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Pilot Job - Become a pilot!

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 Feature Showcase: Pilot Job




Become a Pilot!




In order to boost the aviation roleplay around the server and to provide an additional job opportunity for players, we have created the pilot job! The pilot job will give you an opportunity to put your pilot license to another use aside from leisure - working as a pilot. You will be able to choose which routes you want to fly (out of the ones available), and make money while flying.


What do I need to start?

  • A valid pilot license.
    • What if I don't have one? You can obtain a pilot license from a flight school, such as Blaine Aviation.
  • An aircraft
    • What if I don't have one? You can either rent a plane from a company such as Blaine Aviation, from a private entity, or even from a friend!


I'm ready. What now?

  • Type /pilot and go to the green plane icon on the map.
  • Type /pilot confirm to get the job. Congratulations! You can now do flight gigs.


I've got the job. What now?

  • Enter your plane and type /startflight:

  • Choose the flight type (only cargo flights at the moment) and then choose the route:

  • Confirm the route:



  • Now you are ready to go! Taxi the plane over to the loading spot that is marked on the map:



  • After the loading is done, it's time to depart! After your take off, proceed to the waypoint that is marked on your map:




  • Make sure to pay attention to the altitude displayed for each waypoint (e.g. 1038 feet as shown above) to avoid missing the checkpoint!



  • Once you've reached your destination, park at the last checkpoint and type /finishflight to unload the cargo.



List of commands

  • /pilot - Get the pilot job.
  • /startflight - Start a new flight.
  • /cancelflight - Cancel your current flight.
  • /loadcargo - Start loading the cargo.
  • /finishflight - Start unloading the cargo & end the flight.






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