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Property Management Scheme - Item Requests Scheme

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Property Management Scheme - Custom Item Requests





For the business item requests see below:


 Property Management has come a long way, and if you've spoken to any of the most recent members of the team, you'll know we're all about facilitating roleplay and making new and unique concepts possible where we can. There are limitations, but we strive to find new ways to enable players to run the businesses they want.


So, Property Management has designed a scheme, not unlike that of IFM's drug and gun schemes, whereby players are not forced to have a business script to create their items. Examples of this include:

  • Foodtrucks
  • Selling handcrafted items on a small scale
  • And more


The purpose of this, is to remove the reliance on needing a premise for a business, when sometimes it makes no sense for a player to require an entire property. Foodtrucks for example, can either cook on the go using the on-board equipment that would be there, or cook prior in a home kitchen.



So how does it work?


First of all, you'll request your concept via the forum under Misc Requests: LINK HERE


Use this format:



[Item Request Scheme] CHAR NAME



UCP Name:

Character Name:

Business Name: (If Applicable)

Request Content:


There are a few things we'll expect to see. These are mini requests in themselves, so they can and will be denied for a lack of effort, information and recent administrative record.


  • Character background
  • Reasoning
  • How you plan to roleplay this
  • Stock overview and requirements


This is required as an absolute minimum, the more information and thought you put into a request, the more likely you are to be approved for the scheme.



Once your scheme has been approved, a member of the PM team will comment on your thread confirming the approval.


You will then be able to request your "stock" from PM. You can roleplay this is imported, it is created yourself, all dependant on the concept you have been approved for. Use this format on your forum thread:




UCP Name:

Business Name:

Stock requirements:

Evidence of roleplay (if required):


Once PM has received your request, it will be reviewed and either approved or denied with changes. When you have been approved, you will be asked to /charity a set amount based on the charged component price (30-80% depending on realistic costs of manufacturing). Once evidence has been provided, you will be able to /report IG for an administrator to spawn said items for you.


For custom item requests see below:


Property Management has heard your feedback regarding the lack of certain niche items that could be used for roleplay. Whether it be an issue with your time zone, or the concept for what you're looking for just simply doesn't exist on the server we'd like to offer an alternative. There will be limitations as we don't want to hinder any small niche businesses currently existing on the server and we will be working closely with any who reach out to us with concerns. 


This scheme is a continuation of the Business Item Request scheme that we created a few months back, but we’ve identified some areas where … perhaps there’s a little more red tape than necessary and we can expand the scheme to make it simpler for everyone. We've simulated this to match Amazon; players will have a chance to "order" a cart of items from us that they otherwise wouldn't have access to due to server limitations.


The scheme is coined the “Item Request Scheme” and will consist of the following:

  • Item request for personal use (can be roleplayed as amazon)
  • Item request for business use (reselling)
  • Item request for events/one-time use.


  The format is as follows:


[Custom Request Scheme] CHAR NAME


UCP Name:

Character Name:

Request type (personal/event/business).

Request reasoning:




No alcohol or weapons can be created. This is including but not limited to:


  • Firearms and accessories for them that would otherwise give an advantage.
  • Melee weapons - suppliers for this and IFM schemes.
  • Tools to aid in theft - lockpicks, crowbars, drills. All available IG. 
  • Items to give a combat advantage
  • Drugs - suppliers for this and IFM schemes.


* We are aware this is far from perfect, we're looking to, as the scheme matures with time, to add to this list to prevent any grey-areas from occuring/loop-holes.


Unique Requests:


Items for roleplay use around their personal lives. Things like:


  • Prescription glasses (there's no eye doctor currently!)
  • Diaries
  • Food items
  • Cooking utensils
  • Customized photoframes
  • Other
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