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Staff Update - August 2022

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the August 2022 Staff Update! 

With the summer coming to a wrap, people are starting to head back to School/University. For those that are, we wish you the best of luck over the next upcoming months! We know the stress that comes with finals and getting back into "School" mode. Make sure to study up!

For the Development side of of this Staff Update we wanted to start off with the new dynamic weapon names & damage system that has been setup and implemented in-game. The feature allows users to rename their firearms into a realistic name that would more or less match the actual firearm they would be using. Our new damage system allows for weapons to have a more accurate portrayal to what damages would happen when being shot at, and determining the bullet drop levels of said firearms. It's a promising system that we hope is going to improve shootings in the future for the server. We have also seen a new house robbery system that has revamped how robberies are being done. The new system is up and running and players have seemed to be enjoying it! 

For other updates, we have also seen a new character selection/creation system for when you login game, and a new XMR system that has been setup. For a full list of in-game Development changes, feel free to click this link here and read up on the newest updates that were pushed for the month of July!

Onto the Staff Team; we continue to work on making sure reports are being handled in a timely manner as we know players have raised concerns. Staff Management is working with Management on a more efficient way to get reports handled and to assure that you the players, are getting adequate assistance when needed, rather that being in-game or on the forums! Our Staff Team works around the clock to assure that the community at large is happy and is having an enjoyable time. We appreciate all the work that the Staff Team continues to put in and the amount of dedicated effort they all have. It shows a true passion for the community!

We would also like to congratulate @Viscaria @slothy & @Amellis on the promotions to Senior Administrator as they all have worked extremely hard over the past few months. Keep up the amazing work and we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the next upcoming months! We have no doubts you will continue to impress your SubTeam Leaders & Management.


GTA:World Management Team


I personally would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the Faction Video competition, the work achieved this year is astonishing and I'm very proud of our content creators! I'll soon come back to you about it with more information about what's to come next to vote for your favorite video too!


August will be a calm month for GTAW, same as always, make sure to use /vacations on every characters you own if you're planning to leave the game to take some time off for few weeks! The development team is also slowing down their work during summer since everyone is enjoying time with their family, and we will be back very active in September!


Some unique surprises will still be released during August, with a major event that'll soon arrive on the server and is being currently prepared with the modding team. Stay tuned!





Admin Promotions

Game Administrator Level 2 to Senior Administrator
@Viscaria (Senior Legal Faction Management)
@slothy (Senior Illegal Faction Management)
@Amellis (Senior Roleplay Quality Management)

Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2

Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1



Senior Support to Trial Administrator



Support to Senior Support


New Support Members:



We thank all those who have applied to support, but only those who are accepted or placed on the reserved list will be contacted in the coming days. You can check the status of your application on the UCP and in the event you were denied you may request a denial reason there. Please note, in the event that you were denied you must wait two months prior to re-applying from this Staff Update on, unless otherwise stated in your denial reason.

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