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Facebrowser Changelog

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All the updates that were made to Facebrowser.



Added: Gender specification on profile picture/cover photo changes.

Added: Notification notice on post removals by moderators

Added: Other page admins can edit and delete comments and replies

Added: Series of mini-games where you can entertain yourself in boredom

Added: Ability to quit group chats using the Delete button


Updated: Events can be created by anyone without PRO

Updated: Automatic group additions are replaced with group invitations

Updated: Page order by creation date ascendingly [newer->older] in Discover Pages

Updated: Page categories with more added in the lists

Updated: Login and register pages to match website's theme


Fixed: Deletion of a boosted page or page never returned the used boost

Fixed: Number of report count on the ModCP

Fixed: Missing 'Unboost' button


Best regards,

Selena & Dama

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Fixed: Verification ticks upon purchasing pro packages (Star, Hot, Ultima, VIP)

Fixed: Modifying your account no longer throws an error

Fixed: Report counter on the MCP no longer displays a random integer and displays the actual report count


Added: Restricted the Mod access on editing user's wallets

Added: A search feature for Moderators and Admins to search for a user via GTAW UID

Added: Other page admins are now able to boost 


Best regards,

Selena & Dama

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Added: Post deletions by Admins/Mods are now logged

- Photos

- Comments

- Posts

- Albums


Fixed: Players will now receive notifications when content published by them has been deleted and will display the handling admin

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Added: Report button now is in brackets "(( Report post ))"

Added: Moderations now have a tag on their profile so players know who they can contact

Added: Moderators can now enable and disable notifications (reported content specific) on their account

Added: Moderators can now enable ,,spy-mode'' giving them the option to visit profiles without notifying the user

Added: Moderators can now mark posts as NSFW, blurring the post out on the feed and adding a disclaimer

Added: Moderators can search users via their GTAW UCP ID

Added: Moderators can see people's GTAW UCP ID on the Moderator Edit Page

Added: Unread message indicator when tabbed out of Facebrowser

Added: Users can now block people without visiting their profiles - can be found in settings and then seen under "Blocking"

Added: Users can now post Gifs when publishing a status

Added: Page owners/super-admins are now able to transfer pages


Updated: Head Moderator and Developer Permissions, both having limited access to some features that normal moderators cannot access

Updated: Client-side performance adjustments when scrolling down the main feed

Updated: Other page admins can boost pages as well


Fixed: Chat pings have been fixed so that you no longer get pinged if you send a message, you'll now only get pinged when you receive a message

Fixed: A bug where page transfer didn't work on the ModCP (Moderation Control Panel)



Dama, Selena & Biscuit

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Facebrowser Update 3.8 (@Dama & @Centauri) | Note: The update will be live soon, and there is no expected release date.


  • Added: Report Category and Report Reason
  • Added: Blogs feature, you can now write your blogs
  • Added: Job listings, you can now post a job advertisement through your page (applications only visible to page owner)
  • Added: Chat seen status (toggable in privacy settings)
  • Added: Stories preview instead of showing the profile picture
  • Added: Post, photo and video counts on profiles, pages, groups and events
  • Added: Extra logs to moderator actions
  • Added: Moderators can now change a group owner
  • Added: Moderators can now delete a user's entire story
  • Added: A tooltip / information mark on FB Moderator's title (ANOTHER REMINDER: FB Mods are OOC)


  • Updated: Backend code for (hopefully) smoother performance
  • Updated: Login page has been re-designed with a fresher look
  • Updated: Reactions have been slightly adjusted
  • Updated: Moderators can now unmark posts a NSFW
  • Updated: Administrators and Developers can now archive users & chat messages after a specific amount of time to prevent the tables from getting too full, data will remain stored but not accessible. 


  • Fixed: Chat messages showing up as '5 minutes ago' when they were just send.
  • Fixed: Moderation notifications not sending to the moderators.
  • Fixed: Bug where page owner couldn't transfer the page to another page admin unless if they remove them.
  • Fixed: Bug where you could block the same user twice
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