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Donald Gibson assaulted by Silent Ones MC

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Good people of Los Santos. Please fasten your seatbelt and prepare for this outrageous act.
Your one and only, favorite journalist, entertainer, and philanthropist has been the victim of a terrible assault.
This was not the product of one individual, this is a whole group targetting a minority. 
Donald Gibson is not afraid to speak openly about what the Silent Ones MC has done to him.
Members, as well as the president of said group, have physically assaulted Donald Gibson for a simple misunderstanding.
It is a known fact, that motorcycle clubs are deeply involved in white supremacist organizations. 
It is also a known fact, that Donald Gibson has been speaking out against white supremacists, for example, Joseph Cline.
Cline has recently been removed from his position as Sheriff for being a part of a white power network.
Donald Gibson has played a huge role in Cline's removal. Is this a reason why white power organizations like The Silent Ones, are targetting him?
One can simply assume.




We demand a public statement from Gary Hewitt and Dwayne Burke!

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