the individual the "morse code" killer. He's been communicating with law enforcement via morse code and other methods. He does not seem to have a personal preference on a specific gender, so we'd like everyone to stay vigilant at all times. "

Additional information will follow as the investigation develops.
The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department provides a monetary reward of up to $75,000 for any information that leads to the arrest of the suspect. Such tips shall be forwarded via the Department hotline # 901. Request to speak with a member of the Detective Division.

Do not approach the suspect, and call 911 if they appear to be in commission of a crime.

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Nickname: SupportYgreenRedandGold
Comment: man i hope this fool makes a stop near us, i fuck wid teh serial killers man, i cant wait to claim all the hynas for this kill fr no cap on god 

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