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Rockford Plaza Shop Requests and Overview

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Rockford Plaza Shop Requests and Overview


After the announcement of the Rockford Plaza project, players will be able request (special leases ONLY) their spot within the mall to run a business from. These requests will be open prior to the grand opening, to get things set up and in place ready for the big day. The shops will be requested through Property Management and will be closely monitored as this will be a unique concept provided to the players in order to have an open and seamless roleplay experience and hub. 


All mall stores will be accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, with the ability for shoppers to come and go as they please and purchase items available within your store. This is possible with the use of a custom shop script, meaning you will not have to man the store 24/7. If purchases are made when the store is not "open" by you, the business will not make money (aside from merchandise purchases) - similar to how the current server businesses currently work.


There will be certain limitations placed on these shops - specifically being, these requests will have to fit the overall niche of a high-end mall. For example, no bars, nightclubs, or strip clubs will be allowed, as well as no large, unrealistic shops for the indoors, such as a go-kart racing arena. 


Each shop will be provided with a Custom Shop Script (similar to Pawnshops) - https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/22717-custom-shops/ - this will provide you with a hang GUI to purchase items from. If your shop is approved by Property Management, we will implement your script and add in a bulk amount of your merchandise inside of your custom shop script. Should you need a re-stock, or if you decide to add additional items into your shop - please comment on your request thread and a member of Property Management can assist you. 


In addition to that, Franchises will be stationed inside the Plaza also, such as Digital Den, The Bean Machine and Up-An-Atom (for example) all in which you can access/apply for via the leasing panel when leases open. Rules apply to these chains too.


There are a total of 3 sizes to choose from for your shop. The sizes being SmallMedium, and Large.


Ownership of the shop will be conditional, regardless if owned or leased by you. 


The foreseeable conditions are:


  • Keeping your shop's property unlocked 24/7 for shoppers access. 
  • If you decide you'd like to sell or break lease on your shop, you must return the shop to Property Management for MP + FP. 
  • Purchasing/selling items beyond the scope of the concept of the store will result in the store being revoked.
  • You may not change the concept of the store without express permission from property management.
  • You may not adjust any mapping of the store without confirming with property management.
  • You must be present during the majority of business openings. You cannot request this and have a manager run it for you.


Requests will be reviewed by Property Management, and will be available upon the lease request openings on the UCP. 

Property Management is open for discussion about potential businesses that have been blacklisted via discussion, however, are they are not subjected to immediate acceptance, and it will go through the same process.


 What is the Format?



Your Character Name:
Your Character's Age: 
Requested Shop's Name:
Shop Size (S/M/L):
Example of Products you would sell:
Brief Character Backstory:
Shop Concept:


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