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Rockford Plaza Mall


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   Feature Showcase: Rockford Plaza Mall


General Information:




Thanks to the hard work of the Mapping Team, we are proud to announce the opening of the Rockford Plaza mall. A massive thank you goes out to @Tiddy, who designed and mapped the entirety of the mall's main interior along with the unique new electronic signs and cinema display. There were so many people on the mapping team that has contributed to some of the shop's interior, and although I am not able to name them all (the list would go on), we want to thank each and every single person for their contribution. This has been an on-going project for many months now, and we've put a lot of time and effort into this. We're thrilled to provide the server with the ultimate hub for roleplay with a seamless and unique experience to access shops 24/7 to purchase merchandise and more. 



The mall includes a total of 39 shops coming in 3 different sizes - all to which have their own unique scripts, and most are able to be shopped within without having someone physically there to run the store. 


This unique hub includes clothing stores, restaurants, a plastic surgeon, a 24-hour gym, cinema, an iFruit store, and many more unique player-ran unique businesses. It possesses a similarity to a high-end mall in the central location of Burton, and is technically a four-story massive plaza. So no matter where your character may come from, it's an open free hub to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is considered a no crime zone. (An exception is that petit theft of a shop may occur with admin permission, and should be a very rare occurrence.) 


The center of the mall holds a seating area along with the popular franchise Bean Machine coffee shop, and the mall also features a large food court. The main hub of the mall includes new unique furniture specifically crafted for this project by @Tiddy


The Rockford Plaza is planned to stay server owned indefinitely, but anyone is free to roleplay within the mall and it will be accessible to the public at all times. Mall shops are currently available under Property Requests for leases. They are considered special property leases, and provides a unique script to stock all of your merchandise which can be purchased by consumers 24/7. 


Map blips are coming soon to easily locate the mall entrances and this thread will be updated once they are implemented.



Script Information:


Scripts have been created for the shops, and will work similar to pawn shop scripts. You'll enter into the store, and can press Y near the store's checkout counter to access a menu of the shop's inventory available to purchase 24/7. There are also Cupcake ATM scripts throughout the mall at the select locations where you can purchase cupcakes. Credit goes to @Canadian for the scripts. 


















Showcase Video

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