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Reporting a property owner

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You may file a report to property management if you have concerns regarding:

  • Consistently poor roleplay standards occuring at a property (low effort roleplay, poor quality, bad grammar etc.)
  • A property owned by a character that has poor RP reasoning to own it (mismatching/lack of background vs. type of property).
  • Low activity - in extreme cases, we can prompt owners to get active/sell their property, or potentially remove it if they cannot maintain consistent activity.
  • A character continuously buying up properties to ‘flip them’ with low effort RP/a mismatching character background to do so.
  • Advertisement quality of a given property being detrimental to server standards.
  • Bug abuse/other abuses occurring at a given property.
  • Pitch auction properties/vehicles being misused by their owner.


You are still welcome to send a report if you have concerns regarding a property that are not covered by the above list.


Reports are created by making a new topic in this section by using the following format:

 The subject has to be the name/address of the reported property. 


Your in-game name:
Reported property/owner name:
Property type (owned/leased business, house/apartment, leased/auctioned vehicle, other):
Report reason(s) (RP quality, inactivity, flipping, advert quality, bug abuse, misuse, other):
Report description:


Once sent, the report will be forwarded to Property Management. We will then discuss the necessary verdict and respond when action is taken. If you believe the report has gone inactive, you may bump the forum PM or contact any member of Property Management to inquire about the current status of the report.

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Just bumping this thread to make people aware of the update above. Property Reports now have their own section - Feel free to post in there - Only you and the PM Team can see your own threads.

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