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Decker-Side 23 華青


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Decker-Side (DS-23)
portrays a fictional Wah Ching set within the community of Little Seoul. Recruitment is fully done In Character, and we are committed to help prospective members with creating an accurate character if necessary. We are an invite only faction—contact leadership to show interest in becoming involved.


Aspiring characters should be working-class youth in their teenage years (no older than 16) who reside in or around Little Seoul of Chinese or Vietnamese descent, though we accept other South East Asian ethnicities (Filipino, Cambodian, etc.) on a case-by-case basis. An understanding of West LS gang portrayal & long term character development is promoted. Expecting to be spoonfed will lead to a short tenure.


Reach out to @PrinceCane, @miguelito, @liq via DMs or Discord for anything concept related.

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