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issues with connection and ragemp


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a few days ago the game crashed while im in the middle of rp. i tried reconnecting but it crashed again after loading for 30 mins on validating server assets. during that time i noticed that it's been using 100% of my cpu, too which is weird.


so i uninstalled, installed, downloaded the assets, and waited for another round of 30 min loading. then it crashed. it just closed the game, everything. i've been trying to look for answers all over the ragemp forums but the lack of support from admins there didnt really helped especially when a lot of people asking the same things on different forums posts without answers, i kinda gave up.


also how can i lower the cpu usage? when i play gta singleplayer its averaging around 60-70 which is totally fine with me but with ragemp it's 100 and my fan is going crazy. game is from steam, it's on ssd, i also put the ragemp files there.


im using a laptop with 12gb ram, 1tb ssd, and gtx 1650. is my laptop whack or what. tell me whats wrong pls

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I also get 100 percent CPU cause mine sucks. 30 minute loading is way too long though... You tried restarting PC before reinstalling? It shouldn't take that long if it's on SSD. I'd say you keep all the background programs closed, and also check if you have any of the following:



- Discord Overlay
- Steam Overlay
- Nvidia Shadowplay
- OBS Software
- Overwolf
- Antivirus Software
- Streaming Software
- MSI Afterburner
- AI Suite 3
- GameFirst V
- RivaTuner
- Adguard
- Microsoft Gaming Overlay (Also called 'Xbox Game Bar')
- Sandboxie
- Abusive software (E.g. cheats)
- Nahimic
- iCUE from Corsair
- Avast
- Razer Synapse


Make sure you got no mods either! Rage crashes before it even loads into the game? It might be a good idea to check your internet connection as well.

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Bumping this but you can also try Baboon's fix for RageMP, helps with performances both in game and in loading times.

It's on his discord, here: https://discord.gg/qRdVSkUW6n


You can find the fix in #projects_dump, and the installation is fairly easy. 



How to use?
Extract the .zip to ragemp root folder (where ragemp_v.exe is, cofirm replacement if asked) and run rage-setup.bat, after the installation, you can choose to run the game either via start-rage.bat, located in the fixes folder or the desktop shortcut (if you've created it with the installation) - The desktop shortcut is highly recommended!


It'll create a shortcut if you chose the menu option, and from there you can start RageMP and log on the server. 

Any chance you could tell us what CPU you use as well, please? You can usually see this by pressing your "Windows" key and the "Pause Attn" key at the same time. it'll open up Windows' properties and let you know what CPU you have in "Processor". 

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update: this is amazing, not only that it worked but it also managed to reduce cpu usage! altho, during eac startup and server resource validation it spiked 100% (is this normal?) but as soon as i got inside the game it just lingers around 70 to 80 percent. A real significant change with the loading times too, from 30 mins of waiting my waiting time is now 7 to 10 mins, which i hope is alright?


by the way, idk if it did something but in ragemp's advanced settings, i disabled everything except lower server asset quality option. i lowered the game's graphic settings too, sacrificed video quality but my fps and cpu breathes.


anyways thank you fellas for helping me out. someone can archive this.

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