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Staff Update - September 2022

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the September 2022 Staff Update! 

We hope everyone is having a good time with School starting again. Make sure to keep on studying!

As we all know, the big announcement of August 2022 has been made, that being that GTA World has expanded to a Liberty City map and is preparing the new project as we speak. At the moment, the targeted release is early October, we are excited about this project with the new expansion and we know many of you are as-well. More updates will follow soon within the LC Discord, which I have included a direct link to join. If you haven't already joined the Discord, feel free to join it with this link here


We have also had a few Development Updates for the past month, including new uniforms for legal factions that give a more "sleek" look, and as-well, new clothing for civilians to give everyone a new fresh appearance around the community. Drive-By shootings while being a problem previously, have also been fixed thanks to our Development Team, as we know that was an outstanding issue for both the Civilian, Illegal and Legal side of the community. Hopefully with this current fix implemented, we won't be seeing anymore issues anytime soon. We have also seen an awesome new Pilot Job made by @Everett that allows you to gain a pilot license (through the rightful process), and soon, to be able to transport goods through airways, making a more realistic and genuine approach to transportation of products. We believe this is a unique feature brought to the server to add a higher level of RP throughout the ports, the airways and a more immersive way of transporting items rather then only ground trucking. 

On the Staff side of things, everything is normal as usual and we would like to show our appreciation to all the Staff Members that continue to put in a vast amount of effort to assist within the community. Even with most being in University, they still come online and be as active as they can, it shows a true dedication and love for the community.

We hope everyone has a great upcoming September! See you all next month!

GTA World Management


Admin Promotions

Game Administrator Level 2 to Senior Administrator

@JackieH (Assistant Head of Requests)

Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2

Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1



Senior Support to Trial Administrator



Support to Senior Support


New Support Members:



We thank all those who have applied to support, but only those who are accepted or placed on the reserved list will be contacted in the coming days. You can check the status of your application on the UCP and in the event you were denied you may request a denial reason there. Please note, in the event that you were denied you must wait two months prior to re-applying from this Staff Update on, unless otherwise stated in your denial reason.

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