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I - New drug system : Drug labs


We're going to be fully revamping the drug system with GTAW 3.0 to remove the unrealistic 200+ HP usages while creating a more active economy to promote more deals and addiction roleplay.

This revamp will also allow illegal players to create their own drug lab and create their own drug with a full customization.





The drug system is getting a revamp with a complete production system, for all drugs! The goal is to allow everyone to design the drug in their own way and sell unique products.


The basics of production


The new production system is the mandatory step for all factions and suppliers. Indeed, no more drugs can be supplied directly, you will have to prepare them yourself. 


What does this change?

This is a way to create an incredible diversity of drugs. Thus, there will be different versions of the same drug on the market. Where one supplier will provide you with a drug that is focused on HP gain, the other may provide you with one that is focused on tolerance boosting or less addiction. 

With this system, we are trying to emphasize the competition in the market and the possibility for everyone to be creative and stand out. So be aware that the drug that will give the most HP will certainly not be the one that will be the most interesting!


How do you produce?

Each supplier and faction will have a particular property that will serve as a laboratory. Namely, each laboratory allows to conceive specific drugs, according to the classification of each one.


With what do you produce?

There are not less than 14 different items for the confections of drugs, of which a part is reserved for the illegal suppliers. Thus, it will not be possible to design anything without some of these materials.


Drugs - Classification


Although the system is meant to be dynamic, there are still some features that are specific to drugs. You will see this through the different showcase features. As for the production stage, the classification allows you to put each type of drug in a type of laboratory, to define the basic ingredients needed for the production, and to determine the possible special effects.


  • Soft drugs
    • Cannabis
    • Opium
    • Hallucinogenic mushrooms


  • Hard drugs:
    • Cocaine
    • Crack
    • MDMA
    • Heroin
    • Methamphetamine
    • Steroids
    • LSD


  • Pharmaceutical drugs:
    • Oxycodone
    • Methadone
    • Ketamine
    • Xanax
    • Fentanyl
    • Adderall
    • Codeine

Each category has a specific type of laboratory.






Each lab is dedicated to a supplier or a faction. They are tied to a property, so they are usually owned by an independent supplier or faction leader who will decide who has access. 


There are 3 types of labs classified as followed:

  • Greenhouse type for soft drugs
  • Lab type for hard drugs
  • Pharmaceutical type for pharmaceutical drugs


However, each laboratory, regardless of its type, has the same type of stock. Thus, it is possible to fill the laboratory with stocks that you may not need. So, pay close attention to the ingredients you are interested in before filling.




Stock management
The stock can be filled with the items that you will find mostly in hardware stores. However, there is a part of them that are reserved for suppliers.

  • Cannabis seeds
  • Poppy seed
  • Coca leaf
  • Methanol
  • Mushrooms

To fill the stock, you just need to have the item in your inventory, and use the command /labrefill [amount] [item]

The item names to be entered are reminded in the command. This is usually the name of the item as it is present in your inventory.



To produce, simply be in your lab and use /lab. From there, you will have the production window open.


Note: The design of the window is that of the development version, which is currently in use and being redesigned.



Here, it is the production window in a greenhouse type laboratory. However, the window is essentially the same for other laboratories.


You can therefore see that it is possible to:

  • Choose a name
  • Choose a drug
  • Choose a type of production
  • Choose the ingredients to enter
  • Choose a special effect

Choice of the name

The name is what will identify your drug from others. But be aware that the name is not unique! So, anyone can take a name already used.


Choice of the drug

This depends on your type of lab. By clicking on the drug, you want to make, the list of ingredients to be entered can change.


Choice of production type

The descriptions speak for themselves. This allows you to vary the production time, as well as the quantity of drug you will produce. For now, production types do not affect effects.


Choice of ingredients


The most variable element, because in the same type of laboratory, the list can vary. Indeed, you don't need poppy seed to make cannabis, just as you don't need cannabis seed to make hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The ingredients are limited in the maximum amount possible. Thus, you can't put more than 5 times the same ingredient in a recipe, in order to avoid aberrations in your drug.


Choice of special effect


Each type of drug has three different special effects. These special effects bring a major advantage to a drug but require that your recipe follow the directions. If your recipe does not contain at least the elements necessary for the special effect, it will not be present in your final product. So be sure to modify your recipe accordingly.


  • Soft drugs 
    • High Concentration Effect: Reduces the amount of drug needed for consumption (at least 1 hydroponic material).
    • Relaxing Effect: Decreases the effects of bleeding and makes you healthier with each iteration (at least 2 hydroponic materials)
    • Addictive Effect: Reinforces the immediate health benefits at the expense of increased dependency (at least 3 hydroponic materials)


  • Hard Drugs
    • Stimulant Effect: Disables taser effects, reduces melee damage taken, increases melee damage dealt (1 acid minimum)
    • Coagulant Effect: Removes current bleeding, prevents further bleeding (2 acids minimum)
    • Euphoria Effect: Increases the health provided by the drug and reduces damage (3 acids minimum)


  • Pharmaceutical Drugs
    • Opiate Effect Lvl 1: Reduces bleeding, reduces melee damage (1 acid + 1 poppy seed minimum)
    • Opiate Effect Lv2: Removes bleeding, reactivates self-healing (2 acid + 2 poppy seeds minimum)
    • Opiate Effect Level 3: Reduces damage, reactivates self-healing. (3 acid + 3 poppy seed minimum)

How do the ingredients work?


What makes the system so dynamic and rich is its concept of production via ingredients. Thus, each ingredient will have direct consequences on the final effects of the drug. Some will boost HP at the expense of addiction, others will increase tolerance at the expense of HP, etc...


We can't give you the exact effects of each ingredient, because it would kill the whole experimentation process you have to do. So, it is difficult to know what your drug does... Without having tested it. Also note that this process can be dangerous, as poorly made recipes can be fatal when consumed. However, to avoid this, the production page tells you the potential risks. 


The page will warn you if the potency of the drug is considered too high:



The page will also warn you if your recipe may have more disadvantages than advantages:



CAUTION: These are potential risk messages. An increased risk of overdose does not necessarily mean that you will overdose on the drug. It also depends on you, and your relationship to the drug. Basically, it's up to you to decide if you want to play with these limits or not.




There are some prerequisites to make some drugs, especially : 

  • For hard drugs
    • A chemistry kit is required for all drugs
    • Cocaine - Requires at least one coca leaf
    • All other drugs - At least one methanol unit
  • For soft drugs
    • Weed : At least one weed seed
    • Opium : At least one poppy seed
    • Psy. mushroom : At least one mushroom
  • For pharmaceutical drugs
    • All drugs requires a chemistry kit, a coca leaf and a methanol unit


Evolution of the productions and recovery of the product


You can see the state of your productions at any time with /labprod



When a production is finished, you can retrieve the product with /takeproduct [production ID]. The produced drug will be added to your inventory.


How will it work on administration side?


Illegal FM will be able to create drug labs directly and supply ingredients needed to create the strong drugs.

Some drugs can be created with only items purchased in stores, but you still need a drug lab.


Players will also be flagged with a specific expertise: you won't know how to cook cocaine or heroin directly; administrators will set you as a cook in a specific category of drugs upon requests.






II : New drug system : Consumption, Effects & Consequences


What can be found in a drug?


Because yes, before consuming, the best thing is to know what it can bring us of beneficial and harmful! And our new drugs bring a lot of elements.


Each drug is different! This is the big strength of this new system. You can have endless varieties of cannabis or cocaine. Each type of drug has its own particularities... Beyond that, everything is purely up to the manufacturer.


Generally speaking, each drug has its own name:

  • A name of its own.
  • A gain of HP. More or less low, depending on how the drug was designed. ALl players will now by default have 50 HP saved, using drugs will increase your HP and it'll save even if you log off.
  • An addiction value, which increases/decreases the dependency, more or less low for the same reasons.
  • A special effect, present or not.
  • A power index, varying the addiction and HP at conception and playing a major role in the overdose system. (See the feature showcase dedicated to this)
  • A tolerance index, which varies the player's tolerance. And this, again, plays into the overdose system. (See the feature showcase dedicated to this)
  • Side effects, depending on the initial type of drug.




You can also simply use the /consume command. And this one can be used in two different ways.

  • /consume [Name of the drug]: This directly consumes the drug you entered.
  • /consume: Without specifying anything, the script will fetch the first drug found in your inventory and make you consume it. Faster and more efficient if you have only one drug on you.




And after that, it's time to start the fun part!


Small subtleties of consumption


Not all drugs require the same amount of units per consumption:

  • For cannabis and hallucinogenic mushrooms: Initially 2 units with each consumption.
  • For opium: Initially 4 units per use.
  • For all other drugs: 1 unit.

The direct effects of the drug


Each consumption applies to you the effects of the drug. These effects depend on both the recipe that was used to produce your product, and also on the type of drug you just consumed.

As soon as you take the drug, you will receive the following effects:

  • The modification of your health
  • The modification of your tolerance and the increase of the overdose index (see the associated feature showcase)
  • Modification of your addiction (see the associated feature showcase)
  • Some side effects & visuals

Upon consumption, you will have a direct overview of the main effects (Health, addiction, tolerance), through an on-screen notification.



You'll also have visual effects depending of the drugs.



And then, realistic secondary effects explained to you:




How do the side effects work?
There are many side effects, which are directly applied to the consumption and which disappear when the effects of the drug fade away. These effects are there to support the roleplay realism. They have to be played, and are therefore visible to those around you. Indeed, if someone uses /examine you while you are under effects, he will get the list of side effects you have.




The side effects depend totally on the type of drug you are using. So you will not have the same effects when you use cannabis as if you had used cocaine.


How does the visual effect work?

Again, the visual effect depends on the type of drug. There are four different visual effects with a psychedelic atmosphere. The visual effect lasts a maximum of ten minutes. Thus, it can end well before the effects of the drug fade away completely. The goal is to avoid too much discomfort for the players, while providing a little extra fun.


If you are ever too disturbed, it is possible to completely disable the visual effect via your settings. (We don't recommend it, it's not as much fun without it!)




Indirect and long term effects


Some drugs have more indirect, long-term effects. This affects all pharmaceutical and soft drugs (see the feature showcase on drug classification)


The long-term effect is triggered at a fairly regular interval (about every 10 minutes). Soft drugs have an iteration index, which will define how many times the effect will be triggered. For pharmaceutical drugs, the iteration is necessarily 1.


Example: The drug has an iteration index of 2, so the long term effect will be triggered twice (once after ten minutes, a second time after the next ten minutes)


Generally, this long term effect will increase your HP, up to 1/4 to 1/5 of the initial HP value that the drug is supposed to give. Same thing for addiction.

Other indirect effects exist, and they are called special effects.


The special effects


There are 9 of them (3 for each category of drugs), these effects bring considerable advantages over the drugs. There are special effects that act directly, and others that persist for the time you are under the influence of the drug.


  • Soft Drugs
    • High concentration effect: Reduces the amount of drug needed to consume (at least 1 hydroponic material).
    • Relaxing Effect: Reduces the effects of bleeding and makes you healthier with each iteration (at least 2 hydroponic materials)
    • Addictive Effect: Reinforces the immediate health benefits at the expense of an increased dependency (at least 3 hydroponic materials)


  • Hard Drugs
    • Stimulant Effect: Disables taser effects, reduces melee damage taken, increases melee damage dealt (1 acid minimum)
    • Coagulant Effect: Removes current bleeding, prevents further bleeding (2 acids minimum)
    • Euphoria Effect: Increases the health provided by the drug and reduces damage (3 acids minimum)


  • Pharmaceutical Drugs
    • Opiate Effect Lvl 1: Reduces bleeding, reduces melee damage (1 acid + 1 poppy seed minimum)
    • Opiate Effect Lv2: Removes bleeding, reactivates self-healing (2 acid + 2 poppy seeds minimum)
    • Opiate Effect Level 3: Reduces damage, reactivates self-healing. (3 acid + 3 poppy seed minimum)



Obviously, each consumption leaves traces! The emergency services and law enforcement agencies have the possibility of finding traces of drugs in your body some time after your consumption. 

The length of time these traces remain depends on the strength of the drug. The higher the power of a drug, the longer the trace will remain. This is counted in server hours (so you don't need to play for the traces to evolve)


If an authorized person uses the /drugtest command, this is what he can get:



III New Drug System: Addiction, Tolerance & Overdose

Who says new system of drugs says new way of conceiving the tolerance and the addiction to it during the consumption. With different issues from the old system, everything has been completely revamped.




The addiction is an index that fluctuates regularly if you are a drug user. This one makes it possible to determine or not if you are dependent by a management of the addiction a little particular. 


How does it work?

Each player has an addiction at 0 initially. This addiction evolves with each drug consumption (Obviously, everything depends on the addiction value of the drug)

  • If you have an addiction below 100, the addiction increases with each consumption.
  • If you have an addiction above 100, the addiction decreases with each use but increases over time
  • Addiction decreases by 5 per hour if you have an addiction of less than 100.
  • Addiction increases by 5 per hour if you have a dependence of over 100.

In short, you are considered really addicted if you exceed 100... But you can change that.


Keeping the drug economy active and addicted characters addicted


If you have more than 100 in addiction, it'll now increase every hour which will lead to very negative side effects.

You'll now be in a state where you'll regularly need to consume drugs.


As you can see, it is possible to go back under the 100 mark just by using drugs. In fact, above 100, using drugs decreases the addiction (by 50% of the addiction value of the drug).


Example: You are at 105, therefore addicted. You consume a drug that has an addiction value of 20. When you consume it, you lose 20/2, so 10 points of addiction. You fall back to 95. If you don't use anything else until your addiction is low enough, you are saved from a too strong addiction.


This is the concept of the last dose. The principle is to allow players to catch up with their mistakes, while still giving priority to the use of the drug.


Your addiction becomes too strong

For those who can't get enough of the drug, beware! Too much addiction can be potentially fatal. If you are over 150, you may be at risk of repeated discomfort.


Can I see my addiction?

You don't know what your drug will do before you take it unless you already tried this drug, but you can check your addiction at any time in your /stats.





Tolerance is a player's ability to tolerate or not tolerate the drugs they uses. It plays no role whatsoever in the effects of a drug, but it is essential for the good balance of the system.


How does it work?

Each player has a tolerance, which is by default set to 1.5. This tolerance can change (or not) according to the drug consumed. Depending on the drug, the tolerance can increase or decrease.

The tolerance can go up to 2.5 and down to 0.2. There is no other way than the drugs to change this value, except the final death (Hospital) which resets the tolerance to its default value.


What is the purpose of this script?

This script is there so that everyone can be careful when using drugs, and thus use the most powerful drugs to those who have the right knowledge. It also allows to diversify the drug market, by allowing some smart guys to sell drugs that will be specialized in tolerance.

But obviously, its main interest lies in its major role in the overdose script.


Can I know my tolerance?
Yes, as with addiction, your tolerance index is indicated in your statistics (/stats)


The overdose


The overdose is directly linked to the tolerance system. The principle is very simple: If you consume the drug anyway without taking into account your current tolerance, you will overdose. 




How does it work?

When you consume drugs, an overdose indicator appears. It is not visible for you, and yet it can be fatal. It increases according to the strength of the drug and resets when the effects of the last drug taken end.

If this overdose index exceeds your tolerance threshold, you are guaranteed to overdose.



An example


Setting the scene

You are a player who does not use many drugs. Your tolerance has not changed, and you are at 1.5.

You want to use two different drugs, one that has a power of 0.8 and reduces your tolerance by 0.1 and another that has a power of 0.7 and does not affect your tolerance.


Your first consumption goes well, because the value of the drug is less than 1.5. However, your tolerance increases to 1.4.


Your second use does not go well. Indeed, you are still under the effect of the first one. Your overdose index at this moment corresponds to the power of the previous drug, i.e., 0.8. To this, you have just added the power of the second drug, 0.7.


This makes an overdose index of 1.5. Unfortunately, since your tolerance has been reduced to 1.4, your overdose index is higher than your tolerance. Therefore, you have just overdosed.


In calculation:

  • 1st drug:
    • Tolerance = 1.5 - 0.1 = 1.4
    • Overdose index = drug strength = 0.8
    • Tolerance > overdose index, so all is well.
  • 2nd drug:
    • Tolerance = 1.4 - 0 = 1.4
    • Overdose index = current index + value of 2nd drug = 0.8 + 0.7 = 1.5
    • Tolerance < Overdose Index, so you are overdosing.


What's to come next?


We're going to be working on constantly improving this system, with the ability to cut drugs, add more recipes, depth, but this lays out the ground for an infinite amount of possibilities that we can't wait for your to use!


IV : New phone


We're revamping our ingame phone thanks to @Drew to bring you a fully new design & responsive phone, here is a detailed video about it :



V : Graffiti script


@Strobe has been working on bypassing RageMP limits and allow you to use graffitis directly ingame that will be fully customizable, with a UI that will be very easy for you to use :




This will help gangs' roleplay and setting up territories. Up to 16 graffitis will be visible directly around you, and we've developped a custom streamer to directly show the 16 nearest graffitis as you drive / walk by, while unloading the further ones.


VI : Objects improvements


Our newly recruited developer @Thang has been focusing on improving the object management, with a new tape system for factions which can later be expanded to other amazing uses, and improvements on the furniture system! Check it out below with a white rectangle going around the furnitures you'll now select in your furniture list :


And the tape system : 


VII : Activity points


We're introducing Activity Points, which means Panda Points are finally coming back! We're going to be using these points to promote servers activities at specific hours or events of the day and motivate players in logging in at the same time. We'll dynamically use this system with steps to reach : for example, if we have more than 500 players online we'll double the activity points received for few hours etc. These points will not always be active and will be used to promote events too or help a city get more activities!


These points will allow you to purchase some cool features that usually requires a payment, such as /bad access, exterior temporary object kits, walking styles... The list of features and their prices are not final yet.




VIII Audio revamp : 3D audio sources


@Element has worked on implementing 3D audio sources, which means that we'll be able to define in your 3D environment the exact position of the audio and adjust the sound / volume / position based on it, for your XM radio in cars, properties, etc.

Here is an example of the 3D audio with property alarms



IX : Improved animations positioning


@Element has also worked on allowing players to dynamically adjust their animation position, allowing more realistic and immersive usage of multiple animations such as the sitting animation :




X : Christmas furnitures & competition


@Tiddy has prepared christmas furnitures for you to use in interior & exterior! We're also going to be organizing a new christmas competition using furnitures and we'll share details very soon! 






XI : Arcade games business


A new business type is coming : Arcade games, thanks to @valelele! You'll be able to host your own virtual reality games such as races, deathmatches and allow players to join your games! It is a new unique game related business type similar to our airsoft system that'll allow players to roleplay fun activities for their characters.




These games will be released for the second part of the 3.0 content update as we're focusing on the previously showcased features for the initial release.



XII : What's next to come?

These are way more features that we're actively working on but are not yet ready to be showcased, here is a list so you can see what's coming in the next months!


Card skimmer script : it's installed onto an ATM if you have the item (/dinstall [routing]) and then every transaction made from it transfers 1k per each client (cooldown of 24 hours per every customer) to the routing that was provided. LEOs can uninstall these skimmers once civilians notice it (/dremove).


A fully revamped trucking script : Static and Thang are working on a script to create a complex supply / demand type of chain / system where there are base suppliers around the map providing different types of goods that get refined into other goods in intermediary factories which then get shipped to businesses in the end. The idea is relatively simple, you have base suppliers that are producing some type of goods on a steady rate by the server where if applicable our scripted jobs could influence that rate positively. (i.e people doing fishing would boost a Fishing Grounds supplier or someone completing farm runs would boost a Dairy Farm's supply) Then the goods from the base suppliers would be transported to intermediary factories (and / or businesses) to be processed into other goods that in the end of the chain would end up going to businesses. The intermediary factories can be player owned and you can have multiples of the same type (i.e two Oil Refineries producing Petrol for example) to encourage competition. We're planning of making a self sustained system so everyone gets what they need on a flat rate so that the system doesn't collapse but player interaction would generate income for those involved. You don't want Clothing Shops closed because all the Clothing related suppliers are not working but you also don't want the Clothing Suppliers to be making money passively without doing anything as well of course. We're still figuring things out, there's a lot to balance to do but we can't wait to show you more!


And way more, such as : Improved UIs, chemical trucking, street sweeping job, new taxi system...


As you can see, this development blog is the biggest we've ever put together, and all these features are coming in the next weeks! We can't wait for you to try all these really cool features we've prepared!


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